Who Looks Dumb Now?

Are you tired of being called dumb simply because you’re a conservative? Here are some interesting facts and a list of innovators that have changed the world for the better who just so happen to be… Republican!

In response to President Obama’s recent accusation that the GOP would have been part of the “flat Earth society,” Justen Charters is at it again in this video pointing out some rather famous inventors of the republican persuasion.

President Obama has spent his entire presidency mocking conservatives telling them to “grab a mop” to clean up his mess and sit in the back of the bus. He’s even referred to Tea Party goers as the vulgar term, “teabaggers.” Rather than fight on the battlefield of ideas and solutions, the president seems to fall back on ridicule and division. Thankfully, members of “Breitbart’s Army” like Justen are fighting back, not with childish playground tactics and silly quasi-comedic rhetoric, but with actual facts and historical data.

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  1. Its really nice to see there are some young folks that aren’t buying into the Demo’s kool-aide. Wonderful job of research. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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