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What if the They Decided to Take all our Guns?

Headline: Nationwide Gun Turn in Going Well Despite Holdouts, Isolated Violence.

Minneapolis/Associated Press – The National Gun Turn-In and Destruction Program enacted by the President via executive order last week is going well as millions of formerly lawful gun owners decide to comply with the law and turn in their unused firearms. Despite the massive nationwide support for NGTDP, there were a few holdouts across the country, and in isolated cases, violence from gun owners who refused to relinquish their weapons.

Sheriff Jared Miller of Cook County Minnesota told residents to stay calm and to comply with his deputies who are visiting neighborhoods to collect the handguns and rifles now banned under the new law.

“The Sheriff’s Department and my deputies are fully behind this legislation,” said Miller. “In a modern nation, we don’t have any need for all these firearms, they’re a danger to our families, our children and our law enforcement officers. I encourage all citizens to turn in their guns and there will be no trouble.”

In the urban counties, like Isanti and Hennepin, where gun ownership is rare, the gun collection efforts have been orderly and peaceful. In the rural areas, such as Cook, Saint Louis, and Lake, deputies are approaching homes with caution.

“It’s a dangerous situation here,” said Jordan Kerry, Lake County Sheriff. “People don’t understand why they need to give up the guns. Some of them are confronting my deputies with their weapons loaded. We are trying to comply with the law, but it is very difficult. People here are stubborn.”

Some holdouts have taken shots at deputies, said Kerry. While no one has been injured in Lake County as yet, the Sheriff’s department there is taking no chances. “We are going to the homes that are in compliance first, to speed up the process,” said Kerry. “Those who show resistance, we move on. Hopefully things will simmer down once people realize this is the new law, and we have every right to collect these guns.”

Five deputies in Minnesota have been killed attempting to collect illegal weapons so far, and at least as many criminals unwilling to lay down their arms. White House Regulation Czar Bass Bernstein said that is well below the national average and an acceptable number given the circumstances.

“People in these backwater areas of the United States, where the education level is low, they are most at risk,” said Bernstein. “They’re stubborn and often ignorant. They are very resistant to change. Those radical types who are unfortunately killed as a result of their unlawful resistance to the new legislation, well, their backwardness wouldn’t allow for them to be contributing members of this new society anyway. It’s well worth the risk to push forward the change.”

Resistance of this type has been seen in every state so far, but seems to be focused mostly in rural areas and in the south. In Texas, bands of armed men have left their homes with their families and moved to remote areas, building up compounds and living wild. As many as 37 law enforcement officers have been killed in that state, the highest number so far, where the gun to person ratio is extremely high. U.S. Attorney General Derrick Scolder said special teams of military and law enforcement are being formed to deal with the most severe of the violent holdout cases.

“The citizens of this Progressive Country understand what we are trying to achieve,” said Scolder. “This law will ultimately lead to a more peaceful Progressive society free of gun violence and lawlessness. We’re going through some growing pains now, but after we’ve dealt the final blow to these criminal organizations, things will calm down considerably.”

The east and west coasts have been relatively quiet this week, as the gun turn in program has progressed. In the Midwest, and the south, however, where the holdouts are relatively concentrated, things are going much slower. Vice President Joseph Frieden expressed confidence that all the guns will have been collected and destroyed, and the remaining holdouts killed or imprisoned by the end of the month.

“Then, when we are finally free of all these murderous weapons,” said Frieden, “then we will be truly free. God Bless America!”

The President has been avoiding the spotlight, quietly working behind the scenes from his private golf course just outside Martha’s Vineyard. Insiders at the White House said the President is confident and happy with the way things are going.

“He’s ebullient,” said one staffer, who asked to remain anonymous. “(He is) almost giddy! The President is yucking it up with the staff and having a good time. He’s had his best golf game ever today!”

Meanwhile, there is still some holding out against the President’s historic move in the congress. Former Majority Leader Jon Baidor has been imprisoned under house arrest for his vociferous opposition to the new law. The Senate Majority leader was likewise jailed. The president’s spokesperson, Lilly Stoyken, said replacements are necessary and candidates are being interviewed at this time.

While there is no proof that national disarmaments of this type actually decrease gun violence, the President’s spokesperson says the White House is confident that under their leadership, this program will lead to a future peace and prosperity never before seen.


The above story is only a fictitious representation of what might happen if any administration decides to do away with a citizen’s Second Amendment Rights here in this country. Other countries have enacted national disarmaments, and rather than causing a decrease in crime, violent crimes actually increased. The populations of those countries aren’t more happy, but the misery has increased. Only lawful citizens give up their guns, criminals never do, and they continue to plague defenseless, law abiding citizens who are unable to resist. Governments clamp down on the freedoms of an unarmed populace and nations suffer as a result. China, Russia and many other countries have suffered starvation, massive genocide and forced relocation of whole populations as a result of national policies which began with massive disarmaments.

It’s not beyond the pale that this scenario could happen in this country. President Obama has told gun control advocates that he is willing to work behind the scenes, without congress if necessary, to move towards national bans on certain types of weapons. He has shown his attitude towards the average citizen, who he claims cling to their guns and religion. And he has slapped the religious amongst us square in the face with his health care and contraception services mandates. This president is out of touch with the American people. He doesn’t understand America’s greatness comes from our God given rights, not from the powerful men in Washington. And he is more than willing to nudge us all along towards his goal of a Socialist Utopia.

Such a utopia has never before worked, and will not work now. What price will the American People pay if this President remains in office another term?

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at

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  1. Cold day in Hell! I do not believe they have a right to my guns. If they take our guns we just as well throw in the towel. We are almost done anyway. If they believe the crooks are going to turn theirs in? Hell No! It will make a crook out of some of the rest of us. I figure to die first! I have a clean record but believe guns are a right!

    1. Good point. But what do you do when the sheriff or someone from the state department comes to your door asking for you to turn in your guns. What did the Canadians, Brits and Aussies do?

      1. I Imagine DIE! I do not know a police officer that is for gun reform! The only other choice would be apply for citzen ship in switzerland.Every one there owns a gun. It is a law! They have the smallest gun related problems of anywhere in the world. Of course they are not Democrats. Hussien Obama is going to get me anyway. I am a veteran and 70 years old. In his book that is two marks against me. Believing in the constitution is the 3rd. I don’t have a chance in hell anyway.

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