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The National Conversation on Race the President Will NOT Have

Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by Mr. Zimmerman as a result of a violent altercation and it is igniting another Obama-led, Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson inflamed national tirade about white-on-black crime. Of course,  the President and the media ignore the disparity between white-on-black violence and other violence.

When a black person kills a black person, it’s commonplace and not news. Nothing to see here, please move along.

When a black person kills a white person, it’s just how things are today, not really worth reporting as a major story, just report it as another murder.

When the rare event of a white person (although in this case George is hispanic) affronting, injuring or killing a black person is discovered.. it makes national headlines, receives personal comment from the President of the United States, is used as a rallying cry for civil rights activists and anti-gun organizations and is a CALL TO ARMS for race-based militaristic activities by so-called leaders like Farrakhan.

The President reacted to Martin’s shooting in days. When a young caucasion  child was doused with fuel and lit on fire by black guys that were yelling, “you’re white! This is what you deserve!!”  .. no outcy. Media coverage was present, but minimal. The public outcry.. non-existent.  And:

  • the President said ..     NOTHING until a month later and simply referred to it as a “local matter” (why isn’t Zimmerman’s issue “a local matter”?)
  • Louis Farrakhan said .. NOTHING .. at all
  • Jesse Jackson said … NOTHING .. at all
  • There was no call to arms by Caucasian rights groups
  • No bounty was put on the black teens’ heads

Jesse Jackson is calling for the repeal of Florida’s “stand your ground” law which allows people to use lethal force when acting in self-defense. Oddly enough, Florida’s Governor said that the “stand your ground” provision doesn’t even apply since Zimmerman initiated the contact so the anti-gun zealots are truly politicizing the event to progress their oppressive agenda – their stance has nothing to do with Trayvon other than trying to raise him up to martyr status for the progressive cause.

American Islamic leader Louis Farrakhan is encouraging vigilante justice against the man that shot Trayvon as he tweeted about the incident “Soon the law of retaliation may very well be applied.”

Spike Lee retweeted Mr. Zimmerman’s home address multiple times on twitter in a manner that would seemingly call his followers to do something with that address – something untoward.

The New Black Panthers have put a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head. Anyone that “captures” Zimmerman “dead or alive” will receive $10,000.00.

Remember when Obama arranged a beer summit after declaring police had acted stupidly? You know, when they challenged one of Obama’s Professor friends from entering his own home based on the fact that he was trying to open the door without a key. No shots were fired, no one was harmed, but we still had a several week National Conversaion on Race after the event. Where is our national conversation, hosted by the President, now?

Now that the President could take the lead to calm things down in rising tide of calls for race-based crimes by so-called civil rights leaders, he didn’t. President Obama instead decided to politicize and use it to push his own anti-gun, anti-American agenda. Instead of calling out Farrakhan, Jackson and the New Black Panthers and asking for calm while the investigation continues, Obama said that if he had a son, he might look very much like Trayvon.

We do not have all the facts and cannot discern what may have happened to cause death of  Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman may have been acting in a lawful manner to protect himself,  Zimmerman may have acted criminally and could face a long jail sentence or something in-between where both men acted irrationally and someone was going to get killed either way.

Eye witness reports are now attesting that the screams and pleas for help were from Zimmerman and that Martin had Zimmerman on his back on the ground. I wonder how much news there would have been if a hispanic man (George Zimmerman) had been beaten to death by a black teenager (Trayvon Martin)?

If Zimmerman had not been armed, this very likely would have put Martin in prison for the rest of his life, left Martin dead and been nothing more than a blurb on the 10 o’clock local news. No Farrakhan, no Jackson, no Obama – nothing to see here folks – please move along.

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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  1. I believe Zimmerman was planning on “holding” Martin where he could until the police got there by using his gun in a way to intimidate Martin. But Zimmerman didn’t antisipate Martin to be so aggressive and ended up attacking his pursuer. Zimmerman must have had the gun put in a belt holster to be pulled on him later because otherwise it would have fallen out during the scuffle. Martin, in that case probably used it to shoot Zimmerman and we’d not have heard a peep about it on the news, as is suggested in the article.

    But for the head of the New Black Panthers to put up a bounty on Zimmerman, what does he plan on doing if somebody takes him up on it, or as it turns out the head of the Panthers gets a call that someone has the body, “Come give me my money!” What then. As it is the head of the Panthers needs to be told to either retract the bounty, AND APOLOGIZE TO ZIMMERMAN AND HIS FAMILY. Otherwise he needs to be arrested for making this a public notice that he is promoting violence and something that used to happen 60 years ago.

    And the head of the Panthers talks about in his speech today all this crap about White people had 400 years “to get it right”. What about the past 50+ years that liberal Democrats have rammed Blacks down our throats, have shoved us to the back of the bus, taken our money and rights away from White people, ruined our education system waiting for Blacks to “get it together”, and wasted 6 trillion dollars paying Blacks cradle to grave on Welfare, Food Stamps and all this crap about all the worlds problems are White people’s fault, and all this other guilt trip White liberal Democrats have put White people on to the point where we have large numbers of White people thinking it was okay to vote for a Black Communist as President? Does the head of the Panthers think that because 12,000 Blacks are murdered every year by Blacks is White people’s fault?

    My question is WHEN IN HELL ARE BLACKS GOING TO GET IT TOGETHER AS A RACE WHERE THESE KINDS OF THINGS DON’T EVER HAPPEN because Black teens are doing something they shouldn’t be doing, or being someplace where they don’t belong??? Then we won’t have these kinds of things happening because of Black racism against Whites that this head of the Panthers, Blacks setting fire to White kids and the liberal Democrats are right now trying to push ObamaCare that was created so that all Blacks get free health care at the cost of White working people? And it’s okay that Blacks can put bounties out on Hispanic/White guys no matter what the facts are, but if this was turned around we would have never heard a peep about it on the news???

    What Black – White problems? There wouldn’t be any problems had Blacks understood what was required of them when they were given freedom instead of just being Black being a protected right enforced by the government whether it violates the Constitutional rights of everyone else, when no one else’s way of being is a protected right, everyone else has to obey sociatal rules everyone follows to be a good citizen. What the hell is this head of the Panthers talking about White people had 400 years to get it right? Blacks haven’t yet!!

  2. Blacks should be ashamed that the head of the Panthers would violate Zimmerman’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and promote extreme violance be used to find Zimmerman “dead or alive”! It’s up to Blacks to police their own people. But no, we get Black violations every day. The head talks about White having four hundred years to “get it right”, well if he’s suggesting that Blacks have been here all that time then Blacks have had four hundred years to “get it together”, but they haven’t. They still talk about “da Hood” and all that other Negro crap. Obama should have kept his nose out of it by his saying if he had a son he would look like Trayvon. Really?? The head of the Panthers talks about Black children being killed by Whites, I don’t know anything about Black babies getting killed by Whites, but I do know about thousands of Black babies being aborted by single mothers every year, and I know about Black children being killed every year by drive by shootings in Black neighborhoods by gang bangers taking revenge against other Black gang members. What about all that, Mr. Black Panther?? How do you answer for all the Black on Black crime, murders, rapes, robberies, killings, and thefts that occurs every day??

    Want to know the facts? According to crime statements put out by the Justice Dept. and the FBI, in the year 2000 it was found that Blacks commit 96% of all crime in the U.S. every year!! How about them apples? That’s ALL crime! Not just shootings, ALL types of crimes there are you can think of. Of course law enforcement has them all catagorized into groups, and it was found Blacks committed most all crimes in every catagory. 96%!!!

    What about that Mr. Black Panther????

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