Spike Lee Retweets George Zimmerman’s Address Two Different Times

George Zimmerman, who is best known as Trayvon Martin’s killer, might have a heap of new troubles on his hands as his address was published (multiple times) via Twitter yesterday.

On March 23rd, a person who goes by the name Marcus D. Higgins (Twitter handle: @MACCAPONE) took it upon himself to post George Zimmerman’s home address and phone number several dozen times on Twitter.  He not only posted it so his followers could see it, he sent it to various celebrities in hopes that they would share the information with their followers too.  Several screenshots of him doing this can be found here.  So far, we know of at least one celebrity who decided to go ahead and pass Zimmerman’s address on to their followers.  That celebrity is Spike Lee.

Note the part that says "RETWEETED BY SPIKE LEE".

It’s interesting that Spike Lee would post this despite knowing that The New Black Panthers have a $10,000 reward bounty out for the “capture and arrest” of George Zimmerman.  Even a casual glance at Mr. Lee’s timeline could tell you that he has spent hours upon hours over the last week thinking about and discussing Trayvon Martin’s tragic death.  He should be well aware that there are thousands of people (egged on by the media, no less) who would be willing to take “justice” into their own hands and harm George Zimmerman.  If that happens, blood will be on Spike Lee’s hands too, and he will have participated in the same kind vigilantism that he has so loudly spoken out against.

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  1. Those black racists are not just endangering Mr. Zimmerman, a Latino man who was physically assaulted by the 6’2″ Martin, they are putting the lives of Mr. Zimmerman’s entire family and his neighbors in jeopardy as well. I hope the Hispanic community will protest against the LYNCHING of Mr. Zimmerman by black RACISTS.
    Despite the coddling that violent black RACISTS enjoy by Obama’s RACIST Department of “Justice”, lynching is actually illegal, as is offering money to have someone assassinated, and assassination is exactly what violent RACIST New Black Panthers have called for with their “wanted DEAD or alive” flyers calling for Mr. Zimmerman to be hunted down by mobs of black RACISTS.

    1. zimmerman is probably 350 or better Trayvon looks about 140 with a baby face get the fuck out of here he murder him Im so fuckin tired of my people being killed just because of the color of our skin its not our fault we are better the you

      1. I understand your reaction about the passing of Mr. Trayvon Martin. His ended too early, but why are using such vulgar language? Are you concerned about the passing other young African American men via murder at the hands of other African Americans? Are you outraged about the murder of White or Hispanic murdering African Americans only?

        1. I’m outraged because of the high rate of black men being murdered by cops, off duty cops, and now a neighborhood watchmen and not have much consequences. Excuse my mouth I’m really just annoyed every time I turn around theres white people trying to justify and in some cases applauding zimmerman It makes my stomach turn I’m upset that I even call myself having children just to bring them up where I fear for my black 8year old life hoping they don’t shoot him down because he is too black to handle. And just for the record I am human so when any innocent person dies it breaks my heart I still cry when I see images of 911 I didn’t loose anyone and I’m from NY, but yes me being black and after all that my people have been threw it makes me a whole hell of a lot madder.

      2. Your skin isn’t your fault and neither is mine, but your willful ignorance and hostility is certainly your own damned fault. And in case you missed it, Zimmerman in HISPANIC and he was being beaten to death on the ground by Martin who was on top of him. Now all you race hustling grievance mongering bigots are calling for a lynch mob to assassinate a Latino man and feel that it’s justified and not racist because the media lied and called him “white”.
        Stay classy!

  2. I am calling myself the angry black woman because this racist commentary is insulting. ZSimmerman is 6’2″ 230 pounds and tryvon Martin was 140 pounds approximatelty and 16 years old with a baby face. Clearly a child. Zimmerman was going to the store and not on patrol and patrol particants do not carry weapons of any kind. The killing of this yound man was to score brownie points with his friends or organizations he is involved with possibly skin heads, Klan or Neo-Nazis or some kind of informant for the goverment or very weathly man who obviously has the goods on someone in power. How can he keep getting aquitted of crimes and still be allowed to carry a weapon and paticipate in any type of neighborhood watch. Zimmerman is not Latino he is White. A caukazoid man can only get away with this kind of behaviour. If her were latino he would be on a bus back to Mexico. Zimmerman stated that the yound man had his hand in his waistband, that was code for the police or anyone to assume the child had a gun. If, he thought Trayvon had a gun, why did he not wait for the police since he is not trained in police enforcement. I can tell you this he had a premediated plan in mind. Which was killing this young man. His affilliations are probably giving him praise for his actions. I would not be surprised is he gets off for this murder and is given a prestigious postion. Probably with the NRA or one of the other racists groups I mentiioned already.

    1. Gil Scott-Heron had it all wrong. The revolution will indeed be televised and it will be started by White America not Black America when they get tired with all the double standards and pure hypocrisy of people like you. That day is a lot closer then you think.

    2. First of all, how about getting your facts straight.Zimmerman is a biracial person who’s half Caucasian and Hispanic.

      I will admit, that Zimmerman must be charged in the full extent of the law, but what is irritating me is the racial politics that are being incited by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, the New Black Panther Party (whom put out a bounty and death threat toward Zimmerman). If the roles are reversed, would you have thought differently?

      Since you call yourself “angryblackwoman”, why are you not too concerned and upset over black on black crime? Bill Cosby, spoke out against blacks hurting other blacks, and as much as a role model he is, he gets called a sellout.

      What happened to Trayvon Martin was a tragedy, but I find it really disgusting to see him being martyred and his murder exploited for political purposes.

      1. Black on black crime is a problem but the issue at hand is Trayvon and anything else should not deflect away from this case and Zimmerman is listed as White on his birth certificate which, mens he has lived his life as a White man. This is who he identifies with. Bernard Zimmerman is White and his mother is she bi racial too. Half hispanic and white what is she listed as on her birth certificate probably white, but it makes things easier for Zimmerman if he is multi-racial now. Not all of his life just right now. I really hope he said ” Goon” and not ” Coon ” which is what and old white man would say, who has he been around if it comes out that he really said Coon. Thats a southern term. An oldtime
        southern racial slur, maybe someone of the old man rubbed off on him, but that ok since he is partially hispanic, if he was hispanic he would be on a bus back to Me-he-co

        1. Do you know how racist you sound?

          How do you know that Zimmerman does identify himself as being white? have you asked him? Have you looked at his birth certificate? How do you know his mother is biracial? Since you said if he was Hispanic, he would be back to “Me-he-co”. Suppose his ancestry is Cuban.

          Right now, it seems to me that you could care less about black on black crime. You only care about if the crime was white on black. If you look at the statistics, when comes to interracial crimes, 90% of blacks commit crimes against whites, Asians and Hispanics.

          Ask yourself this question: If your child was killed, murdered by another black person, would you think differently? Would you want your child’s killer be brought to justice, or would you make excuses and be light hearted?

          When I see a report of a white person kills, or rapes another white person, I want to see that person brought to justice and punished by the full extent of the law.

    3. holy smokes. Angry black woman is really drinking the koolaid. Nows its some sort of evil White Power/ CIA cabal of black children assassins. I mean…this makes sense, right ?

      Listen Angry woman, you may not know this, but you are likely as not, insane. Soooo…. Do not pass go, Do not collect $200. Go straight to the emergency room and tell the doctors you see evil CIA and KKK assassins EVERYWHERE !

      Seriously, woman. If you go look at the murder rate statistics all the ‘white power’ establishment has to do to get blacks killed is let them live in the same neighbothoods !

      Why would they – by that I mean all those WP/CIA operatives – go to all that trouble of training assassins ?

  3. We’re very smart & also tired of the historically status quo when it comes to a Black life.
    Zimmerman is a Jewish surname:
    George Zimmerman is a a so called Latino = Indigenous male of the Western Hemisphere, who has been whitewashed with Latin (Caucasian) culture = white supremacy = Black genocide.

  4. Lol, what black on black crime has to do with this case? Of course blacks die at the hand of other blacks. So what? What about other race crimes? What about white on white crime? You’re acting as if it doesn’t exist. Angry black woman should be concerned about black on black crime but, do you, white people, concern yourself about crimes happening in your community?
    Every minute,in the news, we hear this and that, a woman killed by her husband, a man killed and burnt his whole family, massacre in schools etc… see what I did there? It doesn’t matter which fucking race is doing the killing. It happens in any community. Trying to bring up black on black crime as if it’s the only type of crime that exists in the country is a joke.

    When a fucking racist pig kills an innocent kid and gets a slap on the wrist from the police and he’s not even arrested for it, of course black people will be outraged.

    How many blacks have been arrested on the spot for killing whites? How many blacks have been brought to justice after killing a white person? Many!! White murderers of minorities still get away because the system supports them. For stating that fact, you are calling that poster a racist? Lol! Is that your new defence mechanism now? We had ”race card pulling”, ”chip on the shoulder” and now it’s ”you’re racist!’ for pointing out racism. Lol! The bunch of you just can’t handle the fucking truth. Racism is well alive and Trayvon Martin’s case is a proof.

    Whites hardly care about other whites being killed by whites. But when anminority kills one of them, most of them get up and arms. Just as blacks get outraged when a white kills a blacks… and gets away with it. And you’d never see blacks asking a white person,”oh but what about the white on white crime?” Total double standard bullshit. A young black kid has been killed by a racist asshole. Black on black crime is irrelevant in this case.

    By the way Zimmerman is white. Hispanic is not a race. Educate yourself. I know some of you want to distance yourself from him as much as you can, but it won’t stop the fact that the color of his skin and his name saved his ass that tragic night.

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