The Real Number for Republicans

William Way, Jr.

There are some interesting hard numbers developing in the Republican battle for the presidency.

Out of the 2,966,000 ballots cast so far in the primaries and caucuses the Republican candidates ought to be concerned. None of the candidates are showing a propensity to generate sufficient support within the party to be able to beat Obama.

For instance, Mitt Romney is pulling 38.88% of the republican vote. Additionally, he has now lost contests in four states. More precisely Romney has attracted 1,181,857 votes.

Yes, there are a lot of states still in play but the reality is that Mitt’s best showing was only 16,486 votes in New Hampshire, or only 50% showing. Yes, he drew more votes in Florida, but to what end? By outspending his opponents by enormous percentages he garnered only 46% of the vote. To beat Obama he is going to need to convert over 83% of the votes which went to other Republicans. Without that base Mitt Romney cannot defeat Obama.

The numbers are not looking very good for Mitt Romney

What is even more worrisome within the Romney fright night repeat of 2008 is that most of the political insiders have been shouting his name as the inevitable poster child for Republicans against Obama, particularly since his Florida victory. His showing in Minnesota should have been quite strong for the inevitable nominee. Yet, he attracted less than 17% of the vote. Even without campaigning seriously he should have drawn better than third place.

Rick Santorum

To date Rick Santorum has been punishing Romney in four states. Newt won one, and Romney has displayed two victories. Rick Santorum has spent less than than both front men of the political money laundering scam being perpetrated on the public by the “Super Pacs”.

The career ambition chasers in the Republican field simply are not getting the message being delivered by the people. Santorum comes across sincere, authentic and intelligent. Mitt smirks at the people every time he looks in the camera. I have concluded that he has a flagellation problem with all those chicken **** grins he has for the media. Newt is a great guy. He is clearly the smartest man in the room. However, every time he enters the room he has a new idea. America is looking for a candidate with values AND focus. I’m not going to go off on Ron Paul because reasonable people have long ago discarded him as a serious candidate.

Despite what the money diggers in DC say about Romney, the Republican Nomination is now Rick Santorum’s to loose. He has a clear cogent concise message. The people like it, even when Mitt spends millions to tell us to think otherwise.

In America, as nowhere else on Earth, we get the government we deserve. After four years of Obama the hard numbers are suggesting that the people are saying emphatically “We deserve better”.

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One Comment

  1. Interesting article William! I’m not sure I agree with the premise. Caucus and primary voting is generally soft. People don’t become really interested (unless they’re political junkies like you and me) until the general election. Maybe then, when we have a clear cut nominee, the voting rates will be better.

    I agree with your last line though. We do deserve better than Obama!

    1. Everybody says that about the hat. Lucky my wife found it for me. It gives limited credibility where none existed before.

      I am liking the number I see for Santorum the last three days.

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