The Battle of the Humorists: Bill Maher Vs. Andrew Klavan

The other day comedian Bill Maher showed his lack of class and originality yet again by attacking the religious worldview of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. In a skit on his show Real Time Maher mocked Romney’s Mormonism by “unbabtising” Romney’s dead father-in-law, an avowed atheist in life.

A link to the video is included below.

Bill Maher

Maher uses his HBO venue to once again make the tired claim that atheism is not a religion, and that atheists are rational intelligent people. Meanwhile, religious people are crazy moon bats who dance around the camp fire and worship their imaginary friend. In retaliation against the labeling of his ridiculously godless and irrational worldview, Maher spitefully lashes out at Romney specifically and religious people in general with another mean-spirited, banal skit.

Most Americans are tired of the banality and moral bankruptcy of the pundits and entertainers like Maher and are jumping ship, abandoning their shows in droves. That’s why the ratings are down at liberal bastions of belief like MSNBC, CNN, ABC, HBO and others. Truly intelligent people recognize the logical flaws in their classical arguments against religion, reject their spiritually repulsive content, and we recognize the consequences of the hedonist worldview, the source of much of the suffering and inhuman atrocities of the 20th Century.

But, most of us don’t realize there are alternatives to the liberal form of entertainment and enlightenment. We turn off the TV in disgust and read books. Many of us have found talk radio, but have you checked out the Internet lately?

Conservatives are finding an increasingly popular niche there and much of it is actually much more entertaining and original than the trite and tired crap the left has been producing for years. I recently latched on to PJTV on the Internet, and I recommend them to you as well.

Andrew Klavan

I recommend Andrew Klavan as a Maher substitute. If you listen to him, you’ll be able to laugh at the ridiculousness of the left and not worry that you’re going to lose your lunch. He’s got an interesting skit on religious worldviews there right now. Check out his skit called, “God in 60 Days” and laugh your butt off. You’ll be glad you did. Viewing some content will require a subscription; the price you pay is small compared to your cable bill. Go there now, and be sure to check out the other rational, conservative and entertaining hosts, including Stephen Kruiser, Bill Whittle, Alfonso Rachel and others. You’ll thank me for it.

Don’t forget about the local entertaining and enlightening content produced right here on, including Internet radio productions like Kira Davis: The Dark Side, Sunday and Thursday nights 7p.m. Eastern/10 p.m. Pacific, Married to the Game with AiPolitics Saturday at 7 p.m. Eastern/10 p.m. Pacific, and Mitchell and Ray on Thursday night at 7 p.m. Eastern/10 p.m. Pacific. If you miss a live episode, there are always podcasts stored for you to listen to and enjoy. Check it out.

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at

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  1. Maher a “comedian”? Your so kind!!

    A “Bitterest” “Lamest” “Assholest” or something on that order would be more in line with what he is.

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