Romney Is No Friend To The Free-Market

As those of us on the right have long known, a free-market economy, free of incessant Government intervention, is a hallmark of Conservatism in American politics. And, amid the skepticism, in regards to Romney’s sincerity on Conservative politics, and Limited Government, he recently made two statements that were very telling:

1. “My view is to allow the minimum wage to rise with the CPI (basically, a measurement of inflation), or with another index…”

2. “I’m not concerned about the very poor, we have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it.”

Allow the minimum wage to rise? Keep up with inflation? Repair the (Federal) safety-net?

Minimum wage, while on the surface, may seem compassionate, it is actually a policy that keeps the skilled-workers working, and freezes out the less-skilled, and first-time workers. And, Inflation is caused by the incessant printing of money by The Federal Reserve, which devalues our currency, and causes all goods and services to rise in cost. Therefore, if I am not mistaken, Mitt Romney is basically suggesting that, under his Presidency, inflation, the minimum wage, and the welfare state, are here to stay, and will be tweaked, and adjusted, by the Technocratic Manipulators in his Administration!

So, while Mitt and friends, continue to print monopoly money, and prices continue to rise – some of us, who are fortunate enough to be employed, as the minimum wage increases, will be employed, and the rest of society will survive by living in the demoralizing world of food stamps and welfare?

Minimum wage, inflation, and the Federal safety-net, are all a creation of BIG GOVERNMENT; and, over the years, has been protected, and maintained, by a Federal Government that has long forsaken, and far exceeded, it’s Constitutional Limits! All three go against the very principles of a Free-Market economy; all three add up to tax increases; and, all three fly right in the face of Conservative economic policy in The United States! Mitt Romney, not only is no friend to The Free-Market, but, he is most certainly not a friend to The United States Constitution!

Romney’s remarks only confirm, and underscore, the fact that, just because one is a successful businessman, it doesn’t mean they understand how a free-market economy is suppose to function.

I, therefore, stand by my belief that, we are not in need of a successful businessman in The White House, but, rather, a person who understands The Constitution, and will work to return us to our Constitutional Foundation!

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