New Government Rule, Only Eat At Home?

Every time I watch T.V. or pick up a newspaper I wonder “what the hell is going on with this country?” It is unbelievable how much this country has changed over the years, and not for the better. As if we don’t have enough laws already, the government is trying to pass new laws to control what we do and say.

In New York City they are trying to pass a law that says you cannot eat on the subway because of the rat problem, or face a $250 fine. New York City is hurting for cash, being a city of big entitlements and perhaps they are scratching every surface they can to rake in more money. The people of New York are already taxed up to their eyeballs, so they have to find some way to get more money.

Senator Bill Perkins (D) said that the only way they can control the rat problem, is by trying to control human behavior. The only way the democrats can solve a problem is by controlling human behavior? Did anyone there ever hear of an exterminator? I don’t know how you feel, but I do not want to be controlled by anyone. Especially by the government.

Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D) said, “I don’t enjoy seeing people eating on the run, it doesn’t add anything to our civilized society.” Is it me? Or does she sound a little bit like an elitist? Democrats are always spewing that they are the party of the little guy, but it’s the average Joe that eats on the subway – on the run.

I was born and raised in New York City, and I know people eat on the run all the time. Some people have to work two jobs and the only chance they have to eat is when they are riding on the subway. I know I was one of them. On many subway platforms throughout the city, they have food stands that sell soda, hot dogs, pretzels and other tasty treats, what are they going to do close them down? Aren’t there enough people out of work thanks to the government? (I had to close my mortgage business thanks to the new government regulations.) Do they want to add more people to the list of the unemployed? I just do not understand the logic of the democratic mind set.

Big government is already controlling a big portion of our lives, as time goes by they just keep adding more and more rules and regulation. A big part of why our economy is still in the dumps is because of Obama’s rules and regulations. The bigger our government grows, the less freedom we have to enjoy.
This is one man’s opinion

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