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Comrade Obama’s Three-Card Monte

The Marxist trickster was at it again in his “State of the  Union” address to Congress last week. It’s as if Obama was playing three-card Monte with Congress and the American people and saying, “you people are really stupid, so watch the cards, folks, and tell me where the truth-pebble is.”

Comrade Obama, in pursuit of his never-ending Marxist class-warfare on the American people, and showing his utter contempt for the intelligence of Congress, asked if it’s “fair” that Warren Buffet’s secretary paid a higher tax bracket than Warren Buffett.

Let’s compare the actual amount of real taxes Warren Buffet’s secretary paid, compared to Mr. Buffett. According to the article, “What Warren Buffett Made (and Paid in Taxes) in 2010, by Jill Schlesinger (, Oct 12, 2011):

“ . . . Buffett paid taxes totaling 17.4 percent of his $39.8 million in taxable income, a level that is far lower than the average American who pays something closer to 30-something percent. . . .” Doing the math, that means that Buffett paid about $6.8 million in actual, real, out-of-pocket taxes.

Now if his well-paid secretary had taxable income of about $200,000, and paid taxes at the 28% tax bracket, then she paid, hold onto your hats, about $56,000 in taxes. So Buffett paid over 100 times more in actual taxes than his secretary.

Shyster Obama didn’t mention that fact. He slyly implies that Buffett’s secretary paid more in actual out-of-pocket taxes than her boss. What the card-shuffler really meant was that Buffett’s secretary was paying taxes at a higher tax bracket than her boss, which was true. But tax brackets are not the same as actual taxes paid, are they?

So Warren Buffett paid about $6.8 million in taxes, his secretary paid about $56,000 in taxes, yet Comrade Obama whines that Buffett’s secretary paid more than Buffett, and “is that fair”? Why doesn’t someone lock up this shyster President for disseminating fraudulent information to the public?

Now let’s ask what Warren Buffett gets back from the government for paying 100 times more in real taxes than his secretary. Does Mr. Buffett get 100 times more in government goods or services? Does he get more police protection, better roads to travel, or more protection from invasion fromIran orChina? Does he get a cent more back in “services” from his agent, the government, for his $6.8 million in taxes compared to his secretary’s $56,000 in taxes?

If a “rich” man and a poor man bought the exact same groceries at a supermarket, should the “rich” man pay 100 times more for the same groceries? Then why is Warren Buffett paying 100 times more in real taxes than his secretary? If Mr. Buffett is not getting any more “benefits” from the government than his secretary, then he should be paying the same amount in real taxes as his secretary, regardless of his tax bracket.

Yet, he pays 100 times more in real taxes than his secretary. Why? Because the looter-socialist agenda of Obama and his Marxist allies in Congress claim that “rich” people, like Warren Buffett, have a “moral responsibility” to “share their wealth” by “redistribution”. In other words, Comrade Obama, through the progressive income tax, thinks it’s OK to loot Mr. Buffett’s wealth, simply because he can. Mr. Obama, like all radical socialists, sees his role as President as being a fence for stolen property.

The truly tragic spectacle is when Mr. Buffett plays along with Comrade Obama’s three-card monte, and actually demands that government tax him more. Is there anything sadder than to see the looted victim baring his throat to the shyster looter-in-chief and saying, “take more from me, please.”



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