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Anarchy of the Tea Party

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips presumed to lecture Newt Gingrich about campaign tactics. Just for the record Newt knew what he was doing and spreading the message espoused by the “Tea Party” before Phillips could read the tea leaves.

Judson’s uninformed and inaccurate statements are reflective of the Tea Party failure, the one presumably initiated by the “Tea Party Nation founder”.

The Tea Party, by all informed sources, is in serious disarray. Whereas in 2010 it was a voice of reason among the shrill noise of traditional campaign hash, today is is sliding into oblivion. It is at the edge of the cliff of obscurity, and when Mitt Romney has finished pound his thousand dollar nails in the lid, the Tea Party will be a trash heap at the bottom of a very high overlook.

Here is why. The Tea Party’s initial advocates wanted it to be a populace movement. They deliberately wanted to TP “not be governed”. They wanted it to be a people’s movement. That was a major mistake, as reality of history has proven over and over and over.

Populace movements have NEVER succeeded in filling a long term role in governing.

The Tea has sunk to the bottom of the bay and lost all its flavor. It is now a worthless commodity only fit for the fish. Petty in-fighting among Tea Party “leaders” has cost the movement any credibility it once had. The fools should have actually organized to be a structured entity. Anarchism defeats itself more quickly than any other form of government; and the Tea Party was an anarchy. Now it is becoming history.

Yes, there are a few mouths still braying at the distant lightening, like a jackass not wise enough to get out of the middle of the pasture, but in reality they are only a drowned out noise when the storm actually arrives.

If the advocates of Tea Party principles truly want to be a viable and meaningful voice in the long-term political dialogue than they must, contrary to initial good intentions, decide to develop a functioning structure. They must decide that they are in fact a serious contender for national attention with an organized message and voice to deliver it. There are simply too many fools braying incoherently for the Tea Party to be taken seriously.

If the TP advocates fail to organize, and do so quickly, than rest assured that men like Mitt Romney and Karl Rove will continue to compromise the values for which The Tea Party adherents believe in.

Many may disagree with me. However, as opposed to the arguments which they may raise I hold a trump card. That card is time. Simply watch and wait, the failure which I predict will inevitably come to pass…unless there are major changes.

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