Would the Serious Mitt Romney Please Standup

Let’s see. Monday night Mitt Romney refused to answer a few questions during the Florida NBC debate. Rather, he used his natural rambling style to ignore serious questions from the moderator and from other candidates (Newt Gingrich). He chose instead to attack Speaker Gingrich about things which the former “socialized medicine” governor did not comprehend.

Most notably the ex-governor from Taxachusetts decided his last best defense was a return to insults. He should have stuck to his usual “gosh, I’m better than any other guys running” strategy. He intentionally refused to answer questions by the moderator and went on a name-calling binge. He accused Newt Gingrich of influence peddling, and being a lobbyist, over the objections of both reality and the Speaker. He had the nerve to call the Speaker disgraceful. This last tidbit of insult was blurted out by the governor who had ruled the 47th worst job creating state in America, during his tenure. Now, that is what was a disgrace.

What is exceptionally disingenuous about Romney is that he started all the negative General Sherman style “scorched earth campaign” in Iowa.

"I said what?"
Then of course when others copied his stunt, only directing it towards him, he cried fouled. Afterall, Mitt believes he is above such attacks simply because he has money to throw around, and to hide in the Cayman Isles. Now, that he got his keester handed to him in South Carolina he has returned to his policy of “burning the south into submission”.

Let’s look at the “influence peddling” torch he is carrying through Florida, trying to ignite a forest fire of misinformation. In an article published by multiple news sources, several of Romney’s aides have been doing influencing peddling of their own. And with none-other than (drum roll please) Freddie Mac. What these prominent Romney supporters were doing is earning MILLIONS from Freddie Mac. I guess that must be OK in Mitt’s mind, even though he accuses Newt of the same thing. Hey, what is a little flip flopping among friends…at least among Mitt’s friends.

Susan Molinari, a senior adviser and influence peddler in the Romney camp received money from Freddie Mac. According to the article she “was one of the former GOP lawmakers paid quite handsomely to help stop “any meaningful regulation in the years before the housing mortgage giant crashed…” Opps! Did that say she was lobbying?Obama - Shameless

Mitt, the man who would have you believe he is a conservative, is being influenced by former New York Congresswoman Molinari, appropriately described as “While in the House of Representatives, Molinari was among the more moderate…members of the Republican party”. Oh, wait, I think it is in bad taste to associate Mitt Romney with moderates…even when it is factual.

There is more. “Prior to joining the campaign, Romney’s campaign manager Matt Rhoades was vice president at the prominent public affairs firm, DCI Group. According to reports, two years prior to his tenure there, Freddie Mac secretly paid his firm $2 million “to kill legislation that would have regulated and trimmed the mortgage finance giant and its sister company, Fannie Mae, three years before the government took control to prevent their collapse.”

Whoa, slow down kiddies, this free fall into scandal is moving too too fast. Isn’t the failure to regulate these government created and mismanaged behemoths the very heart of the collapse of 2007-8? Yup, come to think of it, that is the cause. Yet, the candidate (Mitt Romney) that “loves to fire people and destroy jobs of working Americans” is having his campaign of deception run by the purveyor of prevarication, even the guys trying to protect the two largest financial failures in history.

There are two sides to every position.
Yet, Mitt Romney braying insults, during a debate, that his opponent is a dastardly lobbyist.

In mitt’s words “I’m proud of what I did.”

In my words “You shouldn’t be!”

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Michelle Ray (twitter: @GaltsGirl)

Michelle Ray is the host of In Deep on CDN Radio, Social Media Director for Conservative Daily News, and can be found on Twitter as @GaltsGirl

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