Why Successful Business Owners Benefit Us All

Over and over, we hear from the far-left in this country how, the rich should be paying their fair-share. And, there is this continued presumption by the left, that, the rich owe citizens more and more simply because they are rich. It is well-established that the rich in this country pay far more taxes then any other group of citizens. In fact, there is a vast amount of American citizens who are currently paying no Federal Income Tax, whatsoever. So, the logical question that should be asked, is, why are these citizens not paying their so-called, fair-share?

I recently saw this clip of Elizabeth Warren, where she says, “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own.” That, in my humble opinion, and in the context of how she framed it, is not only very disturbing, but it also confirms another presumption by the left, that, business owners, who have become successful in business, are the only ones who gain from their business. Nothing could be further from the truth! For example, let’s consider a local supermarket: Every day, that supermarket works around the clock to bring fresh food products to “their communities.” This is a “luxury” that we Americans really take for granted; but, this luxury is a direct result of our mostly free-market economy, and the entrepreneur who “took the risk” and opened that supermarket.

We also need to consider the hundreds of employees that the supermarket owner employs. And, how about the thousands of companies that manufacture these food products? The supermarket owner, by buying and selling their products, has helped those companies to grow; and, by extension, has helped those respective companies to hire more people, as their needs grow.

The value that this supermarket owner created, has not only benefited their community, but it has benefited thousands of people all over the country. And this is only a few of the thousands of examples that one could think of, when pondering all the “reciprocal benefits” of a successful business.

When most of us clock out, and go home for the evening; or spend our weekends in leisure, we should consider the millions of people who have worked around the clock, rarely took off, and sacrificed most of their leisure time, and personal lives, so that they could create a successful business – that not only bettered their lives, but hundreds, if not thousands of lives as well.

Therefore, for anyone who wants to continue believing that rich people and business owners are just greedy, and out for themselves, I would ask you to reconsider your mode of thinking, and try to see how, and why, we should actually be grateful to most of the people who have become wealthy in our country.

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