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Why obama is Toast

This just in from the Associated Press:

The Commerce Department said Thursday new-home sales fell last month to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 307,000. The pace is less than half the 700,000 that economists say must be sold in a healthy economy.

About 302,000 homes were sold last year. That’s less than the 323,000 sold in 2010, making 2011 the worst year on records dating back to 1963.

This doesn’t bode well for the current White House occupant, who’s staking his re-election on a two pronged strategy of attacking Republicans and spinning the impression that, thanks to his policies, America’s economy is on the right track and on the road to recovery.

Numbers like these certainly won’t help him implement the second portion of this strategy. If the trend is up, as the White House, their surrogates in the “progressive” Democratic Party and the “progressive” Party Pravda keep telling us, why were there fewer new homes sold in 2011 than in 2010?

This speaks to the bigger reason why occupy Oval Office’s re-election changes are diminishing. People in America are not as stupid as the self appointed, self-imagined “intellectual elite” believe them to be.

Just because a bunch of self interested, self seeking snobs with highfalutin college degrees thumbtacked to their office walls altered the variables in the equation by which inflation rates are calculated doesn’t mean that people can’t and won’t see the truth. Bureaucrats in government can release all the doctored numbers it’s possible to cipher, desperately trying to convince people to deny their own cognitive abilities and take what they’re being told at face value…that there is no inflation. I guess them there fancy pants geniuses with them there Ivy League deeeegreeeees truly believe that average people, Joe and Josie six pack if you will, don’t see the cost of gasoline and food going up when they fill up their cars and go to the grocery store.

The “intellectual elite” keep trying to convince those dummies populating fly over America that thanks to massive big government spending and increased regulation through the stimulus, Dodd/Frank, and obamacare, unemployment numbers are going down and people are finding jobs. If you just happen to be one of the millions of folks who can’t find a job, haven’t been able to find a job after months or years of searching, live with someone who’s experiencing the same dilemma or hear from someone who just lost the good paying job with benefits they’d had for years, you’re absolutely, positively, definitely the exception to the rule.

The economic crash of 2008 was the direct result of the failed leadership of George W. Bush and failed Republican policies. The Tea Party is Astroturf. Tea Partiers are violent, extreme racists. The Tea Party spit on us. Occupy Wall Street is legitimate. Occupy Wall Street is a spontaneous grassroots movement. Newt Gingrich can’t win a general election. Mitt Romney’s a part of the isolated, evil rich 1%. Rick Santorum has no chance.

There’s no doubt about it. We have spoken, you will believe. The world’s a safer place! The world’s impression of the United States is better now that we’re in charge! America’s more respected now! Believe us…trust us…we’re the smart ones (read: not you). Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ!

Oh brother.

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