President Mitt Obama.

Timmy Pawlenty started the comparison of Mitt Romney to Barack Obama using the phrase Romneycare.

Yet, the reality is that Mitt Romney has done the best to promote the idea that he (Mitt Romney) is the duplicate of Barack Obama. I prefer to call him Obama-lite.

Tonight in the FOX Debate in South Carolina twice in the first twelve minutes Mitt Romney chose to lecture the sponsors and moderators of the debate. Twice in the opening minutes Romney told the moderator that he would answer what he wanted to and how he wanted to answer it.

If its not clear what I am saying let me try one more time. Mitt Romney openly was saying that it was “my way, or the highway”.

The obvious question is, “How is this different from the way Barack Obama treats Congress?” There is no difference.

Mitt Romney does not believe that he should be president, nor is he campaigning to be president! Mitt Romney wants to be national parent.

In this same debate Mitt Romney boasted that Barack Obama should be trusted with controlling the American people (NDAA). Then he went further saying that even though Obama should be trusted with the liberty of the people, but that he should be trusted to manage our liberty also. That is because Romney thinks he is better than the nation.

Mitt Romney is not better than the rest of the nation, he is worse. He is worse because he is deceptive while professing his good intentions. What is that old cliche’ about the road to hell being paved with good intentions?

Tonight’s debate is not the first, nor will it be the last, time that he he has not suffered his underlings very well. I challenge anyone to review the many many time this campaign season where he has told audience members to shut-up because he needed to speak. How much like Obama Mitt Romney really is!

Now, there is an even more debilitating aspect to the Romney search for character. When he was asked to present his tax records he, like Obama, refused to do so until after the Republican nomination has been assured. He tried to couch it as following historical president of former candidates, but the reality is he refuses to release the information until after he is assured of the nomination. That looks like deceptive fear, to me.

Now, to top it off what is Mitt’s attitude toward being questioned. “I am surprised that fellow Republicans are doing to me what I did to them in Iowa.” Then he LIES about his participation in his own involvement.

Sorry folks, but as a fellow member of the LDS Church I simply don’t trust Mitt Romney. He is too deceptive for my taste.

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