Intentional Ignorance – Why the Public Schools Must Die, Part 1

I just read this sentence in a “Study Guide” for taking the public school certification test in middle school Social Studies, “The Constitution DEMANDS UNQUESTIONED respect and SUBSERVIENCE to the federal government by all states and citizens.” (emphasis mine).

WHAT??!! Unquestioned? Subservient?

We have a built-in questioning system by way of a national voting procedure every 730 days! MY Constitution starts with the phrase WE THE PEOPLE! This is the kind of crap being programmed into teachers so it can be shoved down our children’s throats!!

Let’s delude the kool-aid here for a minute.

I, like a small minority in this country, have actually read the Constitution. In fact, I make it a practice to take the 22 – 30 minutes to read it through, several times per year. Not once does this precious document DEMAND anything of the sort. The only “demands” in the Constitution are located in and around that pesky Bill of Rights; and if you really want to address to whom the demands are directed, take a look at the first word: CONGRESS.

CONGRESS shall make no law… nor shall CONGRESS prohibit the free exercise thereof. For those who need a further interpretation, Congress IS the federal government, at least in terms of what the framers intended in regards to the center of power – not the end all, be all, but the center.

Subservient? Wrong again! Under the Articles of Confederation, the federal government was subservient to the states! Admittedly, the states recognized the need to reform the Articles, hence the convention. Can one really fathom a situation where these states just would have voluntarily bowed their knees to the great and powerful Federal Government? There are several little ditties written during the time called the Federalist Papers that show clearly how tough of a sell the new Constitution was to the states. The ONLY reason that it was ratified is because the states were satisfied that they would NOT be subservient to the feds.

The “Federalist” system by definition is one that appoints responsibilities to each level, but operates under the pretext that these levels run independent of each other, and in harmony. The Constitution NEVER says that the federal government is supreme. Article six states, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States …. shall be the supreme Law of the Land.” It says the Constitution and the (constitutional) laws of the U.S. are supreme – that is NOT the same as the federal government! The mere fact that so many checks and balances established in the Constitution (of which the multi-tiered federalism plan is a part of) should be an indication that the founders and framers would have never consented to a top-down only style of governance (that’s called a unitary system), let alone 13 independent states just chomping at the bit to abdicate their power to Washington D.C.

For those of you who like to run around quoting Jefferson, you should realize that he didn’t particularly care for the Constitution in its initial form and, had he been in country, probably would have lobbied against it. He and the other “anti-federalists” of the time were only assuaged when the promise that a Bill of Rights would be one of the first items on the agenda of the new Congress.

Yet this is being systematically programmed into a generation of kids (and even scarier, a generation of teachers) day by day. We have become a “take my word for it” 30-second sound byte society that is slowly giving away our freedoms. The genius of our Constitution is that it cannot be over-ridden unless by a conscious and deliberate series of acts that culminates in an amendment. This can only be done by the people. Fortunately, the ignorant masses (made that way on purpose) cannot take away the supremacy of the Constitution. What they can do is to continue to appoint people into authority positions every 730 days who will work to circumvent these rights, OUR rights; and this can really only be done through ignorance – willful ignorance.

One more reason why the public (government run) schools should die.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. You are quoting a ‘study guide’ and not an actual curriculum. I’m a social studies teacher and that is not a correct statement. Maybe you are reading from a set of question banks and that is the distractor. Or maybe you are the distractor. Only by manipulating the truth, and brainwashing the weak of mind to our way of thinking will we gain back control over these hippy-liberals.

    1. Really, Jimmy? Well, considering it was in the “Rationale” section of the answer guide doesn’t suggest it was the distractor. And congratulations! It’s only took you 5 seconds to get personal! Way to put those Alinsky rules to good use!!

    2. Oh and by the way, I’m a social studies teacher too and I have seen and heard it taught in plenty of curricula.

  2. Well, Jimmy, it seems you got put in your liberal blind place, oh yeah, you can’t take that attitude because it might be racist to think that people actually have a “place”. You know back in my day that was how this entire country was set up and that was everybody had a place. And you stayed in it to. But you could move up or down as you please, but don’t think for a second that as long as you were in your place you could just mosy into my neighborhood anytime you cared. That’s just it, you couldn’t unless you lived there. Anyone who came into your neighborhood had better have business there. And as far as Social Studies goes we learned in the non-Black public schools that the government was not supreme anything, and had the checks and balances and separation of powers it needed in order to keep it under control of the people. That is until the 60’s and 70’s came along and all that was taken away from our schools as I watched them taken down the drain with forced integration, when all it would have taken was to test every Black coming in and reject those who failed the entrance tests. That way the “standard of excellence” would have been protected and preserved. Oh, but don’t you see Jimmy, that’s not the way the new power taking over wanted it to be. They didn’t want the people or the states to have the power anymore. It was done that way so that things like multiculturalism and environmentalism could be rammed down not only the throats of the children but the teachers and the parents as well.

    Jimmy you’ve missed that boat. If you want to catch up I strongly suggest you read a real copy of the Constitution because I don’t know it a real copy of it exists in the text books anymore. You can get a real copy of the Constitution along with numerous documents of our founding from the Heritage Foundation.

  3. And if you think that “having a place” was some sort of racist social structure that was America in the 50’s, then you are wrong. It was done that way in order to preserve order in society. The cops always knew where the criminals were. If anything ever happen they always knew where to start looking and that was in the ghettos, down by the railroad tracks, behind the bus station, and the dark corners of the alleys down town. Not in a middle class White neighborhood. But since liberals believed that no one should have the right to sell their property to anyone they wanted to, they made a law taking the freedom away. It was called the “Fair Housing Act”. Now, if a realitor wants to sell a house to some decent Whites in a White neighborhood they just price the house higher than they know the Black can afford. That’s fair housing. People who deserve to have what they’ve worked hard to save up and buy get to have what they deserve, not the all powerful government just giving that right to a Black just because liberals believe Blacks weren’t getting their “fair share” of decent houses. Yeah, well if Blacks qualify for so much government money then why don’t they build themselves a nice house in one of their neighborhoods. That way maybe another one might decide to do the same. After awhile the whole neighborhood might be full of nice houses and Blacks would find out what White people have known all along when some undesirable people move into a neighborhood you and you neighbors have worked hard to build up with nice schools, sidewalks, hospitals, and fire stations. It takes alot of individuals money to build a neighborhood and you don’t want it messed up by liberals passing laws that allow just anything and anybody to be able to move in just because they’re to lazy to work hard and save and deserve to own a home, of their own.

    That is why liberals had to take the power the people had and the states had over the government. If liberals were going to mess up the entire country and change laws that everyone respected for generations and were as fair as they could be made, they had to make the government all powerful.

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