How Much Of What We "See" Is Real?

I found this and posted it to CNC, but realized I should probably share it here, as well. This is an eye-opening video of a project which shows us the “behind-the-scenes” view of media photojournalism.

While this particular video highlights the situation in Israel, it will be interesting to see how this project turns out. Are Pakistan and Afghanistan similar? I say similar, because in Israel there is, without a doubt, a REAL conflict, even if many incidents are staged. It began in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

One thing for certain: this video definitely makes you wonder how much of what we “see” in the media is “staged”. I would venture to say a LOT!

H/T Verum Serum

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. What started all of this? What else, Vietnam. When the media thought they could change public opinion about the war they felt the best way to do it was to show footage of the war from reporters right on the ground in Vietnam. I read a book one time about the reporters in Vietnam and it told all about what they did. Few wanted to go out on real missions so they would get the war they wanted to show from people who had been out on missions with combat soldier’s, and rumor’s of combat, body counts, atrocities that were supposed to have happened but really didn’t but were reported just as if they had.

    No, those were the days when you could get your reports to send in from the bar in the hotel Saigon where they all stayed. These guys who have been to Iraq and died there are a different kind of reporter from those in the Vietnam era. Back in those days those reporters were thinking about their careers as a news anchor and not trying to push a agenda for the Socialist Democrat Party. Going to a combat zone was a career move and not a decision to promote an ideology that you could tell your grandkids about when you were young and changed the world, and that’s why they are the ruling class and not the slaves.

    These reporters today are to many doing the same thing to be trying to get that promotion. There aren’t that many positions anymore for that many to be all doing the same thing, saying the same thing, and all taking the same risks. All the while they run around the combat zone anywhere they please as long as they have a little string of lawyers in tow making sure that the enemy can do the reporting on what the U.S. is up to. Yeah, just before our troops are blown up for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then the reporters report that our troops were shooting at civilian’s or damage a mosque and got what was coming to them for being in a country that didn’t ask them to come save them.

    The press these days don’t believe there are any more Hitler’s left, or Vietnam’s and anything the U.S. is involved in is wrong. And today we hear that Obama and Peneta are going ahead and cutting our military $500 billion dollars over ten years. I want to know, why is it these days always something being done over ten years. What is the significance of ten years?

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