Government’s Role of Using the Collectives

Author Andy Andrews recently released a book titled “How Do You Kill 11 Million People”. No, it is not a self-help book but explains tactics the Nazi government used on its own people. Essentially, the Nazi government lied.

How? Initially, the government erected fences around the communities, telling the Jewish people that it was to protect them from the Russians. Jewish leaders also accepted bribes from the government to suppress riots and escape attempts. Finally, a few government officials, mostly unarmed, entered the communities and proclaimed jobs, security and schools were waiting; all they needed was to keep their families intact and board the trains. The book provided excellent statistics about how the government deceived their people into holocaust.

The worst atrocities conducted upon people have been done by their own government. Pol Pot murdered 3 out of 8 Cambodians in the killing fields of Cambodia, Stalin’s man caused famines killed millions in Ukraine and Mao’s Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward”, a social engineering experiment killing 25 million Chinese. So, why do citizens’ lobby for government’s intervention when they have such a dismal record?

Others do not interact with government enough to think of it as an extension of the people. They believe government makes decisions and we, the citizens, pay the taxes. Even unemployment, social security and welfare are political footballs where a person still answers to bureaucrats. We believe government is extremely inefficient and unable to conquer these difficult tasks.

As government promotes the “greater good for the whole” philosophy, it justifies the draconian, government policies and the destructive results, especially individual rights. With eminent domain and crony capitalism that favors certain businesses, it’s destroying the private sector. There is no better system than the free market. It has flaws but it’s far better than fascism, communism, socialism or any other collective government.

“The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes.” – Thomas Paine

Our representative government is watered down with layers of bureaucratic red tape. Politicians handing our Republic to unelected bureaucrats in public-private partnerships! When government plays this role, it impacts us all. These partnerships, protecting their self-interest, infringe on our liberties with unaccountable regional governments, planning commissions and non-governmental organizations (NGO).

The next time someone advocates for government intervention with master plans, eminent domain and universal health care, remember that it’s your ability to make decisions that is diminished. It is also the freedoms of others that you are taking away. It may feel good initially but the sacrifice is far greater.

Do not let the fences be built around or through our community. Do not allow representatives to be bribed with federal loans or grants with strings attached. Do not let bureaucrats use you to take away others’ freedoms. Because when that train comes down the tracks and the doors open, there’s no bargaining.

This destructive nature of a fascist government pits citizens against each other to satisfy their goals. But as citizens’ we must not give up those liberties…your being sold a bad batch of apples and don’t cheer as others’ lose theirs. Because someday, there will be people cheering as you lose yours.

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