Why Herman Had to Go


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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Eleanore: Good article. I disagree with just one line: “Obama’s campaign can’t lose even 1% of the Black vote and be reelected.” The Black vote, even in 2008 was NOT the deciding factor in his election. While higher than normal,it STILL wasn’t all that significant. I DO agree that the Democrats would not know how to act, IF a conservative Black were to run against Obama. Your ‘plantation’ analogy was spot on. Keep up the good work!

    1. Jerry,
      I think it’s more of a “possession” thing that the Dems have for the blacks and that’s why they can’t lose even 1% of their vote. That would be a huge threat because if one black goes off the plantation, then others will follow and El BJ’s strategy of using them as a voter base for 200 years is broken. And yes, you’re correct, the blacks weren’t the deciding factor in the win for Obama. Thanks for the compliment on my work.

      1. El BJ? Who’s that, am I missing an inside joke? Thought it was LBJ.

        Anyhow read most of the article and the title doesn’t match. Why did he have to go? Was the pressure too much on his wife or him or his reputation? Or was it his stumbles and he saw the future foretold by Perry slide after his Department of ‘ummms’ then ‘oops!’?

        Or simply as George Will said he was a charlatan entrepreneur using the Presidential election as a book tour. That makes sense, just look at how his campaign manager said he wanted to go see the Green Packer’s game instead of being in Iowa, Cain said ‘Alright!’ I’m surprised more Tea Partiers etc. aren’t talking about or annoyed at his taking of taxpayer funding on a ‘suspended’ campaign. Do you think he might surprise us all and rejoin saying that the people ‘redrafted’ him again?

        Anyways, I think Obama will be re-selected. (Yes, *selected* by blood, not elected by ballot). The elections are a sham now.

        Ron Paul is the only legit one running that has even half a chance again Obama. He effectively called for the Tea Party to organize and go march on D.C. which Glenn Beck then popularized to the nation via his Fox News TV show.


        1. Adam,
          Yes, El BJ is LBJ. When he was govenor of Texas he would visit the brothals of Juarez where he recieved this moniker.
          As far as you’re not knowing why he had to go, I refer you to the last reason I offered, the power structure of the DC Beltway cannot be upset by someone who would have removed the income tax provisions. As far as Will’s analysis is concerned, he didn’t recognize a joke when he was presented with one and Herman’s campaign started long before his book came out. Ron Paul probably won’t be the candidate, but I think any one of the present GOP contenders would be able to beat Obama. If Obama cheats like crazy, he’ll win again, but indicators right now say he could be beaten by any generic GOPer. Suspension of a campaign is a legal action which allows Herman to continue to collect money with which to pay off his campaign bills. As far as taking taxpayer money, I don’t know about that. I think the only campaigns that get taxpayer money are actual Presidential Campaigns, and those are “donated” voluntarily. Have you never seen the box asking if you want a dollar of your tax money to go to that fund? Thanks for your comment.

  2. Herman Cain was a direct threat to the Permanent Political Class. These people have both corrupted our government and blocked any meaningful changes with their brand of Crony Capitalism. They and their friends are just making too much money now to allow anyone to upset their apple cart.

    The 9-9-9 Tax Plan radically transfers power away from this political class and back to the people. By treating everyone equally, by making the code simple and transparent, and by enabling private business to once again become the economic engine of this country, Cain’s plan prevents politicians from favoring their friends and supporters with tax benefits which everyone else must then struggle to pay.

    Why else can GE make billions and pay no taxes while the small garage owner down the street pays 35% of his income in taxes. The 9-9-9 Plan breaks the back of this practice and puts any changes to it out in the open for the people to see.

    1. NHHead,
      Yes, this is exactly what I think. There is too much power in the taxation system. It is also a way to eliminate the middle class which is the product of the Capitalistic system. The Communist Manifesto calls for the elimination of the middle class and we’re seeing that happen in American today. Thanks for the insightful comment.

  3. Again we see why the majority of very good people would in no way run for elected office, especially for the Presidency. Who would want to subject his/her family to the dangers and this vicious assassination of character? You work hard, sacrifice, and establish your integrity for an entire lifetime only to see it destroyed in a matter of days. Today, only a true patriot would come forward to put themselves into this situation. Half of the population hate you and would rather see you dead.

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