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The Elephant Stick

What’s the elephant stick? Simply, it’s a stake driven into the ground to keep a chained baby elephant from escaping captivity. The young elephant, small and relatively weak, is not yet strong enough to pull up the stake and flee. The baby elephant learns that when it feels tension on it’s ankle it’s reached the end of the chain and can’t go any farther. The elephant’s memory kicks in. For the rest of it’s life, even after it’s become the largest, most powerful land animal on earth, a small stake, chain and ankle cuff are all that’s needed to keep the behemoth enslaved.

The 21st century GOP is a chained elephant, held in place by the elephant stick of political correctness. At a time when “progressives” are fleecing the nation’s Posterity through generational theft, robbing the treasury blind through crony socialism and multiple forms of government scandal, the GOP is strangely, mostly silent. Why?

With the cultural acceptance and adoption of political correctness, with so much concern about not hurting anyone’s feelings, people are walking on eggshells. Fear of offending someone else’s sensibilities has shackled free speech while retaining the illusion that First Amendment Rights are still fully in place.


The U.S. Attorney General plays the race card while being investigated by Congress for gross negligence and/or criminality for allowing hundreds, if not thousands of automatic weapons to end up in the hands of south american drug cartels. Excuse me, “mr” holder, with all due respect, aren’t you the one openly and consciously choosing which cases to prosecute at the federal level based on race? You’re a total hypocrite. You and your ilk are like the boy who cried wolf. We don’t need to explain that one, do we?

holder’s boss, the current White House occupant, intentionally chose to defund Social Security with a one year payroll tax holiday that’s now entering it’s second year…oops, thirteenth and fourteenth month. occupy Oval Office publically said he wanted a second year, but he and his Senate Majority Leader co-conspirator decided it would be to their political advantage if the Senate passed a two month extension and left town, forcing the GOP House to accept the two month extension or get beat up politically by ”progressive” liars and their public relations minions in the “progressive” Party Pravda.

Thats the way it really is. If you can’t stand to hear the truth or speak it, tough. That’s your problem, not mine.

When is the GOP going to wise up and realize that the elephant stick is crippling them and their political future? In the real world, an unchained elephant fears no lion, leopard, cheetah, rino or donkey.

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Rich Mitchell

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