The American Gift That Truly Keeps on Giving

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and an American tradition that has evolved into a world-renowned holiday that brings us the season of the unconditional giving of oneself to others.

While the giving of ourselves may include various different forms of  the giving of one’s time,  love, money, and material things all wrapped up in brightly colored ribbons and bows, today I’d like to celebrate what I consider to be some of the most wonderful gifts being given this year from deep within the hearts and souls of true Patriotic Americans. The gift I speak of is our largely unique, longstanding America freedom from an over-bearing, debt-spending, out of control, tyrannical government that has America on the verge of a financial and moral collapse. The gift of freedom.

America’s collective Christian faith has been at the forefront of America’s unity in of our battle against an oppressive ruling class government since the early days of our founding, starting with our Declaration of Independence from our first oppressor Great Britain, to the world battles against assorted tyrannical madmen such as Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez etc. Millions of people have migrated to America to escape oppressive, tyrannical rulers and governments for centuries.

That brings us to the current battle in America today against the most dangerous oppressor of modern American history, one which our Constitution has protected us from for some 235 years: Big Government Socialism. Today we no longer have a government that serves the people. Every single prosperous country in the world that has accepted this stealth form of oppressive Communism masquerading as utopian socialism built upon false share-the-wealth promises has ended in chaos and poverty the world over. The prime example of the day that proves this point: The European debt crisis. When taking an objective look into that elitist-ruling-class manufactured crisis that has brought down the governments of Italy and Greece with several more to follow, we see just where that utopian European Socialism leads us once again. The elite are getting bailed out by the working class over and over again without being allowed a voice in the conversation. Crony-capitalist bankers and government-connected thieves are prospering while the working class faces economic Armageddon in what is now called the European Union.

The Socialism-induced collapse of the EU brings us full-circle to what now appears to be America’s last line of defense against the ruling-class oppression of today’s European-style Socialism that now threatens to infect America and wipe out her historic personal freedoms and enduring prosperity. The last line of defense I speak of here, is the coalition of Constitutional conservatives, true American Patriots, to include the all-important group of information sharing citizens, Tea Party political activists, and internet freedom-fighters working 24/7 to inform the public of the dangers of today’s all-too-powerful, constitution-trampling U.S. government. Through this massive effort of self-less giving, these Patriots are indeed our last, best hope of avoiding the stealth European Socialism that now has all of Europe engulfed in poverty, chaos and an uncertain future. America must be made aware of these dangers before they engulf America as they have all of Europe today.

To all of the Patriotic citizen journalists across America, including the engaged stay at home Moms, the concerned senior citizens, the American Freedom groups, the Tea Party warriors, the true Constitutional conservatives of Congress, the information-sharing networks and all of the Patriotic bloggers who continue to give selflessly and tirelessly to stop the big government oppression we are under attack from today, thank you. A heartfelt thank you for uniting to give all of America the greatest gift of all this holiday season: The gift of continuing American freedom and prosperity that has made this nation the greatest nation on earth.  Thank all of you Patriots, and Merry Christmas.

Footnote: As I consider myself to be a citizen journalist writing here at CDN to give the gift of freedom through insightful information-sharing, I would like to add the following info-byte from the UK that shows us the relevancy of certain anti-Americans that constantly denounce and minimize the Christian faith in America, (as in the war on Christmas) in order to install European-style socialism into America:

From: https://www.soon.org.uk/christmas.htm :

Today in the West, not many people consider the religious meaning to Christmas. Most people in UK or Europe will not go to a religious church meeting, even at Christmas. It has become a busy race to spend money on presents, and get ready for the Day. In UK, our shops stay open till late Christmas Eve and often open again on Boxing Day with the cut-price ‘sales’. (Not much holiday for the poor shop workers!) A visitor from another world would think that Christmas was a festival to the gods of money and shopping.

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