Ongoing Lynching of Herman Cain

Really? Are we going to let the Main Stream Media and the RINO establishment pick our nominee again? REALLY? That worked out so well in 2008!

With absolutely no evidence of any kind, one destitute female after another, all with checkered pasts and spurred on by sex discrimination lawyers, crawl out of the woodwork and make allegations against a man and we abandon him like rats from a sinking ship, just like we are supposed to. If John McCain were in the race, he’d win the nomination this time too!

With comments like “he handled it so badly”, the media tell us Herman Cain is now unelectable. It proves one thing, the Obama camp was terrified of facing Mr. Cain in the general election.

For a moment, suppose you were completely innocent of all of these allegations. How would you defend yourself? People have said Mr. Cain needs to come clean, but what if there is nothing to come clean about? How does one respond, other than the way he has?

Ms. White’s Attorney, Edward Buckley is an Obama supporter and has contributed to the Obama campaign and to the DNC. Like Gloria Allred, he makes his living on discrimination cases. When asked by Anderson Cooper if there was any more evidence, plane tickets, photographs, anything to corroborate her story, he said “no”.

Ms. White herself has had a summary judgment against her for defaming the character of her former business partner. Meanwhile the Campaigner in Chief is out on the trail telling outright lies to the American people every day.

When Larry Sinclair went public with his allegations that “he personally engaged in sexual activity and personally used illegal drugs in November 1999 with U.S. Senator Barack Obama on two separate occasions.” No one cared. The Globe did publish the story, but the liberal main stream media ignored it. When Mr. Sinclair published a You Tube video describing his allegations, he claims he was threatened repeatedly and that he was being investigated by the Obama Campaign. Sinclair filed suit in federal court in Minnesota (CASE 0:08-cv-00360-JMR-RLE) alleging that his civil rights and right to free speech were being violated by Barrack Obama, David Axelrod and the DNC. The case was thrown out on technicalities. Three other men implicated as Obama sex partners are now deceased, two in execution style slayings.

When Jack Ryan was running against Obama for the Illinois Senate seat, Mr. Ryan’s SEALED divorce records were mysteriously unsealed to expose Jeri Ryan’s claim, in the divorce proceeding, that Jack Ryan wanted to take her to a sex club. The willing media was all over that one.

So my fellow Republicans, do we really want to allow the media to nominate Mitt Romney for us? If the Obama administration was not convinced they would have an easier time defeating him, they would not be pushing so hard for his nomination. They are scared to death of running against Herman Cain, so they must destroy him prior to the GOP primary season. Perhaps they have succeeded.

While Newt Gingrich is a very intelligent man, well versed in history and public policy, his baggage is vast and he is a political insider. He is also only slightly less arrogant that Mr. Obama. Would we be better off with Newt, or even Mitt than Obama? Of course, absolutely. But those of you who were Herman Cain fans until the Media began its lynch mob campaign against him, ask yourselves what you would do if these women are all lying? There is no evidence that they are not. Would you still be supporting Cain?

Those who make their lavish living on government largess have a vested interest in the status-quo. If Barry is to be unseated as spender in chief, then those in power need to have us nominate the closest thing to him. Mitt will do, so will Newt. God forbid that we elect someone who would actually try to clean up the corrupt mess we call our federal government!

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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One Comment

  1. Cain sank himself. Any woman claiming a 13 year relationship has proof over a 13 year period. Cains knows that, which is why he quit… knowing full well he can’t sue her for defamation.

    The only victim here is Cain’s wife.

    1. That is not what her lawyer said on Anderson Cooper. When asked if she had anything else, hotel receipts, plane tickets, semen stained dress, any hard evidence, he said “no.”

      1. What else explains no defamation lawsuit? Clearly, anyone running for public office who is derailed by character assassination would sue.

          1. He won’t though. He said as much about suing Politico over a month ago.

            The fact he is quitting is very telling. He wants this whole thing to go away. I know Cain supporters (I once was) are relying on wishful thinking here. Sadly, Cain lied to us. That much is clear as crystal.

          2. Well, that was after all the point of the article, that we are once again going to let the national media and the Rino’s pick another milk toast candidate for us, we have no spine. Mitt will lose in the general election, or will be only slightly less bad than Obama.

          3. I would echo the Chicago gentleman of 1884 who commented, “We are told, that Blaine has been delinquent in office but blameless in private life, while Cleveland has been a model of official integrity, but culpable in his personal relations. We should therefore elect Cleveland to the public office which he is so well qualified to fill, and remand Blaine to the private station which he is admirably fitted to adorn,” While substituting Obama for Blaine and Cain for Cleveland!

  2. Added fact: Cain is only suspending his campaign because he will get matching federal funds in Jan 2012.

    Also: I agree with Max,

    Some people call it like they see it, (4 days before cain quit) and when older folks are proven to have “VISION” to understand the big picture…people would be well-served to pay attention. For eample see: “Yes we Cain” turns into “Maybe we Shouldn’t” on CDN.

    I lost a few friends for telling the truths in that piece. If that’s the price of telling the cold hard truth, so be it. No skin off my hide.

  3. “It proves one thing, the Obama camp was terrified of facing Mr. Cain in the general election”

    You’re kidding right? Did you see the DNC doing any videos/commercials about Cain? He wasn’t even on the radar. He was a joke.

  4. I can’t believe people are still acting as if there is evidence. I. Guess we have a lot of people I hope are to run for presidentnot going to be on jury duty soon. ALL the so called conservative media have done nothing but assist the liberals with spinning this story instead of finding any real evidence. It clearly shows a common person is not wellcome to run.

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