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Last Soldiers Out of Iraq? Not quite.

So, we’ve pulled the last soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines out of Iraq? Good! Come on home boys and girls! Good job and well done!

Having said that, the question I have is this: will we have to at some point finish what we began? Does anybody remember the Gulf War of 1993? People say that the war began with George H. W. Bush and continued to the present day, much longer than the 9 year period currently being reported by the national media. And, arguably, the war the radical Muslims have waged on us is much longer than that. I remember when my brother, a young lieutenant at the time, did a stint in Saudi Arabia operating the “No Fly Zone” to defend the southern and northern most areas of Iraq against the onslaught that Saddam Hussein would eventually unleash against his enemies there. Saddam thumbed his nose at the U.S. and the world for decades and finally forced a confrontation when we thought he wasn’t cooperating with us on the WMDs. I’m still not convinced that evidence can’t be found that he was rearming. Who can say that his generals, seeing the writing on the wall, didn’t dump that crap out in the deep desert to protect their own skins? After all, we did find top flight Soviet MiG fighter planes buried out in the desert, capable of carrying such weapons. Who’s to say the barrels of mustard gas aren’t out there somewhere as well?

The Iraqi withdrawal leaves a mixed message for me at least. See if you agree with me. Some have pointed out that Iraq is left with a scatty army and no air force, while Iran has always had designs on adding Iraq to their own territory for decades. They fought an 8-year war with Iran you’ll remember that was as sanguine as any in the region. President Obama’s warning against foreign powers interfering with the sovereignty of Iraq is a direct reference to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s interference in that country. The blame for the deaths and maiming of countless American Servicemen and women can be squarely laid at his feet. It has been reported, even in the mainstream liberal media, that the deadly roadside bombs which were the primary weapon of foreign insurgents in that country were more often than not designed and built in Iran. Foreign agents from the Quds Force, the special forces Revolutionary Guards of Iran gave direct support to the insurgents in training and advice in their onslaught against The United States military and our coalition forces. AJ is no doubt laughing his evil head off in Tehran as he watches the last of our convoys cross the border into Kuwait.

Mark my words: we, along with Israel, will have to deal with that man and his boss the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei at some point in the future!

I don’t want to go all Glenn Beck on you, but listen to the facts! The radical Muslims whether they be Shia or Sunni have always wanted to re-establish the grand old Ottoman Empire, the Islamic Caliphate. Their aim is to establish an international stateless power where Shariah law, the radical precepts of Islam is enforced on all people everywhere. They’ve stated it, and aren’t shy about it. The evidence is there in their own words, on television and the Internet for whoever has the courage to look.

I predict that AJ will attempt to make a play for Iraq in their weakened and vulnerable state and try to establish himself as the head of this caliphate. With a decreased presence in the region, Israel will be even more vulnerable and threatened by their radical Muslim neighbors. Radicals, empowered by the so called Arab Spring will demand the rescinding of peace treaties with our ally Israel and will move as soon as they can manage it to a state of war with the tiny Jewish state. AJ and other leaders in the region have sworn to wipe Israel off the map and now, they have their hands on the poor man’s nuke, chemical weapons.

Let us remember that chemical weapons canisters and missiles were discovered recently in Gaddafi’s Libya, where none were supposed to have existed. Oh, that’s strange. He told George Bush he had gotten rid of all of those. He lied to us. What a crook! Someone should do something about him! Oh that’s right. He’s dead. iwatch news and the Huffington Post reported on November 20 that revolutionary forces in Libya came across canisters loaded with mustard gas in large quantities during their operations in that country and the stock pile is now being guarded.

Quoting the article now:

The Obama administration is investigating whether Iran supplied the Libyan government of Moammar Gadhafi with hundreds of special artillery shells for chemical weapons that Libya kept secret for decades, U.S. officials said.

The shells, which Libya filled with highly toxic mustard agent, were uncovered in recent weeks by revolutionary fighters at two sites in central Libya. Both are under heavy guard and round-the-clock drone surveillance, U.S. and Libyan officials said.,

Oh! So we can see the influence of Iran there as well. Great!

The President of the United States by prematurely withdrawing out troops from that region is pouring gasoline onto an open flame, and we are about to see it explode. This is not entirely without precedent. With the withdrawal from Vietnam led directly to the emergence of the Killings Fields of Laos and Cambodia perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot. The liberals blamed us for getting into Vietnam, and they blamed us for the bloodshed that followed. So it will be with the Middle East.

In another interesting article published in the The Atlantic on December 7, I see that Syria, another ‘friend’ to Israel, is feared for its potential to use chemical weapons on their own people currently protesting that government.

The Atlantic writes:

 “The United States is quietly but closely monitoring the status of Syria’s large chemical-weapons stockpile amid fears that the regime of autocratic ruler Bashar al-Assad could use the warfare agents to quell continued political protests or divert the materials to extremist groups that operate in the region.

U.S. government officials declined to discuss specifics of the monitoring operation or what intelligence resources were involved, citing the need to maintain secrecy about operational tactics. They acknowledged, though, that there is a great deal of concern in Washington over Syria’s chemical arsenal.

Nice! So I guess we can look forward to seeing people gasping for breath in the Arab Spring as their dictatorial regimes unleash mustard gas on them. Sweet!

As we watch and celebrate the removal of our troops from the Middle East, let us remember that nothing happens in a vacuum. There will be second and third order effects and we must look at these in context. The protests and riots of the Arab Spring will continue to get worse, and there is no real evidence that this unrest will lead to beloved liberal democracy as our mainstream media pundits claim. This week we see video in Egypt of women being beaten and stripped in the streets by military forces attempting to quell the unrest. This is the same military remember that was praised so highly for their restraint in their dealings with the populace earlier this year that led to the fall of that regime. Now the military is in charge and all bets are off. (You can see this story in The at

I guess our media got that one wrong as well. Good job mass media!

As the conflagration of riots and anti-Jewish sentiment spreads, Israel will be in greater and greater peril. If the U.S. is as staunch an ally to the Jewish state as we claim, the U.S. Military will be visiting that region again within the next decade, possibly within the next two years, to defend her.

As I write this, our troops are still flooding into Afghanistan to deal with the threat in that theater. The relationship of Afghanistan and Pakistan remains tenuous and our standing with Pakistan after recent events there is none-too-rosy either. Remember my brother, the young lieutenant who served in Saudi Arabia all those years ago. He’s a major now and the head of a highly technical team of “Space Cowboys” Army Space Team heading into Afghanistan early next year. I could tell you precisely when, but then I’d have to kill you! While it is likely that  many of our servicemembers will be able to hug their loved ones this Christmas, many will not. My mother will have to deal with yet another lonely Christmas caused-by-deployment as she contemplates whether or not to send her hair coloring bill to this president as she did with the last one. Worry has done a mean thing to her hair you know and she doesn’t like to let it show.

So what do we do now? Bring our troops home and enjoy the holiday as best we can. Give our heroes the welcome home they deserve, and remember the ones unable to make it home this year. I think we should have a ticker-tape parade, don’t you? Get ready for next year; it could be more exciting than the last one.

Good luck, Space Cowboys! Godspeed!

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at

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