December 10th ABC/Yahoo News GOP Debate [Full Video]

Saturday night’s GOP debate was expected to highlight Mitt Romney’s contempt for Newt Gingrich’s stellar rise to the top of the polls.

Full Video

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Shame on you, Mr. Mitchell. Ignore the controlled media. Vote for Ron Paul, the champion of the Constitution.

  2. Shame, Shame, Shame on the media for ignoring, or making untrue or unkind remarks about MR. Integrity (Mr. Ron Paul R. of TX.

    Everything he says he can back up with facts. He is not an establishment politician !!

  3. It becomes more and more clear that the media is controlled by the same people who control both parties. Almost all networks ignore the popularity of Ron Paul. The polls are not reflecting the real picture here because Ron Paul is closing in on the other candidates and the people are beginning to understand his positions and liking them.

    1. Todd, Ron Paul is not only no conservative, he has ZERO chance of winning unless each of the conservative candidates fall over dead. Even then, its likely a conservative candidate that isn’t out there now, would swoop in and take the election away from Ron Paul and his 20% of the electorate that doesn’t understand anything about the world we live in beyond the travesty of the world’s currencies being fiat lies. If Ron Paul could be of use, its in getting the currency refooted on Gold and Silver. Beyond that, he has no leadership because of the detail of his world view. People who pay attention and understand economies and international relations don’t subscribe to most of what Dr. Paul espouses.

      1. You keep believing that Ron Paul has no chance of winning. That’s fine with me. But you will see him do well in Iowa because they want a candidate who speaks the truth and who doesn’t represent special interest groups like the rest of them. Ron Paul is pure Constitution and he defends our freedom and liberty.

        1. Ok, to clarify, I don’t know how well he’ll do in Iowa. For the sake of argument, I’ll even concede he may WIN Iowa. And as for ‘speaking the truth’, I will give quarter there, as well. I don’t think Ron Paul is disingenuous or trying to mislead anyone. He is a very honorable man. Most people don’t agree with SOME of his INTERPRETATION of the Constitution, but that doesn’t mean he is a liar. In fact, I believe in SOME of his beliefs, he DOES have the best position, i.e. returning to a gold standard and auditing and ultimately eliminating the fed. But he is NOT ‘pure Constitution’. His intent is honorable, but he misses the mark in his universal comprehension of our Constitution.

          1. Care to substantiate with an example? Where exactly does he waver from following the path of pure constitution?

      2. This isn’t football. People shouldn’t vote by popularity, but on principle. If you think our founding fathers principles are wrong, then yes, vote for anyone other than Paul. If you are scared of the big bad muslims, vote for anyone other than Paul and hide in your closet. ME? I vote on principle. If Paul gets ONE vote, and he WILL get mine. That PROVES THERE IS A CHANCE. Your statement that he has a ZERO chance has just be proven by me you are WRONG.

        1. Popularity? This isn’t about ‘popularity’. This is about electability. Your logic is fundamentally flawed. I knew it when you subscribed to Ron Paul as being superior on constitutionality. He’s not. On some points he IS superior. On others, he manufactures his own definition of constitutionality that are simply subjective. You stated ANOTHER evidence that you have flawed logic: >>>If Paul gets ONE vote, and he WILL get mine. That PROVES THERE IS A CHANCE. Your statement that he has a ZERO chance has just be proven by me you are WRONG.<<< That is proof that I'm wrong? That's hilarious. If Ron Paul gets one vote he gets one vote. So, that's not 'a chance', that's an absolute. He absolutely got one vote. I didn't say he doesn't have 'a chance'. I said he 'doesn't have a chance of WINNING'. I will agree he has a chance of getting votes. Good GRIEF! He also has a chance of handing the election to Barack H. Obama because some people like you wouldn't elect the best electable candidate, you'll only vote for the person that YOU would like to see, regardless of his inability to win his party's nomination. If you're going to waste your vote, why don't you write in your own name? Surely you represent your own views better than Ron Paul does.

    2. Ron Paul? Ron Paul? I swear Ron Paul supporters must drink the same koolaid or take the same crazy pills. RP supporters always say the polls don’t reflect how popular RP is or complain that he doesn’t get enough time because of some ‘conspiracy’ to keep him under a rock. News flash, RP has a few good points, but come on, just look at him. He’s a kook, doesn’t look remotely like a U.S. President, and quite frankly, his international policies are laughable at best and dangerous when you really listen to what he says. ‘We have nukes, so should Iran’ REALLY RON PAUL? Are you kidding? we are the United States of America and Iran is a backwards, oppressive, psychotic regime hell bent on killing us and Israel and they say it publicly whenever they can. We have nukes, therefore Iran should, give me a break…..

      1. Why do you allow the media to make you think we have a national threat to our nation? I laugh at your pre-programmed ideas about Iran that are so typical of the masses of sheep in this country. You words are so predictable because you are a zombie American. You have been dumbed down so far you sound robotic in your comments. Ron Paul is the only choice for America, his foreign policy is American, his monetary policy is American, and his loyalty to the Constitution is American.

        1. I’ll dumb this down for you;

          Ron Paul supports are like zombies. I’ve attended 9 events that had R. Paul as the guest speaker. I’m sure I know more about his positions than you and I have done my research as to whats going on in the world and how his opinions and ideas stack up against the real world. Do your homework you ‘sheep’ (i believe that was your insult) attend 9 RP rallies then talk to me

        2. Dave,

          A lot of people said the same thing about Hitler and how he didn’t scare them. How’d that work out for your jewish brethren? I suggest you take people at their word (I don’t know, perhaps learn from past mistakes?)

      2. Hello, my name is David, I’m Jewish, and you are nothing more than a political puppet spouting sound bites. I’m not afraidn the big bad muslims. Most do not mean harm to me, as you claim. You have fallen for the fearmongering, and I pray you will wake up one day beofre your political masters start WWIII.



    2. The Lord will hold us accountable, for not voting for the lesser of the 2 evils, if the right one can not win. I think Romney is the one . But if he doesn’t get it, I think any of them will be better than what we have, & will slow down the direction we are going in & give us a chance to regroup, to try & open the eyes of many who still sleep, are just don’t care enough to get involved, because their lives have not been personally touched yet! But will if the Now Pres. stays in! So Please, if your candidate doesn’t get in , vote!

  5. Who of all the candidates will address the issue of insider trader by the congress and senate. I would address this to Congresswomen Bachman to get a clear view. On. Why we as the people would go to jail for such activity and it is obviously legal for the people that are suppose to be serving we the people.

  6. Ron Paul. Seriously, his foreign policy views aren’t backwards, he wants to stop policing the world, which is the reason your country was attacked by terrorists on 9/11. Wake up and smell the freedom.

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