2012: Year Of The Full On Assault Against Conservatives?


I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means. I simply look at what’s in front of me. Darker days seem ahead for me and my conservative friends. While I am confident in the resilience of the American spirit. I’m disheartened by the lack of action on many Tea Party and Republicans to speak out against legislation that just passed and what is pending. We recently saw the passing of a defense bill with a provision for the military to indefinitely detain American citizens “suspected” of terrorist ties. The debate is still ongoing on how much this will affect the lives of everyday ordinary American people. The fact that it is still being debated AFTER the provision passed is not a good sign. Never in my short life have I seen such brutal attacks against our way of life like I’ve seen over the last 3 years. Take the detention provision and couple it with the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ (SOPA) and liberal Democrats and the President have two nasty weapons for silencing conservative Americans.

Here is a possible scenario. You have a blogger who exercises his 1st Amendment right and writes a post about a particular issue he may have with the President. He may say something as harmless as “I hate this President for what he does and wish he was gone”. He doesn’t wish harm on the President. He just wants him out of office. Whoever it is in the federal mothership, who’s salary we pay with tax dollars, that has the responsibility of searching for violent “terrorist” runs across this post. They have the potential to do two things. They could search the site for videos or pictures that does not give proper mention of ownership. The media in question may not have even been authorized for redistribution. But he’s not trying to pirate anything. Doesn’t matter. BAM! SOPA in effect. Shut him down for piracy. His IP is seized and the blog is shut down pending further review. Or, they can misconstrue the “I hate this President statement” into a death threat against the President. Some how make it into a terrorist threat and send the FBI to arrest him. After which they will hand him over to the military and ship poor blogger off to Gitmo. Worse case scenario for poor guy, it’s a combination of both.

That is just one of many possibilities and it may seem an extreme point of view. However, the onslaught has been constant thus far and I fear 2012 may be the worst to come.

Or maybe we’ll be lucky and it was just a bad dream.


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Rich Mitchell

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