Why It's Important to be Critical of our Candidates

CDNews is admittedly biased – not towards a party or candidate, but towards a set of ideals. We may spend more time researching the activities of the Obama administration because his policies are against everything we believe in, but we also have to spend time vetting our own candidates.

This last week we happened to have a lot to look through on Herman Cain and Rick Perry. It killed me to have those things on the front page, but I also knew they needed to be there.

Rick Perry gave one of the oddest speeches I’ve seen from a Presidential Candidate and Herman Cain is dealing with a past sexual harassment claim.

Gov. Perry has had trouble coming across organized and strong in debates. Now his Cornerstone Church speech gives the public one more episode where he appears inarticulate. I wish it weren’t true, I want him to do well – but it was in the public eye and I think it a disservice should we ignore it.

Herman Cain’s issue isn’t so much that he got accused of sexual harassment – that accusation could easily have been made by someone out for money – especially since the claims were never proven. His responses on the matter should have been crisper. A lack of consistency led to a certain amount of doubt. He can’t deny knowing about the settlements then say he was told about them. Something is wrong with one or both of those statements.

Neither of these things may be all that important to voter, they may just be one more piece of information that goes into each primary voter’s vetting file.

If we don’t properly look into our candidates and we put someone into the general election that we shouldn’t have – we lose more than our favorite candidate – we jeopardize the future of this nation. Conservative media as a whole should have done more on McCain pre-primary.

CDN has had numerous positive posts on each candidate and negative ones when they were warranted. We want primary voters to have all of the information necessary to take into the voting booth so that we can get the best candidate possible.

You will see more negative things on every single candidate – including Obama.. ok especially Obama, but you will also see position posts, positive video, and kudos when those things happen.

Everything we post is to give you,  the reader, the best information possible in making your primary voting choice. You are voting in the primary aren’t you?

While admittedly biased – we can’t ignore the negatives – that just wouldn’t be honest.

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One Comment

  1. This election is not some kind of popularity contest. This isn’t American Idol, or Dancing With the Stars. This is a war for what ideology will lead America into the future. This is a war for the future of our children. This is a war for what will become of what our forefather’s created and handed down to us. This is the result of Communists being allowed to take this nation and it’s future from us, and we have been so afraid and weak towards losing our lifestyles and what will we have left to leave to our children, that we abandoned all that we believed gave us the strength to hold onto this nation. When liberals began their attacks on our Christian faith and accusing White people of being racists and hypocrits, and mistreating Blacks and keeping them down and not giving them their due, we became confused as to how we were supposed to fight against such attacks. We had never had our faith attacked before by our own people. Sure, our faith has always been under attack by those who followed evil and Satan, but we didn’t know how to handle being attacked by our very children and those who they looked up to, their professor’s and those in government who we didn’t really know that much about. We had worked so hard on providing a decent life for ourselves and our children, that we weren’t going to let anyone or anything take all that away from us. But that was by those things we could touch, see, and hear that was within those things which had customarily been our enemies, like poverty, ignorance, starvation, and evil. Those things were easy to overcome by just cutting off their support systems and keeping the government in place that we knew was doing those things that kept us safe.

    We didn’t see that slowly but surely there were people in our government who were working against those men who were keeping things safe for us. The base was changing for them and turning against us. We were the ones who were loosing support from the very things we trusted would always be there, the church, the government, and our civil society. That was being taken away from us and we didn’t even want to recognize the warning signs. We thought it was rock n roll that was taking our youth away. We thought it was alcohol that would be what took our youth away, and that was not so hard to fight against. But generational differences became wider and wider but we didn’t want to see it. We had become so used to things working out for us in the way we trusted that they would that we just didn’t expect things to fall apart that fast. The social changes that took place during the Vietnam war seemed to be outside of our societal existance, somewhere else just not here. We brushed it off as kids being kids. But we were sending those same kids to war and they were coming back somebody else we didn’t know. And people were attacking our sons for being what they were calling “baby killers”, when we knew they weren’t. But how do you tell Dan Rather on the nightly news that he was wrong?

    We just weren’t prepared to deal with all that was happening, and it all was happening so fast that we just wanted it all to go away and leave us alone. So we became complacent towards it all. And we lost it all in just a matter of a few years. And now look how weak our efforts are to try and take back a whole nation and a whole society, a whole culture taken from us, changed and then rammed down our throats and forced to take it.

    I just don’t know how we are going to make the changes that need to be made to get things back to what we believe would put America in some kind of condition where it can survive all this. And what I believe is we’re not going to save the country. And the reason why is, we’ve waited to late to try to make the changes that would have stopped or severly stem the tide of change for the worse instead of for the better. We’ve waited to long to throw out these Socialist and Communists that McCarthy told us were there in our government and if we didn’t throw them out, they would destroy this nation. We were just to confused because no one ever told us that this might happen from what was going on in our everyday life. From where we were everything was okay. It was only when things were really getting out of our control that we realized, and realized to late, what was happening.

    The only warnings we can ever remember getting about things getting bad were on a world scale, from warnings in the Holy Bible and the Book of Revelations. We weren’t getting the message from our churches that our society was being taken over by Socialists? Socialists were in Europe, and Communists were in Russia, and China, not here. It was sorta the, “It Can’t Happen Here!” attitude.

    But, now what? All these people who are running for Republican Presidential candidate are products of the society that those who don’t have this nation’s best interest at heart. Have we heard from any of these guys, and Michelle Bachmann who has taken over our government? Have they exposed Barney Frank for the criminal that he is and that he should be behind bars? And have we heard all the evidence about Obama that proves he is not a Amerian citizen, and that his mother and father were Marxists? And who it is in our government who are members of the Socialist Party under cover as “progressives” and still calling themselves “Democrats”? Are any of them telling the American people how they have been lied to and talked into electing these criminals back into office over and over again just to keep doing what they have been brain washed into believing America should be like, because all the other nations are that way? No, they aren’t being taught what they have done by putting these liars back into office, all the outside forces who have paid them well to do…their….bidding and not the bidding of those who elected them let alone staying within the Constitution of the United States. Are any of them telling the American people how our Constitution has been buried, and that no one is using it anymore to make laws that affect our lives every day? NO. And until someone comes forth and starts telling the American people all these things that forced us to give up our nation over to them, we are going to end up getting the same kind of person who have been part of the agenda of destroying the only Christian nation that was created to be a Christian nation of Christian’s who would preserve this world only God given belief in existance that is to save the world from evil.

    That’s what is at stake, not only the soul of our nation, but OUR souls as well.

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