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Watching a Cowboy Fall Off His Horse

Some horses come out of the gate strong then fade quickly, while others stay strong throughout the race. When Rick Perry announced his run for the GOP presidential candidacy, he zoomed out of the gate, and at one point looked like he might be able to win the race. However, Perry seemed to lose steam after a short run out front, leaving the nomination still up for grabs.

The only way I can describe Perry’s performance at recent debates is that it is like watching a cowboy fall off his horse.

After the debate earlier in the week he told reporters, “I stepped in it”. We have all had this experience but luckily for most of us it is not on national television. In one way I feel a little sorry for Perry, but when you make a run for office you can’t get a retake on your comments or actions. Lord knows most everybody that has ran for public office has at least one moment that they would like to have a mulligan on.

The one thing you can say about the horses in the race- even when they stumble, they get back up.

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