The result of the South Carolina Debate

William Way, Jr.

It is seriously time for the “Right” to move back to the right candidate.

That candidate is Michele Bachmann.

Last night, 11/12/11, Perry continued to stutter, but fortunately didn’t loose his place in his sentence. But he did overplay his debacle from Wednesday night. He can’t let it go and move on. Most people on Thursday said “That was rough…but, he had already lost my vote. Poor shlub.”

Finally, Ron Paul demonstrated, unquestionably, that he couldn’t follow a train of thought if he were riding in the caboose.

Jon Boy has spent too much time in the sun with his eyes open. All he can do now is stare straight ahead hoping to see some light at the end of a tunnel. Sadly for him he is in a cave with no backdoor.

I love Ricky Santorum, always have. Yet, even I have grown weary of his whining “Come on everybody. Don’t you see that the only good view of the sunset is from up here on MY perch.”

I have wondered for several months why my Mormon buddy Mitt never gets fazed by people poking him with a sharp stick. I figured it out. For a sharp stick to hurt, you got to have substance, some degree of firmness. He is rather flexible on both point and principle.

Really, that leaves us with only the professor and the mother of umpteen portable people she has raised. Either of which (if I had my drothers it would be both of them) would be an excellent replacement for for the current “occupier” of the White House.

Here is why. Professor Newt Gingrich has the intellect and skill to school the boy from Hawaii (maybe Indonesia). Mother Michele (the smiley one, not the sneery one) could give that boy the discipline he was sorely lacking as a lad.

Vote for Bachmann/Gingrich. Vote early and often…remember Obama is from Chicago, where you get to cast your ballot for five years after you’re dead.

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