The Occupy Movement and Communism

Asking the Occupy protestors what they hope to accomplish yields little in the way of results. It isn’t that they are trying to be stealth with their intentions; rather, most truly do not know what they aspire to achieve now that they are receiving attention for their little gathering. I use the word “little” intentionally because for them claiming to be “the 99%” their movement has failed to attract large numbers, despite the appearance that it has. But while they have trouble understanding their goals, let alone explaining them, the natural direction of this type of movement leads to misery along a road of violence and chaos.

When coupling the Occupy movement’s sympathies with communism and understanding Lenin and the Bolsheviks, the term 99% they chose is no accident. The term Bolshevik means literally, “majority”. This tactic is pure propaganda, and instead of building their argument upon facts, intimidation is the first step, implying “there are more of us than there are of you.” Numbers and consensus mean nothing up against what is real, but don’t expect this inconvenience to deter the Neo-Bolsheviks. Next, compare age demographics. In 1907, two years after the birth of the Bolsheviks, about 75% of the members were younger than 30. In today’s Occupy movement those under 35 comprise about two-thirds of the group.

Like the Bolsheviks, the Occupiers aspire to principles of democratic centrism. This means that members speak and debate issues of policy, but ultimately adherence to the will of the majority prevails. In Occupy, this is represented by the General Assembly, which is a regular meeting of members without formal leadership. In the last few weeks we have learned that victims of theft, assault, and even rape were discouraged from reporting the incidents and intimidated into remaining quiet in order to prevent negative publicity. The collective is the concern and the individual is rendered irrelevant.

When observing a group of Occupy protestors, it is tempting to write them off due to their drum circles, drug use, and general incoherence of a message. And in truth, probably “99%” of the members deserve to be mocked and ridiculed for the above reasons. But more organized elements have asserted socialism and communism and also advocate violence as a means to get there. The rest will gladly serve as useful idiots. Therefore, the movement presents a growing danger to the freedom we understand. The best way to counter this Neo-Bolshevism is to let the light shine down, exposing the filth that rots them to the core. Remain principled and uncompromising. They have nothing to offer and we have nothing to gain by validating anything they stand for. They are plagiarizing a story written long ago, and we already know how it ends.

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