The Obama Photo Diaries, Part 1

Welcome to Fantasy Island!
Welcome to Fantasy Island!


In addition to my impersonation of President Obama (found Here, There and Almost Everywhere)

I have a habit of posting photos that I see as I read the news with captions that come to mind as I look at them.

I hope you enjoy them.


'No, Imagine you're sitting there and the Water is THIS High! That's what Debt Is!'
‘No, Imagine you’re sitting there and the Water is THIS High! That’s what TheDebt Is Like!’



I’m usually trying to make you laugh.


Unfortunately sometimes they might make you angry.



‘That’s a $20, just go ahead and Keep the Change, I’ve got 2 Guys Printing Them Up So Fast It’d Make Your Head Spin.’




If they make you angry….




‘Sometimes I Sits and Thinks, Other Times I Just Sits’




I Blame Bush.






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