November 22nd Republican Debate on National Defense [Full Video]

On Tuesday, November 22nd at 8pm EST, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and CNN will present a GOP presidential candidate debate on national security and foreign policy. The twitter hashtag for the debate will be #CNNDebate


To be announced.

Debate Prep

AEI scholars discussions

Who Will Be There

Complete Debate Video:

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One Comment

  1. No one was interested in what Don Hays was referring to? I’ve tried to think, but I can’t come up with anything about the significance of November 22. I suppose it has something to do with some attack on something U.S.? That’s my guess.

    But this ought to separate the men from the boys, no offence meant towards Michele Bachmann of course, but I know she will have a better idea of what our foreign policy should be than any of these other people, except maybe Newt. He’s been there and knows what will work and what won’t. But Newt’s problem is he is a cooporator. He likes to work things out with the other side. He likes reaching across the aisle. He prides himself on wheeling dealing with Democrats. That’s the reason why I won’t support him and that is he’s the one who is responsible for turning all the conservative “young guns” who took control of both Houses in ’94, but the mistake is no one stopped him from taking them “under his wing” and brain washed them all into learning “how business is done in Washington”. And that is exactly what needs to be gotten rid of. ALL OF IT!! No cocktail parties, which Newt loves to attend. He loves the Washington night life, the parties, the brunches, the dinner parties, all of it. We need to give Washington a dose of what life would be like if all that dried up, and shut down the Washington way of doing things where deals are made on the golf courses, at the dinner parties, and the game playing in the Congressional chambers. Newt’s into all of it and that is the reason why we ended up with most of all those conservatives turning into the biggest bunch of do nothing Congressmen who believed in big government like Newt does, and spend what you get because if you don’t you can’t ask for more next year, and go along with tax increases because it means you can get the money back to your state with earmarks, blah, blah, blah!

    I hate all of that. That is exactly what has torn this nation down for the last 50 + years of liberalism and liberals who throw the best parties. And don’t forget this, Newt supports the ObamaCare bill. Romney supports the ObamaCare bill. Perry supports ObamaCare, and surprisingly Rick Santorum also supports ObamaCare. The only people worth a crap who don’t are Cain, who doesn’t have enough government experience to be able to hit the ground running if he was to be elected, somebody would have to hold his hand the whole time. Bachmann, who is the only person who is running who would be able to do everything she said she is going to do and she fought against the ObamaCare bill, she has promised to seal up the borders, be as tough as is possible on illegal Mexican alien’s, she understands the evil of the U.N. and what they have planned for this country in Agenda 21, she knows who the Socialists and Communists are in our government and what they have done to tear this nation down, and plans on getting rid of them all, and understands what to do about the Supreme Court leftists on the bench, and she has promised to “drill baby drill” as soon as she takes office. And she has always been a strong defender of our military. Who else could be better for President? No one! And the only person left who is actually still a candidate is Ron Paul, and he’s a fish out of water, and a weirdo and that’s all that needs to be said about him.

    Obama is trying to destroy this nation. I want the FBI to confiscate his Blackberry because I believe he has contacts on it that are a threat to our nations national security, and talks to people who want only to destroy this nation and enslave it’s people. They want our money power. They believe they can get American’s to work and produce huge wealth for these enemies, like nothing is wrong and all they have to do is work and make more money. You can imaging who I’m talking about. Obama is involved with people who want to overthrow our government and destroy our nations power. THAT IS TREASON, PEOPLE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. HE’S A TRAITOR!!! AND NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE AND OUR CONSTITUTION!!

  2. Tonight’s debate demonstrated that even the tiny prospect of wielding power drives men insane.

    With the exceptions of Ron Paul and John Huntsman, tonight I heard every Republican candidate say that in a Republican adminstration our nation will be at war with the world, that the national debt will be ignored, that criminal foreign invaders of our nation will be granted amnesty and provided for from pockets of the productive taxpaying citizenry, that the rightful liberties of the American People will be forfeit in the name of national security, and that our political leaders intend to continue to heap our treasure upon foreigners, though it be scavenged from the pockets of the rotting corpse of our own nation.

    IMO, any one of this pack of liberals will make a fine tag team partner for Obama and the Democrats.

  3. I was very pleased that Ron Paul got so much question time in a debate, that is a first. This will help his campaign. In a sense Ron Paul and John Huntsman are saying the same thing. We will have to close the overseas bases and reduce our military whether we like to or not because we are broke and China, Japan, the Arabs won’t buy our government bonds any more. Only the FED buys our bonds now. The rest of the world knows we are broke. The democrats and RINOS like John McCain and House sepaker Boehner don’t understand that.

    Yet even the candidate I support, Ron Paul, is wrong on Iran. Iran will attack Israel and the USA with an EMP attack as soon as they get 6-8 nukes. They are not athiests like the USSR or Red China. Their leaders follow an apocalyptic death cult, called the “Twelvers,” that was so extreme even the late Khomeni banned it before his death. They literally and totally believe that by starting WW III with the US And ISrael they can bring the Mahdi to the earth so Islam will rule the world. This makes Iran with nukes much worse than Pakistan, or even Saudi Arabia or Turkey with nukes. Ron Paul does not understand this, Rick Santorum, Perry, and Newt do understand it. But I am afraid the average secular humanist american citizens will never understand Iran and their threat to USA (Great Satan) and Israel (little Satan).

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