Full Video of November 12th CBS/National Journal GOP Presidential Debate

Join CDNews for coverage of tonight’s CBS/National Journal Republican Candidate debate at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The debate will be hosted by CBS News and the National Journal. The focus of tonight’s event will be on national security and foreign policy.

What to Watch For:

Rick Perry will need to have a strong performance tonight to overcome a string of debate mis-steps. He also has little foreign policy experience which may come through this evening.

Newt Gingrich will most-likely come on strong keeping-up with his strong debate appearances throughout the year. The former speaker has polled above all other candidates in the area of the military and international crisis handling.

While his domestic policies are popular among Republicans, views differ on his foreign policy and national security stances. This could be a differentiating moment for Rep. Paul, positive or negative.

Herman Cain’s business experience may not help tonight. The 9-9-9 plan will probably show up somehow, but overall expect Cain to focus on his “peace through strength and clarity” foreign policy. Specifics have been light the few times he’s mentioned it in campaign speeches and his foreign policy views have not been the subject of any real media focus or debate questioning.

Mitt Romney led the pack in a recent CBS News Poll that asked which candidate is best-suited to be Commander-in-Chief. Among likely Republican primary voters, 26% chose Romney to Gingrich’s 21%. Cain and Perry were 11% and 9% respectively.

This may be the last debate that features the entire current cast of 8. Future debates will start limiting invites to those with a larger share of support. Expect Huntsman and Santorum to miss future debate appearances as their poll numbers have stayed consistently below 5%. Bachmann could fail to receive invites shortly after that if her numbers continue to hold right at or near the 5% mark.

Where to Watch: Here is the Recording of tonight’s debate – full-length (long blank pauses are commercial breaks, be patient or forward through to the next segment)

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    1. will we go to war with mexico to get control of illegal drugs. this is not profanity its facts, we have to get control of this problem

      1. I don’t think we need to go to war with Mexico in the general sense. This is not a sovereign state making a provocative action, it’s just that their govt is so impotent.

        Personally, instead of continuing to prop up a failed system, we should say, “do your part on keeping our boarders secure or we pull the plug” Mexico is one of those countries that should start with $0 in aid and have to work for any!

        Bottom line is that their govt is going to need to collapse and reorganize in order to truly be effective.

  1. Im totally disgusted with main stream news and these phony debates!!! Ron Paul being given 30seconds for his first question when the other candidates were permitted to go beyond their 60 seconds.
    I dont know why Ron Paul supporters in the audience do not stand and demand Ron Paul be asked questions.
    CBS is disgusting, inept, a bag of poop.

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