Donald Trump Plays The Race Card So Hard He Nearly Breaks His Hand

First off, this headline is hyperbole in the sense that I assume Mr. Trump’s hand is doing just fine.  It is not, however, hyperbole in the sense of The Donald playing the race card.  Watch this video below as he says that Jon Stewart “probably should” be taken off the air for some comments that Trump believes to be racist.




What do you guys think?  Is The Donald’s hair piece too tight?  Or does he have a point?  For context, you can find the Jon Stewart video he’s talking about right here.

Let us know in the comments below.  Or maybe you can go by Trump’s office and tell him yourself.  It’s not like he seems to be busy or anything.

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One Comment

  1. Trump is going nuts on this one. And yes he’s playing the race card, but it don’t sou d genuine.

    Where was Trump when Cain called blacks brainwashed?
    Where was Trump when Cain preached the electrocution of Mexicsns?

    Btw, Cain claimed the electric fence was a joke. Oh.. I forgot… Jokes are done by comedians.. Ah… Wait, Cain is runni g for Comander in Chief… Or is it comedian in chief? He needs to make up his mind.

    Point I’m making is this – Cain is allowed to make a joke, but all of sudden a real comedian like Stewart is asked to get the boot for cracking jokes.

  2. I saw the video, and the “kidnapping the Lindbergh baby” thing was not racist at all. I don’t know why Trump went there.

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