Barney Frank to Leave the House

Barney Frank dares GOP to raise the debt ceilingIn a press conference at 1pm EST, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) is going to announce why he will not seek re-seek his seat in the House of Representatives during the 2012 election.

After 32 years in Congress, the colorful, often bombastic and caustic Representative from Massachusetts will call it quits.

The openly-gay Congressman is a promoter of gay rights and a co-sponsor of the contentious Dodd-Frank financial reform act that is often cited as a major hinderence to the economic recovery in the United States.

Massachusetts was already set to lose one seat due to Congressional re-districting and this could cost the firmly blue state a seat that was all but guaranteed.

No comment was immediately available from the Congressman’s office and his spokesman would only say that the reason for Rep. Frank’s decision to leave Congress would be obvious at 1pm.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. And no, Barney, we will not shed a tear when you leave. As a matter of fact we will send up a cheer that will be heard from Washington to Boston that you have finally left where you didn’t belong to begin with.

    It seems that at first many of these so-called Democrats were meaning good when they got to office, but for a openly homosexual to take office, I can tell you that his election and all those afterward were because he was a queer, not that he was doing any good for the country. When is there going to be a time in this country when you have to be a moral, conservative but of no party, and Christian but not a member any place in particular in order to be elected to the office of the Congress, or the Senate? Or even more importantly to the office of the President.

    And I’ll tell you one *od Damned thing, I don’t care what I have to do, I will not tolerate either party to allow another Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Nazi, or Mulism terrorist or not, and I will not allow another Muslim to take any office let alone take their office by placing their hand on the damned Koran instead of the Holy Bible!!! When I say “I will not tolerate…”, “I will not allow…” I don’t mean like I think I’m somebody, but I will not be afraid to call the FBI and scream at them over the phone to get off their dead butts and do their damned job like they still have time to do, but will they??? They are so dispicable, and worthless if they will continue to allow a man who could not pass one of their background checks. If a man won’t pass a background check and is running for President, what the hell is he still in office for???!!! It’s because we are all being played for suckers by the FBI, CIA and all of these worthless bums, SUCKERS!!!

    It’s just like Barney Frank who IS responsible for all the damage that has taken place to this country, because of his lying to a Congressional investigation committee about the condition of Freddie/Fannie. And it’s like Eric Holder who is guilty of selling fully automatic M-16’s and AK-47’s, illegally to the Mexican drug cartel members in Mexico for political purposes of his and Obama’s make up. Obama wanted to fake proving that it was American gun dealers who were supplying the Mexican drug cartel with the 90% of the guns that are found on the border between Mexico and America that Obama and Calderon claimed there to be to our Congress during Obama’s State of the Union Address earlier this year.

    He lied, just like Barney Frank lied to the the investigation committee, which is a Federal offence. I believe that Frank needs to be arrested for the crimes he has committed. Also to, Barney Frank is a member of the Socialist Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party like he lied to his constituents that he was!!!

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