Who Will Win Tonight's GOP Debate? Vote here!

As announced here, the Washington Post-Bloomberg GOP Presidential debate will be held in Hanover, New Hampshire tonight at 8:00 pm EST. Who do you think will win the debate? Let’s see just how well our CDN readers and true conservatives across America can predict the winner. Please pass this around to your friends and fellow conservatives.








Who did most think would win the debate? [poll id=”29″ type=”result”]


And who do you know believe WON the debate:

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

    1. Wins what the award for who is the person who lied the most, and who is the person most suited to continue the tyranny of The Man. HE WAS THE MAN for 5 yrs. plz look up some stuff dont just listen to him talk on MASS MEDIA TV broadcasts. RON PAUL IS THE WINNER AND ALWAYS WAS

  1. Wins what the award for who is the person who lied the most, and who is the person most suited to continue the tyranny of The Man. HE WAS THE MAN for 5 yrs. plz look up some stuff dont just listen to him talk on MASS MEDIA TV broadcasts. RON PAUL IS THE WINNER AND ALWAYS WAS

    1. I know a thing or two about Herman Cain i have listened to Cain on the radio for years. What good have you heard about Cain in the main stream media? I think you need to do your research

  2. Ron Paul is the only one who doesn’t want to continue the Status Quo.
    If Americans are gullible enough to vote for BIG establishment candidates like Ex-Former Boss of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, Hermain Cain, then they deserve to lose their country.

    Here in Canada, we love Ron Paul. End the Fed is the only solution for all countries of this world if we want a to have afuture. Otherwise, this criminal Cartel of International Banksters, will establish their tyranical and unelected NWO. Every country on this planet will lose ther sovereinghty. Ron Paul is the only hope for the World.

    Ron Paul 2012

    1. Herman Cain wants to abolish the current tax system. His plan would decimate the IRS. I’m not sure how that equates with “establishment.”

      1. Then you’re either naive or complicit in more corrupt big government. Hermain Cain, (still beholden to the criminal Fed) is following orders and basically ADDING a NEW tax, the sales tax, as an extra money conduit to the government. To suggest that NEW revenue stream will not be augmented is patently absurd.
        What did Cain say last night? “As president, I will simply veto any bill that aims to increase that new tax.”
        And Ron Paul’s mike picked up his mutter “You won’t be president forever…”
        It’s a CON. It’s just MORE theft and MORE plundering from our national wealth disguised as a “bold new plan”. It’s garbage; it’s a another BANKSTER CRIME.
        Voting for the 999 is voting for an EXTRA corrupt govt tax, the sales tax.

        1. That’s simply not true.

          EVERY tax is eliminated and there will only be 3 taxes that everyone will have to pay, thus eliminating the class warfare that permeates the Democrats and moderate Republicans. No special treatments, no loopholes, just three flat taxes.

          1. Just because a criminal collaborator “says” I’m wrong unfortunately doesn’t make it so. Here is why: Cain isn’t getting rid of the income tax at all, he’s “fixing it”. How? By ADDING a national sales tax, because if he removes the income tax, the calculated revenue on the sales tax would raise ITSELF to MUCH more than 9% to, in fact, EQUAL the amount we currently pay with the income tax. In other words: you’re exchanging the income tax for for the SAME tax on EVERYTHING you pay for, not just income and payroll tax. History backs that up by showing the FAIR TAX never been implemented, because folks DON’T want to contribute 20-25-30% tax on everything they pay for.
            So basically, sure, LOWERING the flat and business taxes to 9% seem appealing at first, the ADDITION of ANOTHER 9% sales tax however not only brings us back to where we were but gives our criminal government an EXTRA revenue stream, from 2 to 3, even if the 3rd “appears” insignificant, it sure as heck is not. This is “incrementalism”, just like Ron Paul is warning everyone about, a foot in the door backed by a solemn, solemn promise that our banking govt, criminals that they are, will NEVER raise that tax. …Yeah, right. Hello?
            This incrementalism OPENS THE DOOR for an ADDED VALUE TAX, allowing our banking govt to collect further payments on EVERY LEVEL of manufacturing and production in this country, which is what they want, to weaken our workforce if not send them overseas, limit jobs and job hirings, and safeguard their OWN corporate interests at the expense of new and innovative production, such as free energy for example and/or total independence from fossil fuel importation.
            The 999 tax is a but criminal enterprise from a Federal Reserve AGENT merely DISGUISED as “simple, fair, and efficient”.
            It’s snake oil. Anyone who backs it is either completely ignorant of tax law or complicit in the financial crimes being wreaked upon this country.
            For the love of your country, People, educate yourselves.

  3. How do you beat Obama? With a CAIN!
    Ron Paul will never get elected to the presidency. Ever. He has some good ideas, but would be better placed as the next Fed chairman. He has neither the stature nor temperament of Andrew Jackson, the last president who had similar goals.
    Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s “turn 9-9-9- upside down” quip was a bit cheap.
    Dear Gov. Huntsman, Nobody knows who you are. Stop wasting oxygen on the debate stage. Thanks.
    Gov. Romney’s 59-point plan belongs on a shelf next to Obama[Romney]care. The legislation necessary to put it in action would amount to a stack of paper almost as large. His sole appeal is that he as Reaganesque hair.
    Governor Perry, enjoy Texas.
    Will someone give Sen. Santorum a Xanax?

      1. Well, I don’t really pay attention to them or the other two cable-news channels, so how about you quote what it is Fox and I are saying that is the same.

  4. “Ron Paul will never get elected to the presidency.” Ryan Craig

    Keep repeating the MSM mantra like a good little perrot. Can’t you see they are afraid of him? Sure he can win, he is the best man out there and he wins almost every polls.

    Cain is a Federal Reserve Bank operative that will bankrupt your country, like the FED are already bankrupting every countries in the world. If you ever elect this bandit, you will soon miss your kenyan illegal President. You can be sure of that.

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