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Taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch released their findings on Michelle Obama’s Africa trip earlier this year. Most of us have already heard about the trip that she took at taxpayer’s expense, but there is some new information you might find interesting. Malia and Sasha were listed on the manifest as “senior staff”. Since when did children qualify as “senior staff”? 

If Malia and Sasha qualify as senior staff,  and are able to take trips at taxpayer’s expense, have they paid the taxes due he IRS as taxable income? If we dig deep enough will we find that the girls are getting a regular salary- paid for by us as well? If so, how much?

Michelle not only took her daughters with her on this trip, but she also took her mother, niece, nephew, makeup artist and hair stylist. All in all there were 21 passengers on board. The expense record for the trip also lists $928.44 for “bulk food” for the flight. That is almost 1/3 of the average homes annual grocery bill.

While many Americans struggle to keep their families fed, the Obamas are using our hard earned money to take family safari trips.  Yes, the Africa trip ended with a safari. All of this at an expense of nearly half a million dollars that We The People paid for.

Obama stated during his run for president that his would be a transparent administration. If this administration is so transparent, why did Judicial Watch have to file a  lawsuit to get the records released? Why not just release the information when it was first requested? So much for transparency.

There is a way that you and all Americans can help solve the problem of excessive spending by the modern day Marie Antoinette. Get out and vote Barry and Michelle out in November 2012.

Source: Judicial Watch

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    1. Thanks DJ. I pray that everyone (or at least the majority) does not drink the Obama Kool-aid this time around. They are doing their best to destroy our country and we must all stand up and take it back.

  1. Hello Ben’

    I agree with you, Obama and the Liberals, Socialists and Media have now been shown to want to collapse our country by overwhelming the government programs which is taught in the Saul Alinsky book rules for radicals. There will be only two types of voters in the upcoming elections, True American Patriots who love this country and the freedom it has against the melting pot of Radical community organizers and fake Democrats, all begging to be allowed to steal other people’s hard earned wealth under the “guise” of progress. It is basically Americans vs. Stealth Communism in 2012. I know which side I,m on.

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