Obama-Emperor Less Than Zero’s Open Deceit

The current White House occupant is spending taxpayer money (again) flying around the country going to fundraisers (again) extrapolating on his 2012 re-election strategy to blame Republicans for the failure of policies implemented by himself, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (again). Now he’s going around a “do nothing Congress” (see the U.S. Senate, controlled by “progressive” Democrats) via Executive Order (again).

Never mind that when emperor less than zero was a State and/or U.S. Senator, ruling by decree was a gianormous NO NO. Now that he (a self imagined and self appointed member of the intellectual elite) is in charge instead of that dumb cowboy from Texas, it’s suddenly OK to circumvent the U.S. Constitution and rule by executive fiat ( 97 and counting as of October 6, 2011).

Hey “emperor”, this isn’t the Kenyan banana republic from your father’s dreams. This is the United States of America. While it’s painfully obvious to anyone who’s paying attention that the only reason a devout Communist like yourself studied the Constitution was to figure out how to work around it, you might want to re-read it. If you do, be sure to notice that the document begins with the words “We The People”, not Me The President. You seem to have somehow missed that tiny little detail. Congress writes the laws. The Executive Branch executes them. Or is that just too simple for your brilliant mind?

Emperor less than zero’s open deceit is, shall we say, “less than presidential”?

Take heart America. November 2012 rapidly approaches. While it’s true that we must take nothing for granted, the 2010 mid-term election results give reason for optimism. With the exception of fringe extremists in “progressive” States, the Tea Party (formerly known as the Silent Majority) outnumbers and surrounds the radicals. As long as We The People stick together, emperor less than zero is going down.

Voting this openly anti-American dictator wannabe out of office is your Patriotic duty.

In the words of a Democratic President elected before “progressives” co-opted his Party: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”


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