Lawrence O'Donnell: What A Dirtbag

If you haven’t heard about the interview Herman Cain did with Lawrence O’Donnell on Thursday night by now, I’m sure you will pretty soon.  It was one of the worst things I’ve seen on cable news in recent memory.  It might even be the worst thing I’ve seen on cable news, period.  It’s hard to rank these things, but I’m pretty sure this is "top 10" material.

The interview, in question, was pretty lengthy, as MSNBC has it broken up into three parts.  You can see them here, here, and here.

Now, I know many of you don’t expect outstanding journalism from MSNBC, and for the most part, I don’t either, but… This was pretty bad.  In part one of the interview, Lawrence O’Donnell chastises Herman Cain for not being more involved with the Civil Rights movement.  He actually gives Cain a hard time, because Cain said he sat in the back of the bus, so he wouldn’t get in trouble.  Keep in mind that Herman Cain is a man who got his Masters Degree and has been very successful in many industries; Cain is not wired to be a "trouble maker".  That wasn’t good enough for O’Donnell.  The MSNBC anchor pushed him and implied that progress in the Civil Rights movement would have never been made, if all of the black people just sat in the back of the bus.  It was a very awkward and terrible segment.  It’s actually what I was going to write about at first…..  But then I saw part two of the interview, and what I saw upset me so much that I stopped watching and began writing the words you’re looking at right now.

The subject was Herman Cain’s service to this country during the Viet Nam War.  The short story is this:  Herman Cain went to college (got a masters degree, even) and worked for the Department of the Navy doing analysis that helped with ballistic weapons.  Lawrence O’Donnell then went on to accuse Herman Cain of being a draft dodger, because he didn’t VOLUNTEER to go.  (Cain was actually available for the draft, but his number was never called)  Here’s some of their conversation below:

Lawrence: Can you explain how you avoided military service during the Viet Nam War and during the draft and why you should be Commander in Chief if you did successfully avoid military service during the war that came during what would have been your war years?  After avoiding the Viet Nam war, why should you be Commander in Chief?

Cain:  Now, your choice of words… "How did I avoid the Viet Nam War?"  I wasn’t trying to avoid the Viet Nam War.  Here’s what happened, Lawrence…  I was working in a critical area called "exterior ballistics".  I worked on something called the "rocket assisted projectile" for the department of the Navy.

Cain then went on to say:

Cain:  …When they had the (draft) lottery, I made myself available.  The year that they had the lottery for the draft, they did not draft me, because they did not get to my number.  So I think that’s a poor choice of words on your part to say that "I avoided the Viet Nam War".

Lawrence:  I am offended on behalf of all of the veterans of the VIet Nam War who joined, Mr. Cain.  The veterans who did not wait to be drafted, like John Kerry, who joined.  They didn’t sit there and wait to find out what their draft board was gonna do.  They had the courage to join and to go and fight that war.  What prevented you from joining, and what gives you the feeling that after having made that choice, you should be the Commander in Chief?

Alright… Let me get my snarky thought out of the way first.  Mr. O’donnell, what made Barack Obama think he should be the Commander in Chief?  Was it all of the flyers he stapled to telephone poles on the south side of Chicago?  Was it his church that said we "deserved 9/11 to happen to us"?  Was it his wife who had never been proud of America?  What, Mr. O’Donnell, made our current president think he "should be Commander in Chief"?

Secondly, I rarely pull the military card, but I have served this nation honorably, and I can tell you things that might not be common knowledge.  Herman Cain might not have gone off to the Viet Nam War to go live what has been described by many to be hell, but he did do work that helped make life less of a hell for the service members who did go.  He stayed in the United States and helped the military develop artillery.  When I was in the service, I cannot tell you how thankful I was to civil servants and contractors who made our weapons for us. 

See, I don’t know if many people realize it or not, but our warriors don’t work in the factories that make the many weapon systems that we use, and they don’t design them either.  They may have input on what ends up being developed, but it is civilians who bust their humps here in the United States that actually provide us with the tools that we need.  Herman Cain was providing those tools.  It is asinine to say that Herman Cain did not serve during the Viet Nam War.  He was helping develop weapons systems while he was in the draft pool.  The man didn’t "dodge" anything, and he did more to serve this country than President Obama ever chose to do.

That segment of the interview was infuriating for me to watch.  It was honestly one of the most disrespectful and least truthful things I have seen a supposed journalist do.  Herman Cain helped work on the weapons that service members were using to fight the war.  You don’t have to stand on the front line to play a part in winning the war, and again, Cain has done more to serve this country than President Obama ever thought to do.  He’s created more jobs too, but that’s beside the point.

Before I go, I thought you might like to see an example of what "rocket assisted projectiles" does.  Maybe this will give you an idea of why I said service members would find what Cain did to be helpful.  Click here, and enjoy.

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One Comment

  1. I have one question for the 24/7 Obama-ass-sucking Lawrence O’Donnell: What part of the branch did Barack Obama volunteer for again? What unit in Iraq or Afghanistan did Obama serve in again? What part of the private sector was Obama actually a success in, or even so much as worked for a living in his entire life? How disgustingly pathetic it is for this clown to bash Herman Cain this way. Of course it is MSNBC who’s ratings lately are almost as low as Oprah’s Network’s collossal failure.

    Pardon the somewhat stiff analogy here, but just like AiPolitics, this B/S infuriates me to now end.

  2. I’m sharing this as vet who volunteered, earned accelerated promotions, the “good behavior” decoration and honorable discharge, blah, blah, blah.

    I agree: I think that was a poor choice of words on O’donnell’s part. I think Lawrence’s personal expectation concerning young people who are not drafted, during a draft, to volunteer in order to “prove” something about themselves… is absurd in general. Being publicly and specifically critical of Cain’s choice in that is more absurd. But we know too that’s how these entertainment channels pretending to be news are in there very nature. I think of Fox News as I do the National Enquirer at the grocery check out… it sure looks and feels like a newspaper but at least “most” of us understand it’s substance is entertainment vs. news. It’s a biased sensationalism some do have an appetite for. Those “newspapers” would not be at the checkout if not.

    You shared in your article above of Cain’s description of himself historically as it related his choices:

    1.) “Cain said he sat in the back of the bus, so he wouldn’t get in trouble.”

    and in your article’s praise of present-day Cain, you summarized him in this way:

    2.) “…Cain is not wired to be a ‘trouble maker’.”

    That’s worth addressing too. I’m not clear why for you it was “awkward” or not okay for O’donnell to inquire and address any perspective a presidential candidate shared on the topic of civil rights, a common public policy issue. In Cain’s particular situation, Cain’s book raises the topic of his own civil rights demonstration non-participation. Cain wrote that he did not participate in the Civil Rights movement himself…this despite Cain being in college 1963-1967 at the height of the college protests staged by African-Americans. Odonnell’s question was not merely appropriate but irresponsible-crazy “not to ask.” I think Cain did a poor job as answering it. Seems that Cain’s response in the interview, that he “was in high school at the time” did not anticipate that O’Donnell would be equipped with Cain’s college years registration information. After that slip, Cain quickly set up what appeared to be a “hypothetical situation” wherein someone family might have been sick, needed care, etc. and he needed to stay out of trouble. A O’Donnel then pointed out, Cain’s book did not go into any such hypothetical situations… it basically said he did not participate and sat in the back of the bus because he wanted to stay out of trouble.

    Not sure if you can see where I am leading this. I want a President “willing to get into trouble” to protect the individual rights of American people. From O’donnell’s interview…I know I need to watch this guy more closely on individual rights. I thought Ron Paul was about individual rights but after paying closer attention… his response on questions of individual rights always somehow land in “states rights.” (?) I think the guy is more anti-federalist than he is pro individual rights.

    I also believe “avoiding” discussing the topic of race and racism, at least until racism no longer exists in this society, makes no sense. That’s why I’ve respectfully replied as I have here.

    1. Anon,
      It seems that your voicing a paradox for Cain pursued an individual path to his success. He did not follow the path of typical blacks that label him as Uncle Tom’s. Meanwhile, he has taken a different path than Barrack Obama who we do not know where he was during this time.

      Throughout most of your posts on this site, you advocate everything for the collective to gather for no reason and this is the first time you have advocated for individual rights. Herman Cain took a individual path unlike the masses (i.e. Collective). It seems that you advocate that someone must do as the collective to protect individual rights.

      1. Brian,

        To your comment surrounding the whereabouts of Obama in 1963, he was 2 yrs old with his mother who was attending the University of Hawaii. For the sake of staying on point for this exchange let’s assume everybody is telling truth in their autobiographies (?)

        Presidential enforcement of the Civil Rights Acts (rights to individuals) is a larger public policy issue of concern to the entire Collective. I want to understand the positions of individual candidates on social issues like racial equality. I did not test or celebrate Cain’s right or his wisdom to make the choices he did in playing a “non-role” in civil rights protests. I can pass no judgement on that. I do however want to understand “why” he would make the “counter-intuitive” choice he did, given who he is. He choose explaining is lack of support for civil rights protests as “not wanting to get into trouble.” He had opportunity to offer any explanation. That explanation shines some light onto the man’s motivations as it relates to defending his rights as well as the rights of “other individuals” (in the Collective.) Hope that helps.

        1. As your means to an end is destruction and chaos so for you to not understand Herman Cains choice of direction…I can understand why you would not understand.

          As some would like to solve this through reform…yours is destruction.

  3. I know it is not presidential to return fire from somoeone like O’Donnell but if you look the same question could have been asked to lawrence, Why didn’t he dropout of Harvard to go to Vietnam, He was there until 1975 when he graduated but like all northeast liberals they are to good for this. I hope they keep this guy on forever he is the gift that keeps giving. America will have to make the choice soon his views of America or Mr. Cain. I know where I stand.

  4. Get a life “Rich”…. you rarely pull the “military” card…yet when it suits you (as on May 27, 2011) you’ll be happy to pull the “cancer” card, or the “accent” card on Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz…I’m proud of being an American…I’m proud of Lawrence O’Donnell…and I don’t own a gun or a fishin’ pole…duh..Nor am I dumb ass redneck…as you clearly are!

  5. As an attorney, a US war veteran and a pacifist I agree with the earlier comment, get a life “Rich” you two faced redneck…when it suits you…sure ridicule is fine…when it doesn’t….nope..just us plain folk…shootin’ our guns…

    You, Palin, Bachmann,Walker and Christie deserve each other….

    R.I.C.H. = Republican Idiot Causes Hemorrhoids

    R.I.C.H. = Repugnant Imbecile (who) Constantly Hacks

    1. Scott- Wow you are amazing, a lawyer, a war hero a pacifist and a liberal Obama-licking racist troll all rolled up in one. Congrats you fake dysfunctional liar.

    1. Lawrence O’Donnell is still an ass-sucking dirt-bag and a coward for attacking Cain like that. Oh yes, what branch of the service did O’Donnell serve in again? Fact is he hasn’t done squat with his life, unless you call drinking the Harvard kool-aid and writing for the the Harvard Lampoon an accomplishment. Just another big-mouth Liberal propagandist poser.

  6. Interesting, those with ridicule go by nom de gurre’s like “Hitman” or “DJ” where as those of us who aren’t afraid to voice our opinions directly, out loud and in public comment utilizing our own names…bravo Scott and Zoe…oh and “DJ” I don’t believe Scott siad he was a “war hero” he simply said veteran…where did you serve may I ask?

  7. Based on his interview with GOP supernova Herman Cain, a cynical person might think that MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell is trying to push the upstart candidate over the finish line for the Republican presidential nomination.

    If being attacked by a liberal is throwing gasoline on a fire to the conservative base, O’Donnell just threw liquid oxygen on that gasoline.

    Let me start by saying this: I like Lawrence O’Donnell, and not just for his contribution to the ultimate liberal television show, The West Wing.

    O’Donnell is part of a new breed of liberal commentator who doesn’t talk himself into a corner, and viewers into a coma.

    He takes strong positions, and expresses them with aggression and clarity.

    I also don’t like Herman Cain, for a variety of good reasons, some of which O’Donnell touched on in his interview.

    His victory in the GOP primary race would be great for America, as it would keep a the Republican party, hell-bent on fundamentally crippling the government’s ability to govern, out of the White House for at least four more years.

    So please, we’re begging you tight assed ReUglican’s, split your lame votes between Cain, Christie, Romney, Perry, Bachmann and Cain…or all vote for one…no matter Obama is the clear winner again!

    Long live Barack Hussein Obama..the finest President since James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr.

  8. Lawrence O’Donnell is a typical liberal, lying, manipulating, disgusting P-O-S. He is a disgrace as a journalist and a disgrace to true Americans. To label him a dirtbag is offensive to both the dirt and the bag.

  9. I must state unequivocally, I agree with Scott, Zoe and Timothy…and disagree with those afraid to use their names (“Bossman” and “DJ” …BTW, you sure that isn’t BJ?)

    On Lawrence O’Donnell:

    There’s a lot I could say regarding the back-and-forth interview Thursday night between Lawrence O’Donnell and Herman Cain.

    A lot.

    But I’ll focus on one thing: O‘Donnell’s smug accusations that Cain sat on the “sidelines” during the Civil Rights Movement and Cain’s response.

    Oh boy — here we go.

    (Shock poll: Cain beating Romney, Obama)

    Let‘s start with Mediaite’s explanation of the exchange:

    O’Donnell and Cain talked about so much more, as well, from a passage in Cain’s book where he describes “staying out of trouble” rather than directly participate in the civil rights movement, to Cain’s military service.

    O’Donnell, in fact, openly admonished Cain for his lack of participation in the movement — which, obviously, did not sit well with Cain one bit. “Did you expect every black student and every black college in America to be out there in the middle of every fight?

    The answer is no.”

    That’s a good start.

    But there’s also plenty of of other quotes to work in.

    Like this one from O’Donnell:

    “Mr. Cain, in fact you were in college from 1963 to 1967, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, exactly when the most important demonstrations and protests were going on.

    You could easily, as a student at Morehouse [College]…actively participated in the kinds of protests that got African-Americans the rights they enjoy today.

    You watched from that perspective at Morehouse when you were not participating in those processes…black college students form around the country and white college students from around the country come to the South and be murdered fighting for the right of African-Americans.

    Do you regret sitting on those sidelines at that time?”

    So now Cain is “our Candidate” according to Repugnanticans..“our candidates”?

    Cain is a former federal reserve chairman and advocates keeping the federal reserve and continuing the FIAT money system!

    This is 50% of the reason we are in this mess.

    The other 50% is the progressive income tax.

    Starve the beast and end slavery through debt currency.

    He may, sadly, be YOUR candidate but he sure as hell isn’t mine.

    Long live the Democratic Party, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and the man of the hour, Barack Obama,

  10. On Washington Journal (C-Span) this morning a Millionaire was asked about the Cain 999 idea.

    He was talking to students at a high school in Lawrence, Nebraska.

    He made it VERY plain that Cain’s plan would be VERY EASY on his income level while putting minimum wage – or lower end earners – at a HUGE disadvantage.

    I agree.

    If someone who has to spend every penny of their income on food, medical, rent, etc. then they would be paying far more in taxes – and left with zero money to work with, while the wealthy would still have ‘multiple Hundreds of Thousands of dollars’ left after spending on exactly the same things (daily expenses).

    Does anyone here REALLY feel that would be fair to those at the low end of the income ladder??

    9% of $30,000 = $2700, leaving that family with $27,300 for a family of four.

    9% of $1,000,000 = $90,000 leaving that family with $910,000 for the family.

    Now take another 9% sales tax on that $27,300 would leave that family with $24,570 to feed, house, clothe, educate, buy health insurance, heat the home, operate an auto to get back and forth to work and ALL other expenses!!

    OK, now take 9% sales tax on (lets say the millionaire spends every penny of his $910,000 for the very same things), that 9% would still only total $81,900. So the high wage earner can actually claim $828,100 to use for all expenses.

    Having $828,100 for every Million of income seems to me much easier to work with than the $24,570 for the low wage earner.

    Clearly these Republican’s are IDIOTS (Ideological Douche Imbeciles Offering Tedious Shit)…

    I’m with Lawrence, Zoe, Timothy, Scott, and Jonathan….

  11. Why is it that every Democrat or Liberal is not afraid to post their names but every Republican is?

    And you’re the ones all claiming BS about your “guns”

    Embarrassing for you…eh?

    1. Patrick,

      I’m a Tea Party protester who wearing a Native American disguise: “Donning disguises that made them look like they were Native Americans, a large group of the Sons of Liberty on December 16 stormed aboard those three unsuspecting British ships and dumped 342 crates full of tea overboard.”

      I cannot trust a number of the conservative characters around here. These people are like 13 year old teenagers experimenting with swear words, regularly using descriptors like “ass-licking libtards.” What they’re doing here is something apart from healthy exchange of communication and information. I have no interest in providing any personal information about myself into a venue that does not care about policing itself.

  12. Palin….Trump…Bachmann…Romney…Perry…Cain…Christie…Walker…and you call us ass licking?

    Shheeessshh….Put ’em all together and you might get 1/2 of Obama’s Cerebrum!


  13. Hey DJ, you f”ing genius…1/2 of 1% of all Americans so action in Afghanistan or Iraq…again..that’s 1/2of 1%…

    How can you possibly comment “This BS infuriates me”


    Because you we’re lame enough to go?

    Those of us who are pacifists, atheists and pecae lovers all agree…

    Ours is the courageous choice…

    Any asswipe can take “orders”

    Didn’t you ever see the Bill Murray/harold Ramis movie stripes?

    Lemme guess, these are your “heros?”


    1-2-3-4 I love Marine Corps!

  14. Palin….Trump…Bachmann…Romney…Perry…Cain…Christie…Walker…and you call us ass licking?

    Shheeessshh….Put ‘em all together and you might get 1/2 of Obama’s Cerebrum!


    Please Michelle “my eyes are staring through GOD into your soul ” Bachmann…

    Please run, we/re begging you…


    It’ll be the largest landslide victory since Johnson (a Democrat) over Goldwater:

    Lyndon Johnson’s 61.1% to Barry Goldwater’s 38.5% in the 1964 presidential election…

    Second is Roosevelt (again, a Democrat, is anyone else besides me noticing a pattern here?) over Landon:

    Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 60.8% to Alf Landon’s 36.5% in the 1936 presidential election

    Mo wonder your all so angry and carry guns…

    I’d be pissed off too if I lost 61-39 ouucchhh…


  15. Thank you Lawrence for telling it like it is. The 99% movement stands behind you 100% for taking these lying right wing extremists to task. They are all phonies and lying through their teeth. They are funded by the Koch brothers. They do not care about the middle class, the poor and the disabled. They want to give tax breaks to the rich and big corporations, screw the middle class, ruin the economy, pollute our water and air. Thanks again Lawrence for having the balls to call these bastards out. If only the American people were paying attention.

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