Impeachment or Nullification?

Mr. Brown,

I read your item of October 4, 2011, calling for the impeachment of Barak Obama for a variety of either criminal or unethical conduct. I agree that the case you lay out calls for not only the immediate removal, but the prosecution of the whole lot of them on many charges in many categories. I just disagree with your approach. I believe it is doomed to failure. I admire your patriotism and your passion but believe it to be misdirected. I don’t want you to take this letter as criticism because it is absolutely not written as criticism. My intent is to make this country a better and safer place to live. I would like to see your talents and passion be put to work in what I believe to be a better opportunity for success in our common goal.

In the first place, the Democrats will tie up any impeachment proceedings until after the next election at least. Democrats will fight as dirty as necessary and racism will be the word of the day. I don’t believe John Boehner or Mitch McConnell will allow it to even get started. Then if/when it finally does get through the House, it dies a quick death in the Senate because McConnell certainly isn’t going to jump on your team. I agree Obama and his cartel of evil need to be removed but there is a better way to accomplish this task. Much mirth has been made about the question the “birthers” keep harping on. The truly funny, or maybe ironic, thing is that the birth certificate issue is quietly working its way through the courts and we are winning. Orly Taitz has long been a proponent of the nullification of the Obama regime through the Constitution, The Federalist Papers, The Naturalization Act of 1790, and an 1875 Supreme Court decision, Minor vs. Heppersett (88 US 162) that upheld the eligibility provision.

The problem in the past few years has been that courts threw out the cases on the grounds that the filer had no personal vested interest in the issue, that they would not be directly harmed in any way by the issue so they could not bring legal action forward. Then a unique man steps forward. John Dummett is not interested in playing political games and mincing words about what he says. No more “definition of what is is” claptrap from the Oval Office. He is a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. He is recognized by the Federal Election Commission, and on the ballots in all 50 states.

He is also ignored by the main stream media, including the co-called “conservative” media. John is willing to take on the true issue here, the eligibility of Barak Obama to be president. The birth certificate Obama released is a very poor fake. I can see it and I am not a computer forensics expert. Not one of the Republican Party political machine candidates will touch the issue. No one in the Republican Party will speak up and tell the truth because they are afraid of the attacks. John Dummett is a patriot not a politician. John Dummett, Orly Taitz and a few others have stepped up big time to put a stop to the most evil people to ever control our nation. I hope that you will use your forum to help this issue, and help those fighting this battle.

I am not being critical of your efforts, I applaud them. I believe you are doing your best for your nation but I also look at the practicality of the matter. If Obama is impeached and removed from office, in the next 13 months, then you will have succeeded to a point. If Obama is impeached he could be removed from office. If that succeeds what do you have? Obama gone and all of his orders, rules, everything he has signed remains on the books, left to be fought over again in order to rescind them.

On the other hand, John Dummett and Orly Taitz , on the behalf of We the People, have much more to win. John has been given “in dicta” standing as a person that could be harmed by the Obama candidacy for president. If he has to run against an incumbent who has an estimated $1 billion for re-election and the free flow of taxpayer money to facilitate his expenses, and who is not eligible to run in the first place, John will be directly harmed. That is the layman’s explanation of “in dicta”. John has been given the legal standing to bring suit in federal court against Obama. No one has ever been able to do this before. The biggest difference in impeachment vs. nullification is that nullification nullifies everything Obama did during his term. It nullifies Executive Orders, czar appointments, Obamacare, everything. All laws, bills, regulations, etc. put in by the Obama administration are voided by nullification but left in place by impeachment.

This court battle will also prove that every sitting member of Congress has violated their oath of office in their lack of vetting of Obama and   in doing nothing about this issue in the 111th and 112th Congresses as they have been aware of this Constitutional Crisis from the beginning. There are even ramifications with SCOTUS in their collusion to withhold from the people “redress of grievances” in this matter. The outcome of this court battle will have repercussions that will resound through DC. Impeachment will do nothing to curb the corruption within DC. John is serious about the matter. He is also serious about his run for the nomination of the Republican Party for President. Our nation needs patriots in Washington D. C.

We have had 100 years of Ivy League lawyer career politicians running things and they have made a mess of everything. As long as we rely on people like Romney, Perry, Gingrich, et al to counter people like Obama we will get the same results we have with Obama, though to a lesser degree of “in your face” attitudes. We the People are looking for something else. We are looking for honesty, integrity, and someone willing to stand on the Constitution not just give it lip service. Nullification based on Obama’s birth certificate is the only way to completely erase the Obama abuse of the Constitution and our laws. It won’t bring the economy and stolen money back but it will erase the edicts and abuse that impeachment won’t erase.

I am including the website for the court case and John’s candidate site. I hope you will check out both sites and get to know John. He is worth your time. Even if you won’t support him will you give him the same coverage you give others? Will you at least introduce WE the People to John? Will you help them raise money to keep this legal action going? They have attorneys who are working for free but they need court costs and other expenses covered. I hope you will see my point and throw your weight into the nullification process also. You can be a great asset to your nation. You have a widespread and influential forum. You can bring this into the sunlight and force others to acknowledge the issue. You can do with the “birther” issue what Andrew Breitbart did with the ACORN issue. You can be on the cutting edge of a real and positive change in America. I truly believe this is the only course to turn this evil back. Your help would be appreciated very much by John, Orly, and the others.

But bigger than that is the gratitude of We the People. The every day commoner like me needs people like you to fight our public battles for us. My voice is through people like you who are willing to help give the voice of the common man a public forum and stand for God, the Constitution, and We the People. I am also forwarding an e-mail statement from John under separate cover.

Please take a few minutes to check out these sites: Hold control key while click to open.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

In God We Trust,

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

October 4, 2011

Floyd Brown was trained as an economist and writes on investing and politics for the San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Times,, Townhall, and Human Events, among other publications. He began his political interest as a student volunteer for Ronald Reagan and has served in many Republican campaigns since then, including Bush, Forbes, and Dole. He was the Executive Director of the Young America’s Foundation from 2001-2006. He is the current President of The Western Center for Journalism, training “citizen journalists” in the use of internet tools and online video creation.

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One Comment

  1. This is certainly food for thought. I have been hoping for impeachment before things got worse.
    This would be a swift end to a blot on our political system and would clean the slate of the
    leftist efforts to “change” us into another Socialist Failure Nation led by elitist forces on the left.
    I must ask however, what is the alternative if nullification does not work? What are the possible
    pitfalls of taking this route?


  3. Seems to me that this is easy enough. The hypothetical maze of “what if” outcomes you’ve shared in your article hinges upon a very important fundamentally critical “fact” in it’s early framework and premise. If that fact were to be true, your entire argument makes sense as it relates to your opinion and argument. If however, the fact were to be false, the entire argument package for “this and that” is moot.

    You wrote: “The birth certificate Obama released is a very poor fake. I can see it and I am not a computer forensics expert. Not one of the Republican Party political machine candidates will touch the issue.”

    Are you suggesting that, based upon the observations of your unqualified eye, a verifying investigation undertaken by Donald Trump, after the Republican congressional investigations were already undertaken… was entirely inadequate as validation?

    Perhaps you believe Trump did not spend enough money or focus in his resolving the issue prior to his feeling satisfied the certificate is legitimate? This, to all reasonable minds, must also seems like a highly likely probability. Especially after seeing this video of Trump. In this video one can see that Trump does not have resources or resolve for anything as complex as validating the authenticity of a document:

  4. And what angers me to no end is all of the Republican’s and Democrats knew when Obama refused to turn over his records what they needed to do. None of them could get up the nerve to go to him and tell him that if he wanted to go any further he was going to have to turn over his records. But you know who was backing him right after Obama cleared the vetting process? Soros!! Because there for the first couple of months until Obama surfaced, Soros was backing Hillary Clinton. Then well into the start of campaigns and Hillary was picking up steam, suddenly Soros declared he was backing Obama and not her. It was then that Hillary faded some and had to rely on Bill to help her. Soros pulled a fast one on Hillary, but you never know, I’m sure he went to her and explained things to her and she said, what? What could she say?

    But whoever is on the committee that looks at all the records from the RNC and the DNC knew Obama was not a natural born citizen and just all agreed, or maybe were talked into, or possibly had their bank accounts filled to the brim with cash from Soros in case all of the Rep. and Dem’s had to leave the country.

    This is high crime of people who are supposed to be leading this nation. Oh, but they are. Right into the New World Order. And if there are still some of you out there who think that is just a conspiracy, look up this man, because he’s the one who started it all. His name is Maurice Strong. Maurice Strong is one of the most dangerous men in the world. Him and Soros are good friends and do high finance stuff together all the time, are both multibillionaires, bankers, financiers. Except Strong is deeply involved with the UN and runs all of the UN’s environmental programs because he’s the one who started them all. He’s the one who came up with “man made global warming” as a scam to shake nations down of all the money they can get out of them. Both Strong and Soros are Socialists/Marxists, and are heavy into destroying America’s monetary strength so that it can be taken over more easily and roll into the control of the UN.

    Now, go look him up and you will see what all this crap is and what is going on!! And why Obama.

    And who knows maybe this guy can do something to help us. Maybe he might be the one. Because we know all these other guys running for President are nothing more that more of the same as we’ve been getting. I have heard more and more from people who’ve said they are not ever voting for the “lesser of two evils” again. Because like someone said, ” When you vote for the lesser of two evil’s, you still end up with evil.”

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