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Chris Christie's Out…Who's In?

Ann Coulter may be disappointed, but New Jersey gets to keep its governor. Meanwhile, Republicans still must pick their Presidential candidate. Despite what the “progressive” Party Pravda (aka the mainstream media) tells you, there are more than two options.

Rick Perry’s been a fairly successful governor in a State that’s created a lot of jobs during today’s depression. Because of a business friendly political climate, lots of companies have relocated to Texas from States where economies are being destroyed by “progressive” policies. However, there’s more to consider. Thanks to a series of bumbling debate performances, Perry’s viability is increasingly in doubt. An insistence on defending his State’s immigration policies remains a liability. Border security is a major concern for most Americans. A taxpayer funded magnet of “free stuff” for illegal aliens doesn’t fly with Conservatives. Categorizing others as heartless for disagreeing with this position may not have been the best way for Perry to approach it.

Mitt Romney’s candidacy has not ignited passion, especially with grassroots Conservatives. The Tea Party sees him as a RINO. He’s the entrenched establishment’s (aka “progressives” in American clothing) ”next one in line” candidate. To the Tea Party, he’s yesterday’s news. Although he would love their support, the only way Romney will get Tea Parpty support is if he wins the nomination without it. There’s more than one albatross around his neck. The big one is romneycare. How can a former Governor who signed an individual mandate into law possibly champion the drive to repeal obamacare because it features an individual mandate? Then again, there’s that image of being a flip flopper fostered by his changing views on a variety of positions over the years. Sure, he worked successfully in the private sector. Yes, he turned the Olympics around financially. But, does he really know how to create jobs on main street? He’s corporate CEO kind of guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Gary Johnson has good ideas about cutting taxes and reducing spending. He understands that even if spending is cut, government can’t be trusted to apply the money to deficit reduction, that it’s more inclined to spend the money on wasteful projects. However, his foreign policy views and ideas on social issues will cost him dearly with Conservatives.

With Christies’ withdrawal, Jon Huntsman, who’s betting his entire candidacy on New Hampshire, might experience short term benefits there with moderates. However, his foreign policy positions have as much chance of attracting Republicans as do those of a better known candidate who also has no chance of winning the nomination.

Ron Paul has a remarkably devoted following, hence his strong fund raising abilities. He also has some good ideas vis a vis the domestic economy. But he disqualifies himself from being Commmander in Chief by virtue of his Code Pink like foreign policy views. Besides, does any Republican really want a President who’s openly teamed with Barney Frank in sponsoring legislation to legalize marijuana?

Michele Bachmann started out strong but has slowed. She’s stuck to her guns and maintained her bona fide Conservative positions, but a series of gaffes have taken their toll, having a negative impact on her funding raising. She remains in contention because she’s stood by her convictions, standing firm on national defense, support for Israel, denying taxpayer funded benefits to illegal aliens, defending parental rights, and leading the charge to defund obamacare and seeing that it’s repealed completely.

Newt Gingrich remains in the race primarily because he’s still churning out ideas, but his candidacy seems a long shot due to personal baggage. Yes, he cheated on his wife with an interm while attacking Bill Clinton for doing the same. Yes, that made him a hypocrite. But to Gingrich’s credit, where Clinton lied, creating the now famous phrase ”it depends on what your definition of is is”, Gingrich admitted to it and resigned. Gingrich can rightly claim that he knows how to balance the federal budget. In fact, he’s the only candidate of any political Party who can make that claim.

Rick Santorum is strongly Conservative on moral issues, which is fine, but is probably not the quickest pathway to victory in a fiscal election. He’s strong on foreign policy, Second Amendment Rights, and obamacare. However, for Santorum to gain traction with voters, he should refocus his campaign on fiscal matters, especially Joe Biden’s favorite three letter word: J-O-B-S.

Herman Cain is a strong fiscal and social Conservative. His 9-9-9 tax reform plan is revolutionary and could ignite private sector growth, something that’s badly needed. Cain’s been an outspoken opponent of national healthcare ever since Bill Clinton tried to introduce it in the 1990′s. While he shares the Libertarian view that America should not preemptively go into war, he falls short of crippling America’s defense capabilities by gutting defense spending. Herman Cain enjoys grassroots support because he’s a real grassroots American, born and raised in the south to a low income family that refused government handouts. He’s a prime example of the American “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” way of life. Best of all, he’s not a career politician.

Ann Coulter’s choice for the GOP nominations isn’t running…is yours?

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  1. There is no candidate there that I would call “my candidate.” I will say that among the current list of top candidates, the one I really do not want to be forced to vote for is… Romney.

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