Chris Christie's Official Presidential Announcement: It's Not My Time

Anyone who is involved in politics is anxiously awaiting a news conference schedule in less than half an hour.

The rumor mill has run amuck for many months now, asking the question:

Will he, or won’t he? Will Chris Christie run for President of The United States in the 2012 election?

The newly elected New Jersey Governor has caused quite a stir since being office. His straight-shooter attitude is what seems to attract many voters to him. He leaves little doubt where he stands on an issue, when it is being discussed. The atmosphere of American politics has become nothing more than "politics as usual" to many people. Governor Christie is a refreshing change from this "politics as usual" that we’ve become accustomed to.

Governor Christie has said repeatedly that he will not run for President in this election. He has even gone so far as to say it seems that committing suicide is the only way it appeared as though he could convince everyone that he was not going to run.

The chatter had started to die down, when, nearly two weeks ago, reports started coming out that he was reconsidering, and may, indeed, be running in the upcoming election. A few days later, while speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library, he once again said he would not be running in the election. One lady stood up in the audience and nearly pleaded with Governor Christie to reconsider his decision, saying, "Your country needs you."

The rumor mill has continued churning. Governor Christie’s brother has even gone on record to say that he will not be running. Yet, the rumors still have not stopped.

So today, in just a few moments, we should have the absolute, positive answer. Governor Christie is holding a press conference at 1pm EST to make the official announcement. There have already been leaked sources saying his answer is still the same: he will not run for President in the 2012 election. Now we wait…. for the official announcement! Again!

We will keep you updated!

1:03pm EST- Governor Christie did not leave the American people waiting any longer than he said he would. Appearing exactly on time, he has made it official- once again. He will not be running for President in the 2012 Election, stating, "It’s not my time."  He told the New Jersey citizens whether they liked it or not, they were stuck with him.

He went on to say that the deciding factor came down to the fact that, "it just did not feel right." He said it was not a family decision, and said that his wife, Mary Pat, was completely supportive of him running for President if that is what he wanted to do.

He said he is grateful to the American people for having confidence in him. 

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