"We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom" – Education or Hate?

We are just days away from the 10th anniversary of the day that changed America.

September 11, 2001, started off bright and beautiful for America, just as any other day. However, before the day really got started good, that bright and beautiful day turned into a very dark day.

Two thousand, eight hundred and nineteen people lost their lives that day. (The official figure as of 9/5/02): 2,819)

As each year passes, as a nation, we risk the very distinct possibility of losing the significance this day had on our nation. If you were not old enough to realize what was happening on that day, and the months that followed, you have a very different understanding of how it changed this nation.

For those who were old enough to realize the reality of what we saw on our televisions, there is no way time can erase the emotions that were experienced when those planes flew into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and crashed in the Shanksville, Pennsylvania field.

We’ve all heard the quote by poet and philosopher George Santayana:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

For those who do remember the past, the importance of educating those who do not remember the past is vital! Though they cannot remember, if we do not teach them what happened, we have no hope for the future.

Wayne Bell is someone who understands the importance of educating our children about the reality of what happened that fateful September morning almost ten years ago.

Mr. Bell is the publisher of Really Big Coloring Books, Inc., in St. Louis, Missouri. He has created a unique way to teach older children about the terrorist attacks on our nation with a coloring novel. It’s not just a coloring book, and it is not meant for younger children. Mr. Bell says the coloring novel is for children about the age of 9 to 11-years-old.

“We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom,” is a memorial tribute. Mr. Bell says:

“It is an informational piece to help educate children on events on 9/11. [It is] a simplistic, honest tool.”

Mr. Bell goes on to say that the novel is a “12-hour narrative of the events that happened on the day that forever changed America.” Kids can color pictures of the twin towers, President George W. Bush, Americans mourning the attacks, and other significant images depicting that day.

It’s hard to believe that an educational book could cause so much controversy, especially when it is something so important, but that is indeed what Mr. Bell is facing with his coloring novel.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that in our day and age where political correctness outweighs the facts so often, there are many people who do not want reality to be presented.

In fact, Dawud Walid, the Michigan representative for CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations), calls the novel “disgusting.”

“We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom,” refers to the jihadists as “freedom-hating radical Islamic Muslim extremists.” Mr. Walid is not happy with the fact that almost all of the mentions of Muslims also have the words “terrorist” or “extremist.”  He feels that by only portraying the extremist side of the Muslim religion, a disservice is being done to all Muslim Americans who were impacted by 9-11. Mr. Walid says:

“Little kids who pick up this book can have their perceptions colored by those images … it instills bias in young minds. Muslim mothers lost sons too.”

Mr. Walid also argues that the information and pictures in the novel are incorrect. One instance he says is incorrect is that Osama Bin Laden “wasn’t hiding behind a wife when he was shot.”

However, Mr. Bell disagrees, saying the book is an “honest depiction.” He went on to say:

“The truth is the truth. It’s unfortunate that they were all Muslim and that’s the part people want to erase … I don’t know what else you can call them.”

Mr. Bell appeared on Fox & Friends this morning. The full interview can be seen here:



Purchase “We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom

“These acts shutter steel but they
cannot dent the steel of American resolve.”
President George W. Bush



911 By The Numbers

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One Comment

  1. This is thought provoking. On one hand I feel sorry for the children who are growing up in an age where coloring books paint an ugly portrait of an America forever changed by an evil act of terrorism. Yet, on the other hand I feel anger toward LIBERALS who coddle the very religion that created these terrorists, and wonder had it not been for them EMBRACING muslims, their wouldn’t be a need for coloring books in the first place.

    It would be like LIBERALS siding with Imperial Japan, and coloring books being made so as not to forget 7 Dec. 1941.

  2. I heard the interview with Mr. Bell yesterday on Saturday’s conservative talk program we have here. He explained how he had been sent letters from CAIR that they believe the book is lies. No, it’s not lies, it’s the truth but you know what the Koran says and that is a Muslim cannot tell an infedel that truth except when the Muslim is going to kill the infedel, that he has to do three times before the strike comes. CAIR needs to be shut down, all the leadership deported, and if some are American citizens, their citizenship needs to be revoked and then deport them back to where ever they are supposed to be from.

    Yes, people, Muslims attacked us on 9-11 and people who weren’t born yet, on or after 9-11 are small kids now, and should be told about what happened.

    Look people, this is a war of ideologies, religious beliefs, and moral and immoral actions to and against Christian’s. There is no action being taken against Muslims pertaining to anything. Yeah, sure the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the execution of Bin Laden(and he deserved alot more than he got), and since it’s a war that Islam started then it’s up to us to put an end to it whether Islam likes it or not. I don’t care that Bush ran to the big mosque in Washington D.C. the day after 9-11 and told them we weren’t at war with Islam, we are at war with Islam because Islam is at war with us!!

    That goes without saying. CAIR doesn’t want the American people waking up as to who the real enemy is, and that is Islam, Muslims, anyway you put it, it’s Muslims who hate this country and are planning on destroying it. I know some of you know Muslim people who act friendly, and seem like they disagree with all this violence and terror. I know that sounds like they are sincere, but let me tell you they are covering up what they really believe is not to be friends with you, but what they want you to think is, that they are no threat. They are. And they have been lying to you as long as you have known them. As soon as they get that phone call to begin the death, they will be knocking on your door. When you answer the door and open it they will shout “Allah Akbar” and then they will try to shoot you and go in and shoot your family.

    Muslims are hoping that they have done a good enough job of convincing you that they are no threat to American’s, and that they hate these terrorists, and that they don’t believe the terrorists represent what Islam is. They hope that they have made you relax your readiness to take on any threats that may come from anyone who would attack this nation. They are liars!! They all are either terrorists, or supporters of terrorists. There is no inbetween! There is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim”, like we’ve been told. There are plenty of experts on Islam who can tell you that acting like they are “moderate” is part of their plan. They are preparing to attack this nation with a huge army that is growing every day, bigger and bigger. Their hope is to train enough soldiers so that no amount of police, military, or whoever will be able to stop this army of holy fighters.

    Why else would all these Muslims who’ve come to America since 9-11, the proof that Bush didn’t think that Muslims were any threat at all and allowed laws to be made that allowed all the Muslims there were who wanted to come here would have the chance to become American’s, be pouring in here in large numbers? He believed that becoming American would change them and they would be on our side. Really?, really?

    So, teaching our children is very important to counter the liberal propaganda that our kids are getting from every direction, school, music, games, stories, etc. We need to take on the job of cleaning out all the liberal multicultural bull crap from our kids brains so that it won’t be just us Tea Party people who will be standing in the hedge. Islam is the danger, and we need to teach our children things that we wish we didn’t have to be teaching them. We don’t want our kids to be violant and hateful towards anyone. We want peace, and always have. It’s been Islam that loves death more than we love life and freedom. How in the world can a religion have as it’s foudation the death of people from another faith and belief. How can anyone think that people from another religion who wants to kill you, could be your friends and be peaceful. If you believe that they don’t want to cause your death then you are being lied to by Muslims, not Christian’s.

    It’s us Christian’s who want peace in the world so that people can live in peace and have joy in their lives, not stress and pain and complicated religious rules, limits, restrictions, and then orders to kill anyone who does not believe what they believe in? What the hell is that?

    We have to be brutal with teaching our kids about an enemy who would slit their throats in a heart beat. That is kinda hard to teach a kid without scaring the hell out of them. And this coloring book is a good way to begin this teaching who our enemy is and what we have to do to them to make them go back to where they came from. Invest in your local library and purchase this book.

  3. Liberals all want our children to believe that we, their parents are wrong when we talk down on Muslim people. Liberals want our children to believe that being “nice” is all it will take to make these people like them and want to live in peace. Liberals are dead wrong, but think how we look to our kids when they get brain washing all day, then go home and act in exactly how they were told we’d act by their teachers, the films, stories, and preaching by multicultural sicophants who are carrying the water for Islam. When you hear that your kids school is having “Islam day” where all the kids will dress up like Muslims, you are going to have to make some kind of decision, and that is where to place your kid. What I mean is you have a choice of private school that teaches Christianity and what it means to have a moral nation.

    Our nation is perverted by liberalism, and Socialism. Islam hates this country because of our freedom of the individual. But that’s not enough. It’s not enough to just be free that would cause a Muslim to hate us. What it is about our freedom is we are free to be as perverted as we want, and boy, are we. And who allowed perversion to be acceptable in our society? Liberals. Before they took over our society we made people respect the morality of what Christians had established in society. And if some person didn’t respect that morality we took them out of society and put them somewhere. See, liberals don’t believe that is right. They believe that no one has the right to take anyone out of society and put them somewhere just because they disagree with society.

    It’s like atheists now. They say that doing something in school, for instance, is offensive to them and liberals claim that they have just as much of a right to use the law to stop that thing as any number of Christian’s, who at one time had the right to take people like atheists out of society and put them where they wouldn’t influence our young, or people who might be sensitive to their influence. We know there are people in our society who are weak minded, and that’s alright. But the difference between how we protected those people back in my day, and how liberals claim they are protecting the rights of people who might not be weak minded, but more than not, perverted is to take anyone who disagrees with what they are, to court to shut them up and take their right to say that what these people, who are perverted and want others to join with them, are doing is “wrong”.

    Christian’s taught young people what was right behavior and what was wrong behavior in our society at one time. They taught our children what was acceptable and what was unacceptable in our society. They taught it in school, and it was a follow up on what the children were being taught in the home. That is going on now, except what they are being taught is liberalism and multiculturalism, that we are not better or more exceptional than anyone else in the world. In my day we taught “exceptionalism”. We didn’t teach that American’s were more exceptional than anyone else in the world, we left that up to the individual to decide what they wanted to be. But what we taught was that American’s were FREE to be exceptional and that’s why we were. Anyone teaching otherwise these days is destroying what America is supposed to stand for, and that’s what we need to return to.

    It’s going to be very hard for these young people to think like we used to think back in my day because they surely have been brain washed by Communists in the schools. Your local teacher may not be a Communist but what they are teaching is Communist in basis, and the teachers don’t even know it. But many in our higher educational systems are Communists and will fight for their right to make our young people into Communists and don’t even hide it.

  4. It’s like I said to begin with that we are at war. It’s a war of ideologies, religious beliefs, and moral and immoral actions taken by people who claim that their way is better than ours. Islam is taking that position that their belief is better and more godly than what Christianity and Jewdism teaches. They are wrong. And it’s not because I’m a Christian and that’s just what I believe. NO. What I look at is, what are they doing about their belief. Are they loving people they don’t even know, feeding them, clothing them, and giving them medical help, helping them build new hospitals, schools, and businesses? Or are they killing them for not believing in Muhammed and the Islamic way of death and destruction? I watch what they say and do as a faith. I watch what they do to and for other people in the world. And in every country that is resisting Islam, those people are dying, being murdered in their beds, having to watch while their childrens heads are being cut off right before their eyes. I have never heard of Christian’s doing any of that…..ever. Even during the Crusades I don’t believe that was done by Christian’s. But history has shown Islamists doing that all the time.

    This coloring book tells the truth, and American’s should buy it and show it to their kids. They should be showing their kids that there is a distinct difference between Muslims and Christian’s and I think these kids these days would like being Christian’s better than being a Muslim. I’m going to stand against Islam because the Holy Bible tells me to stand with God and Christ, and that’ what me and my family are doing.

    I believe that if we don’t figure out some way to make the Muslims leave this nation that we may have to have a war with them right here in America. And that may happen sooner rather than later because Mulsims are building an army in this country and American’s don’t even know it. Wake up American ‘s!!!

  5. Dear Mr. Will,

    I am a Muslim who was but a young girl on 9-11. Reading your comments caused me great pain. Everyone tells me I should ignore people like you, because you are bigoted and ignorant, but it becomes very difficult. I can’t tell you how sad I am when I read your words. My life too was shattered on 9-11-2001. I too watched the images and wondered “why?” I too cried and screamed and almost threw up when I saw people throwing themselves from buildings. But not long after, my life was again destroyed in a way that you cannot relate to. The kids at school began to listen to people like you, repeating a message like the one you typed here, and the one found in the coloring book. Suddenly my friends hated me. Everyone blamed ME for what happened. Imagine witnessing such great terror, only to be blamed for that terror only because the perpetrators worship the same God as you?
    It hurts me to hear that you believe all Muslims should be deported. I was born here – where should I go “back to”? America is all I have ever known. My parents came here as peaceful people and have never done anything but work hard and contribute to the greatness of this country. We love America. We would protect her and exalt her and if anyone ever was coming to hurt her, we would stand arm-in-arm with you and fight to defend her. Yet you would push us out and tell us you don’t want our help in the fight?
    I don’t know where you got your information on Islam. We aren’t based on hate or death of anyone. But I’m sure people have told you that before and you choose not to believe. I don’t understand how anyone can think they have the whole world figured out, how anyone can think they know exactly what lies in the hearts of all men.
    I have never discriminated against Christians, in fact I was taught that we worship the same God, the God of Abraham. Yet, you claim that it is “Christian’s who want peace in the world so that people can live in peace and have joy in their lives, not stress and pain and complicated religious rules, limits, restrictions, and then orders to kill anyone who does not believe what they believe in?” I think your knowledge of history and current events is very myopic. How many wars have been waged for Christianity? How many missionaries have imposed complicated religious rules, limits, restrictions on Native People who were forced to accept their religion? How many cultures have been snuffed out all over the world in the name of Christianity? I promise you, many people have been killed in the name of the Christian God. But I digress – you, of course, are Christian and want peace. Yet you claim that it is impossible for me to be Muslim and want the same peace.
    You say Americans should wake up, but the fact is, I AM AN AMERICAN. This is what America is today. You can either accept that and try to start seeing the world without the cloud of hate around your eyes, or you can continue to live fearing everyone who doesn’t look like you and think like you. That must be a very small world to live in.
    I am sorry you feel the way you do. I wish very much that you could see that you are wrong. I, my family, and everyone we know are peaceful people who love America.

    1. “Everyone tells me I should ignore people like you, because you are bigoted and ignorant, but it becomes very difficult.”

      I understand where Will is coming from, without agreeing with everything he says. You say you are a muslim, who claims “I don’t know where you got your information on Islam. We aren’t based on hate or death of anyone.” Really? Perhaps you can name a Christian city that bans Muslims. Can’t think of any? What about Mecca, a place where muslims openly discriminate against christians by barring access.

      People like you claim to throw-up over what Muslim extremists did on 9/11, yet can you name a single Muslim country who is fighting alongside Americans in Afghanistan (besides Afghanis) in the fight against Al Qaeda? Where are the Saudi and Jordanian combat troops? Egyptians? Their absence speaks volumes about the level of insincerity that all muslims have in eradicating your own home grown problem.

      Your religion has given birth to the slaughter of innocent civilians, yet you claim great sorrow without action. For me personally, it isn’t ignorance that causes me to dislike people like you and your INTOLERANT religion. It’s education, evidenced by my own visits to muslim countries where we were told not to display our religious symbols, such as the cross around my neck, in public.

      You speak of Islam as some great religion. The only thing great about it is it’s intolerance shown by muslims in muslim countries. Or perhaps you can enlighten me, tell me what muslim country practices tolerance where christians do not live in fear? I know of such country, Israel that allows palestinians to live in peace. I know of another, America, where people like me tolerate people like you without stoning you to death to prove it.

      Muslims are blind, ignorant, and arrogant to believe the events of 9/11 can be erased with a simple apology, or by some over reaching effort by non-muslims to “understand” the Islamic faith. If only everyone “understood” the koran we would feel sympathy toward you! What a joke!

      You claim to be an American without having a single clue about what that really means. You really want to be an American? Then tell me, which parts of the Constitution do you admire, which part of the bill of rights do you consider most prevalent, or perhaps you can tell me your favorite Federalist Paper? Which American tradition do you respect? You can’t, without a wiki search, and I’ll tell you one more thing. Muslims don’t come to America to assimilate. They come to America to the exclusion of all others. Perhaps the best thing you can do is go back to where your parents came from, or their parents. True Americans don’t want you here.

  6. Interesting that you would choose a quote from George Santayana in support of a coloring book for children to describe a rather extremist view of why and what happened on September the 11th, 2001. Santayana was actually an admitted agnostic and ardent beliver in Metaphysical Naturalism that held no antipathy towards any certain religion or principals. Please allow me to correct and finish your misquote of Santayna. His actual words were: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to fulfill it, AND ONLY THE DEAD HAVE SEEN THE END OF WAR.” I surely hope none of our children are condemned to fulfill it. Here is another quote from Santayana you might like to ponder. “I do not ask anyone to think in my terms if he prefers others. Let him clean better, if he can, the windows of his soul, that the variety and beauty of the prospect may spread more brightly before him.” Fairly dangerous and tolerant way of thinking, wouldn’t you say? Keep up the good work, you set an example for all to visualize and understand fully.

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