The Question That Will NOT Get Asked in Tonight's Fox GOP Debate

Fox News will be holding another 2012 GOP Presidential debate tonight, in which the public has been asked to submit the questions they would like to see the candidates answer in many forums and websites across the nation.  CDN has posted their question here. With our country rapidly approaching $15 trillion dollars of children-enslaving debt today, questions about how to stop this insanity should be asked in several different forms, to sort out who would be the most effective Republican President in 2013 to lead us out of this mess.  To be perfectly honest here, as far as the 2012 Presidential elections go, I would vote for former registered Democratic voter Mickey Mouse, if he could tell me how he would stop our runaway big government spending and over-regulation. That would lead to job creation and prosperity for all, and the rest of the topics of discussion in these debates are just political rhetoric that do not address our main problem. Simply put, we will lose our Republic and the American way of life if we do not put the brakes on the big government debt-spending machine of the last 20 years. Repealing Obama-care is an important part of addressing our big government spending and expansion problem, and we get it that all candidates will work to repeal it. That has been said a zillion times by all of the candidates. and I,d like to see us move forward in these debates and separate the rhetoric from the reality in the questions being asked. I personally would also like to see the candidates cut off quicker when they are proven to be avoiding the question and getting off track with non-relevant rhetoric. This will give the people more time for real questions and valid answers.

Dear Fox, Tea Party, and grassroots political activists across this great nation: The following is what I feel to be the most important question facing Americans today, along with a few variations:

The MAIN QUESTION to ASK in tonight’s Fox GOP debate – The size and scope of our government has grown exponentially since the 2006 elections, when Democrats took over BOTH Houses of Congress. The hidden agenda of empowering our government to the point of taxation without representation can not be denied by the fact that this country is running without a firm budget for the third straight year. Without a budget in place it is impossible to get debt-spending under control, which seems to have been done to avoid Congress from being held accountable for their continuing irresponsibility. Exactly how would you stop this madness and force our Congress to pass firm yearly budgets so the people can actually see some hope for a balanced budget in the near future ?

Variations of the above question addressing our dangerous debt-spending by irresponsible partisanship and the blatant avoidance of responsibility in Congress.

Lay out the first three steps you would take as our President to force Congress to pass a yearly budget by the date it is required by, in The Congressional Budget Act of 1974 ?

What actions would you propose to be taken against irresponsible members of Congress for ignoring the law when failing to pass a firm yearly budget, considering the fact that they are breaking the very oath of office they took when becoming members of Congress ?

Would you be willing to promise the people of America that from day one you will veto every single spending bill that adds to our irresponsible national debt?

We desperately need true leadership for America in the office of the President in 2013. We need a true leader that will demand we limit our government to only spending what it takes in,  every single year, as in passing a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. While the difficulty of actually passing a balanced amendment to our constitution must not be understated, a balanced budget amendment would get our current deficit spending under control. This unconscionable debt-spending will eventually end American freedoms, liberty, and any chance for individual prosperity . When looking for our next common-sense conservative President, We The People must demand answers and solutions to our extremely dangerous debt-spending levels. How about it Fox News, Tea Party groups and grassroots Americans? Let’s put aside the cheap rhetoric and actually ask our Presidential hopefuls for some real solutions to our main problem of debt-spending tonight. The rest of the questions simply will not mean much to an insolvent nation enslaved to big government tyrants.

When thinking about all the current GOP candidates during  the past 2012 debates, and asking myself who has defined their own specific solutions for stopping our  dangerous debt-spending  and actually saving our Republic,  I simply cannot remember one candidate with a concrete solution. Isn’t that what these GOP Presidential debates should be  attempting to inform the people about?

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Rich Mitchell

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