The Audacity of Arrogance

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Does this president just not get it? A better summation would be to say that yes, he does get it, he simply does not care!

President Obama, oh ye who proclaims we should all put this country before politics, arrogance shines bright upon thee!

The latest attempt of this president– who is the president of all American people- is nothing less than an intentional attempt to upstage the political process of this great nation. He refuses to accept the fact that being president does not mean it’s all about him! There is this thing called the will of The People! Though he has tried to circumvent every part of the process and legal procedures to push his agenda through, a road block was put in place that he could not go around.

September 7 has been the date scheduled for the next Republican presidential debate for quite some time now. Yet, this president decided that wasn’t important, so he sent a request to address Congress on the exact same night and time. While the claim has been that it was initially set in error, it does not take a genius to see through the lies.

One of the “defining” aspects of this president is that he is the first president to be socially connected with the latest technology, even going so far as to refuse to give up his personal blackberry when he was sworn into office. With a staff that is obviously watching every move of the Republican party as the 2012 election gets closer and closer, there is no doubt that this “scheduling conflict” was not a simple mistake.

The hypocrisy drips from his voice yet again. While in one breath he claims his address to Congress and the nation is of vital importance, because supposedly he finally “has a plan” to address the jobless situation. Putting Americans back to work is so urgent for this president! It is so very important, in fact, that he dropped a teaser on the American people that he will deliver his “jobs-creation plan” that will save our nation, but……… well, sorry America, we had to wait until his arrogancy returned from a lavish vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

However, things have not gone according to plan for the president this time! Speaker of the House John Boehner denied his request. The fact that he does not like to be told “no” is the least of things that is sure to have upset the apple cart of said president.  It appears as though he’s realized he’s not going to get his way, and has since settled to present his “plan” on Thursday night. There in-lies the next basket of apples to topple over for the “leader” of the free world. Now he’s going  up against one of the greatest American past times- football! Not only is it football, but it is the start of the 2011-12 NFL football season.  He should at least be happy it’s not the opening night of baseball. Then he would have a situation of baseball and almost-apple-pie, with all his apples rolling about. That’s about as all-American as you can get! For a president who obviously hates anything to do with the things that make this country… well, all-American, he should count his blessings………errrrr…. lucky stars that it’s just football he’s competing with!

Yes, it is true- he is an avid sports fan, so this means he will miss the game to give his self-proclaimed earth-shattering speech, but considering the fact that here in the real world his speeches are less than interesting in the first place, and then the fact that all of America knows this is just going to be more of the same old canned rhetoric and stimulus proposals, there’s very little chance that anyone will watch he and his teleprompter make eyes at each other.  So with these facts laid out, it is probably safe to assume he is fit to be tied about right now!

All of this causes one to wonder what the atmosphere around the White House is like right about now! With the extra large helping of egg all over his face from this latest incident, things may be getting a little bit tense in those sacred halls! This might be a good time for someone to warn the staff to keep an eye out for the sudden plate sailing through the air from time to time.

That audacity of his went from hope to nope pretty quick. See what your arrogance gets you, Mr. President?

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