Obama's Record Low & Matt Lauer's Sad Face

Today Show’s Matt Lauer had NBC’s Chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd on to discuss the very discouraging results of the latest NBC News/WSJ approval poll.  Lauer did his best to keep a stiff upper lip, but the disappointment was palpable.  And why not?  NBC’s own poll shows President Obama’s disapproval rating at a record high at 51%.  Even worse, 59% disapprove of his handling of the economy, although Todd does his best to deflect the miserable numbers by suggesting it was a “pretty pessimistic public” that they polled – as if the public’s pessimism and Obama’s dismal numbers are two mutually exclusive sentiments.  The most damning part of the poll – 73% think the country is headed in the wrong direction.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that every nation has a leader, and a leader leads, and if 73% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction that means 73% of Americans think the country is being led in the wrong direction.  This is basically a disapproval rating, and Todd and Lauer know it.  Kudos to Lauer and the Today Show for even airing the results of this poll, but maybe next time they can work on teaching Lauer not to look like he just got dumped by the prom queen when he’s reporting unfavorable Obama numbers.  Todd also deserves an honorable mention for pushing the “silver lining”, which is – Obama’s “likability” is still polling very high.  If only “likability” helped businesses hire more Americans.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I am interested in knowing where the Conservatives were when President Bush was tanking the economy. I am interested in knowing where the Tea Party and Black Conservatives were during President Bush’s term and the Conservatives had both Houses of Congress and government size and debt grew exponentially. We did not hear any voices from the Conservatives when their agenda, special interest, and deregulation nearly caused a collapse of our economy and brought the world’s economy to its knees due to greed.
    I believe in a free market and businesses right to make a profit. I also believe there is a need for rules and regulations that must govern corporate America, just as we use the Bible to govern our beliefs, behavior, and construct our character. Government has a role in our society and often government over reaches, I must admit. We have experienced deregulation and the effects of a lack of oversight. We must govern responsibly. In our home we have rules and regulations that must be followed to ensure safety, order, and discipline, but to blame President Obama for this crises is very extreme. Our elected officials in both parties have an interest in our economy’s woes, lets make them accept responsibility for their actions or lack of action and hold each one accountable.
    The Republicans should ensure President Obama’s re-election he has given the Conservatives over eighty-percent of their legislative agenda and yet the economy is still wreaking havoc on the average American. We keep trying the same rules and principles, varying them and expecting different results. We would never keep implementing the policies in our home we would entertain an alternative plan.
    Now to ensure President Obama is a one term President, let’s implement his agenda and if it fails we are assured the he will not be re-elected. The Republicans will gain the Presidency and both houses and they can continue their policy. The Tea Party will disappear along with the voices of Black Conservatives and all will be good. Let’s remember that President Obama has exceeded the glass ceiling and we keep that door open for our Black kids. Do not speak ill of him to others because it only verifies that we should never be in a position of authority.

    1. “I am interested in knowing where the Conservatives were when President Bush was tanking the economy.”

      If you mean during 2006-2008 when demoncrats controlled congress, Barney Frank and the Black Caucus were busy removing home loan qualification requirements from Fannie and Freddie, which sucked all the banks into issuing loans to “poor people” who had no business buying a home. This new found “wealth” (funneling welfare checks into mortgage payments) backfired, and demoncrats destroyed the world economy.

      And don’t be so disingenuous over how fast Bush ran up the national debt. Obama has outpaced him by a good country mile.

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