Misfit Politics and the Day of Rage

Misfit politics shines in this video on the strange progressive attack on inanimate objects. I bet this was exactly what it was like. Exactly.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Though these original people “Occupying” don’t appear mainstream, their message is absolutely perfectly on point, and perfectly mainstream. That’s what makes them scary to conservatives who support Wall Street, it’s really not the bongos, clothing and haircuts that make them ummm, “dangerous.” That’s only a distraction, the stuff to target for ridicule… by those ridiculing them.

    Polls this week, after the 700 arrests, showing that while 40% of Americans don’t yet have an opinion about the Occupy Wall Street movement… by a small margin, those having a favorable opinion of Occupy Wall Street outnumber those having a favorable opinion of the Republican House. (?) Go figure. Perhaps its not really so surprising given that part of attracting membership to the Tea Party was, for example, it’s positions as having been against bank and Wall Street financial industry bailouts.

    Occupy Wall Street is a movement in the process of building “desire for change” before it gets down to the business of formally advancing and implementing demands. The “demands business” is what others, outside the movement, would prefer they proposed first. The movement is far more interesting in attracting people to join it. Seems those who are not participating or supporting the movement will just have to live with any interim demands they get. The ridiculer’s demands… that the “Occupy” movement provide its formal and final demands is not a priority for the movement.

  2. A little less than a month in. Starting with zero funding or backers. Occupy Together meetups, currently planned internationally in 759 cities: https://www.occupytogether.org/actions/

    Occupy Wall Street… “Too Big To Fail” (?)

    “People who support the movement “in spirit” are ditching their pre-emptive judgments of Occupy Wall Street as a loose mass of disoriented refugees simply filling time between Burning Man gatherings. They are discovering that the protestors are actually intelligent, articulate, and employed individuals who fear living in an economy that puts their families one lay-off, one medical diagnosis, or bank error away from being out on the streets. Many people are seeing a social movement equipped with a proliferation of smartphones, tablets, web cameras, and an impressive, organic media network.”

    1. Anon,
      This movement is as contrived as the Wisconsin ones. As we see the Unions bullying people and the Professors in the beginning, there is nothing grass roots about this. As for being tired of an economy that puts someone a step from being on the streets, what’s your alternative?

      Heck, they had their own website and newspaper before it even became a movement. The media and celebrities are in bed with painting this movement as good while there are hundreds of arrests within days of starting.

      …and we all know that polls are intended to sway public opinion, not gauge it. As for the propaganda machine, it appears that your one of them… Good ole, V for Vendetta, enticing the young at heart

      This was tried in the sixties but now you have as the Green Jobs CZAR puts it, “Top Down, Bottom up, Inside Out.”

  3. Brian,
    You wrote: “This movement is as contrived as the Wisconsin ones. As we see the Unions bullying people and the Professors in the beginning, there is nothing grass roots about this.”

    Contrived? How so? Seems the conservative ridicule is from both sides of it’s mouth… somehow the movement is a petty thing by a bunch of no good angry street hippies who we’re laughing at…. AND…. it’s organized by Obama, Soros, unions, celebrities, professors, etc. It’s pretty obvious conservatives are desperate to find something, anything, that will stick. (That’s funny watching for many of us.)

    The problem with trying to find a responsible leader target to your attacks at in an intrinsically democratic movement growing to about a half million members (facebook occupy groups) and 754 independent organizing groups… is, needless to say… pretty difficult. I don’t envy you. But nevertheless, wake up. What is making this movement tick is not something bought and paid for by oil money like the Koch brothers’ money furnishing a couple of well-staffed organizations lead by seasoned lobbyists & politicians that provide logistics and talking points to those recruited by a national television network. It also really is not the original protestors, nor is it the folks who have since joined and those who will join shortly in this protest movement…

    What is fueling this protest is a message that resonates. Stay tuned.

    1. Natural forces would’ve had this movement occur two years ago when the true grassroots movement (the Tea Party) protested. How can these kids who have an attention span that can’t last through a 30 minute sitcom wait two years for a political movement against Wall Street?

      1. You are driving them into our arms. Thanks… keep it up! There’s a problem intrinsic in your question… your question leads you to your question’s false conclusion: “How can these kids who have an attention span that can’t last through a 30 minute sitcom wait two years for a political movement against Wall Street?

        My best answer to “how?” would be: Great question… just watch this…you don’t need to understand what you are seeing but you can still see it and after elect to believe it or not. Your prerogative.

        From this place on Day 21 of this protest, in several days these alleged “simpletons” (kids) named “Occupy Wall Street” will have usurped, completely unfunded, in the same number of days after it began, the number of internet news searches there had been for “Tea Party” on Day 21 of its protest. That will be true of the Occupy protest even without heavy billionaire-paid advance logistical staffing and an entertainment-news network plugging Tea Party protest’s launch every couple of hours (for weeks) prior to the Tea Party’s Day 1 protest launch.

        This is an organic intrinsically democratic “occupation” without leaders, a new business model that is not going away anytime soon. It is being augmented by leaderless protest marches nationally that are serving for exponential growth of support on numerous symptom issues (all symptoms of greed and our corrupted system) vs. short-lived single-issue protest marches of past.

        The protest’s varied messaging, all surrounding “greed and a corrupted system” as it’s lowest common denominator, is resonating with the American public’s ear. That message, simultaneously overlaid by police brutality, conservative condemnation and ridicule… (like your comment) is precisely a component fueling so much interest in the protest and exponential growth.

        But back to being more responsive to your specific (vs. general) question: Unfortunately for conservatives… after the graphic brutality and conservative condemnations, having 900 Occupy protest events scheduled and something like 900,000 facebook “likes” (Occupy site page subscriptions) have accumulated, the protest movement has become “too big to ignore.” It has recruited hundreds of thousands of very capable supporters who are the country’s most savvy users of technology. This support makes the need for massive 1960’s-sized day long or weekend long anti-war street protests (and a cooperative main street media)… largely a thing of the past for transmitting impact messaging and information that creates support. Republicans don’t get this. As senior political mouthpieces for Republicans most recently have begun to spin the “violent mob” angle to their entrenched loyalists, they don’t understand how easy it for the average American to discover otherwise… that the “Occupy” movement is by definition and all mission statements and “in practice” a peaceful protest movement. That disconnect between senior Republican leaders’ statments and truth is absolutely pretty damn useful. It actually highlights for average Americans the level to which their democratic system has been co-opted and is corrupted.

        My point is this movement’s success does not depend upon kids having an “attention span that can’t last through a 30 minute sitcom waiting for two years.” depite your conclusion otherwise. For example, if opposition to Occupy ratcheted-up police brutality upon peaceful protesters you’d get more clear demonstration of just how well that works out for the movement’s growth. But keep up the “ridicule” too; the consequence of the added “intrigue” created is clearly still workin’ out nicely for heightening the Occupy movement. I love your questions like… “surely a hidden Soros or the Canadians or Obama or the boogie man is behind all this” and “how could a rag-tag violent mob (who are visibly non-violent) of bongo-playing tattooed simpleton kids… possibly pull this off?”… all makes for great mystery and visibility. You are driving them into our arms. Thanks… keep it up! 🙂

  4. Update:

    Occupy Together meet-ups now in 1,672 communities: If you look below in the comments, you might observe that we have doubled the number of Occupy meet-up communities registering events in the past seven (7) days.


    (look for links on this site above, in the comments of individual local communities, to find local community facebook groups where our, membership, communication and energy is. This site serves us merely as directory.)

    This Saturday, October 15th, is a “national event day” for us. Check back at the link above, after the weekend, for your own update.

    1. Keep this video posted as a mile-marker please. As you do, watch as we grow increasingly less “laughable.” Unless you only consume the political entertainment channel named FOX News, for “news” you might notice “bongo drum stories” have evaporated from main stream media news. You might have also observed the other night that the populist movement Occupy, as well as our messaging 1% (vs. 99%) have both adequately risen in stature enough to get mention, for obvious reasons, in a GOP presidential debate on economic policy. Even better than that, according to Reuters and PPP polling, there was almost nobody in this country watching that did not know what the candidates were talking about. That’s not bad for a gang of rag-tag “simpletons” banging on a bongo. Ya think?

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