Crisis of Confidence

On January 18, 2010 I posted an opinion piece about a new political party in Washington. It was the Say Anything Party, (SAP). Back then I included the more prominent liars in Washington DC as it members, Barack Obama being its president and CEO.

Today I am seeing that the SAPs are increasing their ranks to include those with no integrity.

The new SAPs that come to mind are Republican defectors; Karl Rove, Ricky Perry, Jon Huntsman, most of the FOX opinion hosts pretending that they believe they are journalists, and the list goes on. It includes Democrat demagogues as well the “clever” Republicans. Sadly, the SAP is growing exponentially.

The one that really floored me is Ed Rollins. There was a time when I could consider him a standup guy. Not anymore! He recently bailed out on the Bachmann campaign due to health reason; he was just getting too old for that much intensity. Yet, in the last few days he has exerted more energy than he has in years…basically trash talking whom he once claimed to support.

Americans see this day after day, week after week, and month after month. They are tired of the cheap abandonment of integrity by their elected leaders. It seems as though nobody can be relied upon to have integrity anymore.

Integrity is not simply telling the truth, or being honest. Integrity is the integration of what you think, believe, say, and do. Americans (yea, even the world) know that elected pontiffs will scatter their professed principles in the winds of popularity. We don’t like!

The Say Anything Party has devastated the landscape of opportunity for the nation by fostering a bargain basement deal for their own satisfaction. Americans hate that!

What candidate can the populace look to for integrity, one who will integrate what they say and do with who they are? There are two Mormons in the Republican race that have switched parties to the SAP status. I start with them because I, too, am Mormon. Neither has the courage to simply standup for their beliefs without vacillation.

Huntsman is particularly offensive in that he lives off his father’s empire, and yet rejects publicly that which his father has dedicated his life to. This guy won’t even explain that he and his father believe differently. He thinks he is being honest. He is not. He has no integrity because he pretends to espouse one thing and does completely different.

I noted the deceit of Ed Rollins above, for his betrayal of Michele Bachmann, whom he supported. Nothing he has said is relevant regarding her campaign or her as a person, other than that it hurts her. Destroying trust is the consummate means of rejecting integrity.

The media, particularly Fox News, has the least integrity of all influences in Washington DC. They promote themselves as providing information, when the public realizes all they are getting served propaganda. The worst offenders are Megyn Kelly and Sheppard Smith. Sadly, Bill O’Reilly has moved in that direction; there is nothing fair and balanced about his hour in your living room.

What happens from all of these houses built on sand is that they distract Americans from confidence in their government in exchange for a few minutes of personal gain.

The Say Anything Party is the consummate group of people willing to destroy America, while preaching they want to save it. Either they are liars or stupid!

Americans distrust our government, leaders, media, schools, businesses, entertainers, banks, etc. because they are begging for someone with integrity and none can be found. They are there but can’t be found because those who truly are corrupt and lack both honesty and integrity have created a pervasive level of doubt.

What has happened is we are now a nation of Philip Nolans, thanks to a generation of Benedict Arnolds.

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Rich Mitchell

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