Why America Needs Michele Bachmann.

-Written By Daniel Emmerson

America is currently in a bad place financially, socially and economically with crippling debt in the trillions, unemployment currently sitting at over fifteen million, unchecked and uncompleted border control, bigger government and politicians on Capitol Hill that just cannot agree. America has surely seen better days then these, that’s not to say that it can’t ever see the bright shining city on a hill again as once described by the great Ronald Reagan. Under the current leadership of the Barack Obama administration, the country is surely in need of a better leader as his policies were a grand experience, an experiment that failed.

America needs a strong, confidant, experienced and talented leader with a sound record of achievement and the know how to get the job done right and put the country back on track for a brighter and happier tomorrow, Michele Bachmann is that leader. Not only is she the first female Republican ever to represent Minnesota in Congress which is an amazing achievement by any means, but is also the founder of the Tea Party Caucus in the House. All this and that’s before we even mention her long serving commitment to the State Of Minnesota in the State Senate, her multiple college degrees (one in Law) and her dedication to the American Tea Party movement.

Bachmann who was married in 1987 and who has five kids has run multiple businesses and organizations in her life including managing a Christian counseling center has the faith, background and families values that middle America needs in its President. She grew up in a Democrat household so she is able to reach across the aisle and work on a bi-partisan effort with those on the opposite side of the political table which is very important given how America almost went into recession & default last week due to politicians squabbling like children.

Her political activism extends onto all levels on government and she has been involved in it her whole life showing that she has always been interested in public service, all the way from her early life when involved in the pro-life movement, to toppling an 18 year incumbent for the Minnesota Senate and all the way up until her current bid for the highest office in the land in which millions have embraced her for because she stands up for middle class Americans and their values.

A political record that is unrivaled in support of the hugely successful troop surge in Iraq, opposing increasing fees for higher education, cracking down hard on anti-Americanism & anti social behavior, supporting common sense policy on Green energy light bulbs & global warming whilst supporting reasonable economic decisions such as opposing raising the debt ceiling and bailing out fortunate 500 companies from “collapse”.

She has the backing from the highly popular TEA Party which was formed to combat Barack Obama’s Administration taxing everyone for everything and in opposition to the Obama-Care Medicare shake up which took the choice away from individuals and made the government decide what was best. The TEA Party grew from that and is largely a grass roots community organization with everyone involved from eighty year old grandmothers to six year old sons and everyone in between involved, most who have never really cared or wanted to get involved in politics a day in their life before.

That’s why America loves Michele, because she understand them, she is not a bureaucrat type from Washington like Nancy Pelosi who might represent special interest groups such as the homosexual or pharmaceutical lobby. Michele supports and stands for families, children, moms and dads and you and I, the best reason to put her in the White House is that we want a President that is a strong leader with strong values, proven record & strong family base from traditional middle class America.

America cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama who in his time in office has already run up more debt and waste in eight months then the previous Bush administration did in eight years. Under Obama’s watch the States have been legalizing everything from drugs to homosexual marriage despite them both being banned federally and Obama having the power to squash the laws does nothing, this isn’t competent leadership at all. America needs a president who can make government live within its means economically like families do, make America strong again in its values and once again make it that shining city on a hill.

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