When Foodstamps End in Atlanta, GA – Chaos in the Street!

THIS is why the spending “MUST” continue. It isn’t the Tea Party you have to worry about when it comes to violence. It is the entitlement junkies.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. ROFLMAO!!!! The NEW face of SLAVERY in america and these folks don’t even realize it!!! (I wonder what Booker T Washington or Martin Luther King Jr would say or react to their people being dependent on the ‘man’ again….ROFLMAO!!!)

  2. HEY, this is the problem of the Democrat Party because, they created this monster, not us! The Democrats are the ones who are going to have to chain these people down where they can’t hurt anyone.

    Now, let me ask you this, is there any similarities to these people and what happened in Great Britain? I missed the video because it’s been pulled, but I can imagine what it was about since it had to do with Democrat supporters and Food Stamps. When you put two and two together you get 50 because I use two or three Social Security numbers to draw as much as I can get my black hands on. They owe it to me because my family was slaves and came over here on the slave boats, blah, blah, blah. Well, let me tell you this, there are almost as many Whites on Food Stamps now since it’s been Whites who’ve lost the jobs that were paying the taxes that paid the money in which went to funding Food Stamps for these Blacks who are doing the complaining about, “I can’t buy milk for my baby now!” “Baby”? What baby? She doesn’t even have a baby she’s 75 years old. Ohhhhh, she’s talking about he sisters youngest daughter, the seventh illegitamate kid the bit** has had and needs to be spayed, neutered whatever just to stop them from having anymore kids who’ll grow up in a world that doesn’t want anything to do with them. That’s why you see Black women abusing these little kids in the mall, it’s because they didn’t want them to begin with. The kid is just a Welfare check and that’s it!!

  3. I go to Wal Mart alot and I see these little kids running around like little animals. It’s hard to tell who belongs to whom, but just wait a few minutes and some big Black woman will come along and yell at the kid. Then they’ll send the biggest kid in the group to go get the little bast*** out from under the clothes hanging on the rack. Any screaming you hear will be some kids who belong to some other big Black woman, or some Black kids who are with other Black kids running around stealing stuff. That’s how they get some of their stuff is from stealing it. We had a real nice big mall here a few years ago. Slowly but surely one store after another closed until the mall announced it was closing. It had been one of the best malls in town with about 50 or 60 stores. It’s not how many but what they are that makes the difference. But the mall was about to close and I went to the mall manager’s office. He was in and was willing to talk to a regular consumer. I asked him why the mall was closing, even though I did see one store after another closing, I just figured that some other reason was why it closed and another store would open soon. No, he said, “The mall is closing because of businesses losing so much money every month from “shoplifters”, that they can’t keep up with it.” That was a shocker! Whites don’t steal. They go to the mall to buy something because they either need it or they want it. They are going to the mall because they understand that buying from them keeps them there. But when the store is closing because it’s not our fault, that’s when we ask ourselves “why?” We’re not naive though, we know that people go in there to see it they can steal something, but the greater majority of people who go to the mall go there to support the businesses. But there are more Blacks who are stealing, and in this case it IS the reason why the mall is closing because the mall manager told me that from the reports from the businesses were that Blacks were stealing them blind! So it’s not me, so don’t think I’m a racist like liberals would think first. No, it’s because of the FACT that Blacks steal so much more than anyone else that they are known for it, and Blacks brag about getting away with it, and they go back and do it again and again. Yeah, until the mall is so bankrupt that it had to go out of business.

    And I’m not talking about some little strip mall either. I’m talking about a big mall with alot of stores. That’s why we don’t have nice places to go to and that is because of Blacks ruining it for everyone. And here they gripe and complain about something they are getting for free, like so much more than they are already getting. They just need to be ignored. Just like we used to do to them. Just look past them like they aren’t even there, just look right through them!!

  4. Killing three birds with one stone: The Dems foster dependency among those who’ll vote for them in perpetuity, bleed working Americans, and foment civil unrest, which will, of course, ultimately necessitate a police state. Great post!

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