U.K. Looter: “We’re Getting Our Taxes Back”

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Boy, if this isn’t Keynesian economics I don’t know what is. See, the way they see everything is that there is a fixed amount of things in the world, and a fixed amount of money to pay for these things, and to buy those things. When you pay taxes, that money is given to businesses to go buy stuff to sell. And that way the money and things goes around and around without end, and coming from the taxes the people pay, all things that businesses have belong to you since it was your money that paid for them. Hummm, that makes sense.

    Yeah, if you’re fricking crazy!!!

  2. Yeah, and it’s those pesky “conservatives” and “rich people” who are always trying to mess things up for everyone. That is, so long as you think like these people do, your stuff is always in those stores, and anytime you want any of that stuff all you have to do is go get it. It belongs to the people anyway so why not?

    I can’t even imagine thinking like these people do. I wouldn’t want to go to work because I always knew that if I needed anything all I had to do was go get it, and then my needs would be met. And if the store owner refused to give me my stuff I could just burn his butt down and that would teach him that I could do what I wanted to do anytime I wanted to do it. Yeah!

    Are these people just crazy or is it that is what they are getting taught by the British public education system, like similar to what our kids are being taught. Yeah, our kids are so smart that National Geographic Society who gave a test to a ratio of all the public schools in America and found out that over 30% of the kids couldn’t find their own state on a map of the country laid out before them. They are just as smart as these kids in England!!

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