Tea Party ‘Hobbits’ Confront McCain at Town Hall: ‘Are You Going to Apologize?’

When a Tea Party supporter asked John McCain for an apology over his Hobbit comments, he might not have given her what she asked for.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Wasn’t it the Hobbits who destroyed the Ring of power created by the Dark Lord to gain dominion over the free people of middle earth…just sayin

  2. If this shocks anyone about the phony POW hero McNasty they don’t know what is behind this little performance of his:

    That gal he is so severely reprimanding is the representative of the Natl Allioance of Families of those missing and unaccounted for who McNasty wants to sweep under the political carpet of expediance and convenience. Hero my *ss!

    You’ll notice the coward walks out. This was all about McCain and his collaborator pal Kerry doing all they could to stop these hearings and bury the POWs/MIAs issue so they could get on with “normalization” relations with Vietnam. A shameful chapter in American politics.

  3. Good for McCain. The Teabaggers are bound and determined to deliver against their ideology even if means destroying this country. Their performance during the debt ceiling negotiations was despicable and selfish. You should never put the interests of your party in front of those of your country

    1. someonewithoutcommonsense,

      “You should never put the interests of your party in front of those of your country”

      Then explain obamacare. ?

      Now explain to me exactly how the tea party’s support of a balaced budget over 8 years is destroying our country? Any congressional push to BALANCE the federal budget is urgently needed. Sad that people like you continue to drive this country over a cliff with reckless spending that has already downgraded our AAA rating, and has China, Russia and other world powers rallying against the dollar. You just don’t get it, do you?

      And what about the 95 house democrats that voted against raising the debt ceiling? Their agenda isn’t radical enough for you, so you need to blame a small number of tea party representatives? Are you dense?

    2. Excuse me someonewithcommonsense, BUT the Tea Party is a citizen-driven, grassroots, loosely organized advocacy group entitled to freedom of speech and assembly rights under OUR Constitution. It is not a formally registered political party and for you to suggest it is defines you as either ignorant or disingenuous.

      Like many others, you appear to have limited tolerance of the so-called Tea Party, because their basic message for wanting us to clean up our financial act and not spend that which we do not have has caught on all over this nation. That has made them a force to be reckoned with. DEAL WITH IT!

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